Who Is Kawaki in Boruto? Everything You Need to Know

Who Is Kawaki in Boruto? Everything You Need to Know

Kawaki is a young boy redeemed and raised by the leader of Kara, with the sole purpose of being the future receptacle of Isshiki Ôtsutsuki, thus becoming the key to their project. After being brought to Konoha by Team 7, he was taken in by Naruto Uzumaki who raises him as his own son, during which he develops a brotherly bond with Boruto Uzumaki to solve the mystery of Kama. In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about Kawaki in Boruto.

Is Kawaki a villain in Boruto?

The question of whether Kawaki is the villain of the story is not completely clear. He is not the story’s protagonist, but his early story does indicate that he is an ally of the heroes, since he’s been trained by Naruto and has a rivalry with Boruto. On the other hand, the scene from the future depicted at the beginning of Boruto indicates that Kawaki is Boruto’s enemy and that the two of them are fighting for the fate of the shinobi world. This is why, at this moment, there is no clear answer to this question.

Who are Kawaki’s mother and father?

The identity of Kawaki’s mother is unknown, but we know that his biological father is the abusive Kokatsu. In the anime, Kokatsu was apparently a former shinobi who was a hero of the Fourth Shinobi World War, though many doubted this claim given his boorish nature. All the hardships he had to endure eventually affected him, making him a bitter man who consoled himself with drinking.

He ends up having a son, Kawaki with whom he was violent. Indeed, one night, after locking Kawaki up for accidentally breaking his liquor bottle, Jigen arrived at their house to buy Kawaki from him. Without hesitation, Kokatsu accepted the offer, openly disowned his son, and left his small house with his new profit. Kokatsu was shown to be a shameless man who only cared about himself.


An alcoholic and irritable by nature, he took his anger out on whoever he liked. This is what happened with his son Kawaki, since he regularly abused the boy physically, in particular by refusing him meals for the slightest error and by locking him in a room if he disappointed him. He also harassed him verbally, constantly calling him empty and worthless.

His lack of compassion even forced Kawaki to perform various jobs around the city, just to maintain his liquor supply. Eventually, he recognized how little his son was worth when he happily sold him to Jigen and went on with his life with no regrets.

Is Kawaki an Uchiha?

Well, unless there’s a surviving female Uchiha Clan member, Kawaki does not have any connection to the Uchiha Clan. Namely, his father was definitely not an Uchicha, and knowing him and the story of the clan, it is highly unlikely that his mother was an Uchiha as well.

What is Kawaki’s full name?

As far as it is known at this moment, Kawaki’s full name is simply Kawaki. His father probably had a last name, but it has not been revealed. He was adopted by both Isshiki Ōtsutsuki and Naruto Uzumaki at different points in life, so you can add a last name based on that fact, but Kishimoto has not decided on the name.

How old is Kawaki?

Although his birthday is not known, we know that Kawaki is 14 years old during the Boruto manga. This makes him two years older than Boruto and four years older than Himawari.

Who found Kawaki in Boruto?

When he was found by Team 7, the shinobi noticed that he had a mark identical to Boruto Uzumaki’s. When both of their marks began to hurt them, Kawaki dreamed of his first encounter with Jigen, which caused him to suddenly wake up and destroy the area he was in. Asking who the team in front of him was, Konohamaru introduced himself and asked for information about the crash.

But the boy refused to provide them with information and wanted to be left alone, Boruto then revealed to him that he also had a Kama, leading Kawaki to believe that they were Kara’s pursuers. As they tried to explain to him that he had misunderstood, Garō appeared announcing his intentions to get Kawaki back.

Kawaki vs Gar3F

Launching another attack, Kawaki dodged it and began to fight while modifying his body, despite his fatigue. As soon as Garō managed to subdue Kawaki, his Kama activated and empowered him, leading Kawaki to destroy Garō’s prosthetic arm. Walking towards Garou and absorbing his breath, Kawaki impaled him with his modified arm, before killing the External with a shockwave.

Much to his surprise, Boruto instinctively activated his mark to absorb the shockwave and protect his team. This made Kawaki more convinced than ever that they were with Kara. Kawaki tells Boruto to tell Jigen that if he chases after him, there will be more corpses. But their conversation was cut short when smoke rose from his body, leading to Kawaki collapsing and being examined by the shinobi. Eventually, the Konoha ninjas decided to bring him to meet the Seventh Hokage.

What episode does Kawaki debut in?

As you probably know by now, Kawaki debuted in the first episode of the Boruto series, titled “Boruto Uzumaki!!”. The episode premiered on April 5, 2017 and revealed a future in which Boruto and Kawaki were, seemingly, fighting for the fate of the world of shinobi.

Does Kawaki love Naruto?

While Kawaki was trying to escape from Konoha, thinking that he was, once again, trapped, Naruto held Kawaki back until he collapsed from exhaustion. When Kawaki woke up, he found himself in Konoha Hospital, surrounded by Konoha shinobi. Learning that he was in Konoha, Kawaki attempted to flee through the bedroom window, but was held back by Shikamaru Nara. Afterwards, Naruto introduced himself as the Hokage.

Later, after an agreement between the five Kage, it was decided that Kawaki would remain free in Konoha under Naruto’s watch. Naruto escorted Kawaki through the village to his house, but he ran away not wanting to be used. To his surprise, Naruto effortlessly caught up to him and blocked his way, prompting Kawaki to continue on his way to the Hokage’s house.

The Uzumaki Household

There, he attempted to flee again, but destroyed a vase, causing Naruto to assert his prowess and intimidate Kawaki into discouraging him from attempting to flee again. When Boruto found out that Kawaki was going to live with them, he reluctantly apologized before introducing himself. Naruto took Kawaki into his home and into his family.

He considered Kawaki to be his second, adoptive son. He trained him and he gave him a lot of attention in order to make him feel as a member of the family. Kawaki, on his part, did hesitate a bit, but later on grew to have feelings towards Naruto and he actually did grow to consider him a father, so we could say that he did, actually, love him.

Does Kawaki love Himawari?

A lot of people online Ship Kawaki and Himawari into what is known as KawaHima. Now, while we don’t really know whether Kawaki loves here, there is a lot of evidence that suggest that such a ship is possible. Here are some of them:

  • Kawaki apologizes to Himawari for breaking her vase.
  • Kawaki refuses to give his name or react to Boruto’s anger until he notices how sad he made Himawari by breaking her vase.
  • Kawaki’s never been rude to Himawari.
  • Although Himawari was wary at first, she quickly warmed up to Kawaki, and vice versa.
  • Kawaki is very considerate of Himawari’s feelings.
  • Kawaki seems to have a soft spot for Himawari, since he treats her differently than he treats others, and talks to her more politely.
  • Kawaki tries to fix the broken vase for Himawari and is determined to keep at it until all the pieces have been put back together for her.
  • Himawari thanked Kawaki for buying her a new vase and for trying to fix her old one, even if her couldn’t succeed in the latter.
  • Himawari cheered for Kawaki during his match against Boruto.
  • Kawaki sacrificed his arm to save Himawari and Naruto from Delta’s destructive beams.
  • Kawaki told Himawari not to cry.
  • Himawari was the first person to cry for Kawaki.
  • Himawari prefer him kawaki-kun.
  • Lawaki said to Himawari that she was an unusual kid.
  • Kawaki smiles at her twice.

Why did Boruto and Kawaki fight?

When they first met, Boruto and Kawaki didn’t really get along and were rivals. The two of them did often fight and train with each other, but that wasn’t really serious. An important fight does happen later in the future, but we don’t know much about it. Years later, after total destruction in Konohagakure, Kawaki and Boruto had a meeting in a destroyed Hokage Rock. Kawaki told Boruto that he would send him to the same place as the Seventh Hokage and activated Karma, declaring that the age of the ninja was over. However, Boruto put on his forehead protector and declared that he was still a ninja, while activating Jōgan and his own Karma on him, continuing their battle.

Why did Jigen buy Kawaki?

In the anime, Kawaki was chopping wood for a living in order to buy liquor for his alcoholic and abusive father, Kokatsu. Soon after, Jigen arrived to offer to buy him off with a large sum of money. Unwilling to leave his house, Kawaki promised his father that he could work more to earn some money, but was knocked unconscious when Kokatsu hit him with an empty bottle on the head.

Upon taking custody of the boy, Jigen told Kawaki that the suffering he had endured was over and he had nothing to fear, as he would be his new father. As Kawaki and Jigen took the only tunnel out of the village, the seemingly friendly merchant turned out to be a child trafficker, who hoped to take Kawaki for himself. After Kawaki waited outside the tunnel for the two men to decide who would take the boy, Jigen walked out, saying the man gladly retreated.


Does Kawaki Kill Boruto in the Manga?

When he was first brought to Kara, Jigen took Kawaki to Amado’s lab, telling him that he would give him a present when they became a parent and a child. As part of a ritual, Kawaki was one of fifteen candidates for the position of the vessel of an Ōtsutsuki who were placed in artificial wombs connected by tubes to jars of fluid, through which Jigen attempted to transfer his Kama to them.

The first thirteen children were all dead, however, Jigen succeeded with Kawaki, one of his last attempts. Kawaki later woke up with a branded Kama on his left hand. Despite Jigen’s promise of protection, Kawaki later described his life from then on as living hell.

Why is Kawaki a vessel?

Kawaki became a vessel because he was powerful enough to survive the Ōtsutsuki ritual. Most other test subjects died, but Kawaki actually managed to survive the ritual and become a future vessel for Isshiki Ōtsutsuki.

Who is inside Kawaki in Boruto?

Kawaki was marked by Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s Kâma, which he had acquired when the Ōtsutsuki marked him in the hope of making him his vessel. Due to his training under Jigen’s guidance, Kawaki is able to activate the mark at will, although sometimes it activates out of his control, and to properly use its power.

It can absorb any target with chakra and create large-scale explosions when activated. However, using the mark causes his body to overheat and he may eventually lose consciousness. By synchronizing his Kâma with Boruto, they can produce a space-time rift to enter different dimensions. Having proven his compatibility with the mark, the genetic code of Kawaki’s body is gradually rewritten to be reborn as “Perfect Ōtsutsuki”.

Corne de Kawaki

With the continued progression of this mark, Kawaki began to unconsciously access a transformed state, causing a small horn to appear on the left side of his head. When Kawaki and Boruto made contact, knowing that Boruto possessed Momoshiki’s Kama, it created a resonance that accelerated the rate of a takeover of both vessels.

Through Isshiki’s involuntary resurrection, Kawaki’s being was largely written in Isshiki’s image. This forced resurrection of Isshiki also resulted in the erasure of Kawaki’s Kama. Later, however, he was marked with another Kama.

Why is Isshiki looking for Kawaki?

Isshiki has a craving for Kawaki, since he was prepared to be his next vessel, in addition to showing an interest in Boruto Uzumaki due to the fact that he carries a Karma. When Kawaki ran away, Isshiki disciplined him violently, even denying him individual rights. Due to Kawaki’s powers, Isshiki wants Kawaki’s body as his new body, which is why he is after him.

Did Kawaki have the Jōgan?

The Jōgan is a Dōjutsu awakened by Boruto Uzumaki in his right eye. The eye has a barely visible pupil, but in the anime, its pupil is visible, it shows a bluish color and when activated, the sclera turns dark. In the anime, Toneri Ōtsutsuki seems to be aware of its function and capabilities, while Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki and Urashiki Ōtsutsuki stated that it is a power heavily inherited from the Ōtsutsuki Clan, and a real problem respectively. As far as it is known now, Boruto is the only known user of this technique, meaning that Kawaki does not have it.

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