Who Is Isaac in Welcome to Eden? Meet the Character and the Real Person Behind It

Welcome To Eden

Welcome to Eden is the latest hit TV show from Netflix. The show produced in Spain has reached the number one position of the most watched shows on the platform in several countries. It is an understatement to say the show is a huge success. The mix between Lost, The 100, Survivor, and The Hunger Games seems to have been the perfect mix for a successful show such as this one.

Throughout the first season of the show we are introduced to several characters both inside and outside the island of Eden. On one side, we have the group of newcomers, led by Zoa. The whole group came to the island as a party, but unknown to them, the Eden staff had been following and spying on them for a long time. It is revealed that the newcomers were invited to the island because they were living sad lives, and a new one was going to be offered to them at Eden.

Welcome To Eden

On the other hand, we Astrid, and Erick, the leaders of the Eden facility on the island. Astrid and Erick work like partners, and there is an evident romantic relationship between the two. Some of the characters that are in the island reveal that both of them are extremely rich, and that is why they never ask for money or anything like, they don’t need it. Other characters theorized that Astrid and Erick see the recruits as the kids they never got to have. Both of them are sound theories.

However, everything becomes more mysterious with the revelation of Isaac, played by Max Sampietro, a young actor who has already been on several projects even at such a young age. Isaac lives far away from the Eden facility. When Erick gets stabbed by an assassin, Astrid decides to take him to Isaac, so he can be patched up. Isaac patches up Erick and saves his life. After this event, the presence of Isaac on the Island becomes one of the greatest mysteries of the show.

Who Is Isaac In Welcome To Eden?

So, who is Isaac? Astrid and Isaac’s interactions let us know that there is already a relationship between them. One of trust, to a point. Isaac doesn’t live with Astrid and Erick, he roams the Eden at night and only Zoa has managed to see him, although at this point she doesn’t really know who he is. Zoa probably thinks Isaac was just a dream, as no one else reveals anything after she asks if there are children on the island.

Isaac’s house is filled with monitors and technology, as well as drawings and some other toys, revealing that at least at some level he is a kid or behaves like one. At his place he is only accompanied by an older woman, probably his caretaker, and they dress in different clothing from the ones at Eden. They use brows and dark oranges, and they look more like monks than anything else.

We have not really explored much of the island, and one of the rules imposed by Astrid and Erick is that that exploration is completely forbidden. Are they afraid other people find Isaac? Or maybe are there other factions on the island that we don’t know about? Isaac’s reveal really opens a whole other can of worms.

Welcome To Eden

The fact that such a small kid has the medical knowledge to heal Erick is also very strange. But one of the strangest moments involving Isaac is right at the end of the season. Africa, one of the newcomers, gets inside Astrid’s home and there she finds many supercomputers working on who knows what. She pushed some buttons, and this turns on something at Isaac’s place. A some sort of signal then is sent by the giant parabolic dish that is next to Isaac’s home.

A signal? Who is receiving the signal, and why is Isaac so excited about it? This last event on the show opens many questions and also a lot of room for theories. It is evident that among the many shows that influenced Welcome to Eden, the creators also took inspiration from some real life cults. The one that seems closer to the Eden cult we see on the show is, of course, Heaven’s Gate.

What Does it Mean, Isaac’s Presence On The Island?

Heaven’s Gate was a cult founded in 1974 by Bonnie Nettles, and it became infamous after most of his members committed mass suicide. Among the teachings of the group there was the belief that aliens from outer space would come in a spaceship and take the members to another paradise, where they would be able to live in peace, like in a paradise. It is very much in line with how Astrid and Erick sell the island to the new recruits, like a place where they live in paradise, even when there is so much dark stuff around it.

Most of the members of Heaven’s Gate were also people who had lived or were living in situations where guilt, depression, and other mental conditions. Conditions that made them more susceptible to manipulation, which is the exact way Astrid chooses the people that will become members of Eden. There are also level inside the hierarchy of the island, which is similar to the way Scientology works.

Welcome To Eden

So, what does it all mean? It could mean that Isaac isn’t really a kid. He does have a huge scar on his face that has a weird blue hue. He behaves like more than a child, and he knows things no child of his age could know. Not only that, but he is an alien? Is the signal sent by the dish a signal to his people to come? Maybe the whole reason for them to recruit young people is to take them with them on the ship, to paradise.

There is also the possibility that Isaac is a sort of imperfect genius child. Are they making super humans on the island? We know that Eden staff analyses and injects something on the new recruits. There is some clear experimentation going on the island. Although, it is said that getting pregnant is forbidden.

Welcome To Eden will definitely have a second season, so the only thing we have to do is wait and have faith that the creators of the show have a clear narrative path and answers to all these questions.

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