Does Kawaki Kill Boruto in the Manga?

Does Kawaki Kill Boruto in the Manga?

The relationship between Kawaki and Boruto can be described as close or even brotherly. Raised by Naruto as his own son, Kawaki will later unite with Boruto to solve the mystery of the Kāma, since both of them are vessels of that seal. Yet, in the recent Chapter 66 of the Boruto manga, Kawaki fought with Boruto and punched a hole through his chest, leaving him – as it seems – for dead. In this article, we are going to chronicle the events that led to this development and tell you whether Kawaki kills Boruto.

Although Kawaki does, indeed, put a fatal hole through Boruto’s chest in Chapter 66 of the Boruto manga, Chapter 67 reveals that Boruto doesn’t die. This is because Boruto is a vessel for Momoshiki, meaning that he is too precious to him to simply let him die. This is why Momoshiki used his powers to heal Boruto and revive him in the manga.

The rest of this article is going to give you additional details on the fight between Kawaki and Boruto, as well as the answer to all the questions related to Boruto’s apparent death. We now know that Boruto does not die, so we can confirm that we are going to tell you more details about the circumstances surrounding the events that led to Boruto’s apparent death.

Does Kawaki kill Boruto in the manga?

The events we are going to describe happen in the recently published Boruto Chapter 66, called “Do or Die”. The chapter was one of the most shocking stories in the whole manga, and that is why we have decided to bring you a closer overview of all the events. Namely, it is important for you to understand why things happened like they did, especially because of the nature of the relationship between Kawaki and Boruto.

At the beginning of the chapter, Kawaki remembers Amado’s suggestion to acquire a new Kāma. Ada assumes that Amado never gave Kawaki a choice and restored the kāma when he restored his right arm because he knew he would crave more power. Code concludes that Amado targeted him to trigger Kawaki’s power. Shikamaru listens to Code’s answers and confirms that he has an ally.

Momoshiki is surprised and attributes the new kāma to Amado’s plans. He taunts Kawaki and tells him that he will be used by others until he is fed to the Ten-Tails. Kawaki begins to attack Momoshiki with Isshiki’s jutsu, which Naruto and Code realize, and Code questions Amado’s intent. Kawaki begins to understand something.

Naruto is worried about him, but Kawaki interrupts him and reminds him that Shikamaru is still a hostage, though he does not particularly care. He says he will do what needs to be done for Naruto. Momoshiki attacks Kawaki and the two absorb each other’s ninjutsu. Kawaki continues to use Sukunahikona and Daikokuten against Momoshiki as they clash.


Boruto’s personality comes out. Kawaki pierces Momoshiki with chakra rods and tries to crush him with cubes, but Naruto saves Boruto. Code points out that Naruto has evolved and no longer sees the point of killing Shikamaru. Naruto has had enough and wonders if he really wants to kill Boruto. Kawaki says it’s the right thing to do because if Boruto is Naruto’s son, Momoshiki is a demon who wants to kill him.

Naruto accuses him of acting like a demon. Kawaki ignores him and says the problem is that Naruto can not do it himself, so he will. Naruto tells him to calm down and Kawaki replies that he has to face reality. Boruto wakes up to Momoshiki’s surprise and tells him to go back to sleep. He says that Amado’s medicine worked a little, but he accepts that it’s not a solution since he almost killed Naruto.

Kawaki asks him if he remembers what he said earlier, which Boruto confirms. Boruto agrees that they need to use their last resort plan, which Kawaki finds unfortunate.

Naruto asks what it is and Boruto apologizes, asking him to do his best for Hinata and Himawari while fending him off with Wind Release: Gale Palm. Boruto asks Kawaki to do it while he can still hold Momoshiki back. Kawaki twists his arm and kicks Boruto in the chest, shocking everyone. Naruto screams for Boruto.

And with that – Boruto is seemingly dead. Fans are in shock, the Internet is burning… so, what happens next? Luckily for you, we at Fiction Horizon have the answer! Just keep reading.

Will Boruto be back?

The events that we have described happened in Chapter 67 of the Boruto manga, titled “Rift”. The chapter is a direct continuation of the events from Chapter 66. Naruto hurries along beside Boruto. Code weighs his options and Ada warns him that she will not allow him to sacrifice Kawaki. As he prepares to leave, he releases Shikamaru and tells Kawaki that someone will always manipulate him.

Kawaki shrinks his scratch marks so he can not retreat, and continues to do so while Code creates new ones. He points out that he will kill anyone who poses a threat to Naruto, even Boruto, and asks why he let him escape. Code dodges Kawaki’s attack and tries to fight back with Taijutsu, but Kawaki overpowers him and Code becomes worried.

Shikamaru joins Naruto, who is so shocked that he cannot maintain Sage Mode, and tries to relieve him of it. He insists that they should help Kawaki deal with the code and yells at Naruto that Boruto chose this to protect them. Kawaki prepares to blow Code up and warns that if his ally is against Naruto, he will show no mercy either. Code sees the scratch gap in his face as Kawaki crushes him.

As the smoke clears, Shikamaru is surprised to see Kawaki being thrown back. Code has gone through Daemon and awakened him to reflect Kawaki’s attack. Daemon is looking forward to the fight, but Code sends him back to Ada. At Ada’s warning, he checks on Kawaki and assures Ada that he is alive.

She says that if he was not, she would send Daemon to kill him. Code reluctantly admits that he is no match for Kawaki, decides to have Amado remove his shackles, and leaves. Shikamaru tells Naruto that they need to figure out how to deal with Kawaki, who killed his comrade without hesitation.

Naruto protests that it was not all his fault, but Shikamaru is determined to act. He points out that they need to think about the other villages and that they should expect a backlash in Konoha as well, since there has already been a backlash with Kawaki. If Kawaki has become a part of their family, Naruto wants to support him, and Shikamaru wonders if he can really do that if Kawaki killed his son.

Boruto turns to Naruto and asks who was killed and jokes that it’s rude to write him off. Shikamaru is shocked and Naruto cries while hugging Boruto. Shikamaru notes that the hole in Boruto’s chest has completely healed. Momoshiki’s soul reveals itself to Boruto and explains that destroying the vessel would erase his soul and therefore he is too valuable to Momoshiki.

He uses part of the kāma to revive Boruto and rewrites the remaining compressed data with Boruto’s data so that it can form Boruto’s tissues and heal him. However, this prevents Momoshiki from being revived in his body, which Boruto considers a victory. Momoshiki tells him not to be upset, whether it is rewritten or not, all the kāma data was Ōtsutsuki, meaning Boruto is now a complete Ōtsutsuki, which entitles him to sacrifice himself to the Ten-Tails, which the code will soon realize.

Boruto believes this will buy him time to hunt the Code, but Momoshiki warns him that this resurrection will not happen again and he’ll stay dead next time. He asks if her death is what Momoshiki meant when she first appeared to him in a vision, and Momoshiki laughs it off, saying it has nothing to do with that because he has no idea why it will happen, but he knows it will happen soon. Back at Ada’s, she points out to Code that Amado is protected in the middle of Konoha, where he does not have a scratch mark. He says that he has already taken action.

Who will revive Boruto?

As we have explained, it was Momoshiki who ultimately healed Boruto’s wounds and revived him, as he would have certainly died had he not been Momoshiki’s vessel. This happened some time ago in the story, when Boruto killed Momoshiki, only for the latter to implant his soul into Boruto’s body to use him as a vessel.


How Did Momoshiki Get Inside Boruto and Can He Come Out?

Momoshiki’s soul manifested itself for Boruto after the revival, and explains that his destruction as a vessel would extinguish his soul, so he’s too precious for him. He used part of the Kāma to resurrect Boruto, rewriting the remaining compressed data with Boruto’s data, so it could form Boruto’s tissue and heal him completely. But, in doing so, Momoshiki made it impossible for himself to resurrect in Boruto’s body, which Boruto takes as a victory against his enemy.

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