Who Is Nadia in The Boys? (&How Is She Connected to Tony)

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The Boys season 3 has opened up to an explosive three-episode release that introduced more characters and explored the stories of the existing characters that were introduced in the earlier seasons. One such character that the series explored more is the girl named Nadia, who was being followed around by a guy named Tony, as Hughie Campbell wondered who this guy was. So, who is Nadia in The Boys, and how is she connected to Tony?

Nadia is actually the real name of Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, who we all know is anti-supe but is actually a supe herself and became the founding director of the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs. Nadia used to be an orphan supe living in an orphanage called Red River together with Tony.

We already know that Victoria Neuman is a supe because this was revealed in the last episode of season 2. However, the revelation that her real name is Nadia is entirely new to season 3 as things are becoming more interesting in The Boys. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Nadia’s past and how she became Victoria Neuman.

Who Is Nadia In The Boys?

The release of the first three episodes of season 3 of The Boys had fans glued at the edge of their seats because of the many different revelations in the newest season of this brutal and gory Amazon Prime original series. With that said, one of the newer revelations in the series happened quite early when, during the premiere of the Dawn of The Seven movie, someone in the crowd was calling Victoria Neuman by the name Nadia.

As the episode proceeded, Hughie Campbell, who was working with Congresswoman Neuman in the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, found the very same person sitting in the office. This person, named Tony, said that he was waiting for Nadia while pointing at the picture of Victoria Neuman. This got Hughie quite curious but not to the point that he was willing to investigate it.


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Sometime later, he found the very same person chasing Neuman just outside the building of the FBSA as they found themselves in a dark alley. Hughie followed them but hid behind a dumpster so as to avoid arousing the suspicion of both his boss and the mysterious man named Tony.

That was when Victoria Neuman revealed that she was, in fact, the Nadia that this Tony was talking about and that she didn’t want him to be called by that name in public because her new name was Victoria Neuman.

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We were all introduced to Neuman in season 2 when she became an outspoken activist against supes because of the collateral damage that they were causing through their recklessness. In fact, due to the events of season 2, she was able to convince the government to establish the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs as she became the founding director of the new government office that investigated superhuman actions that went beyond their normal mandates as heroes. She brought Hughie to work with her as she was also able to convince the other members of The Boys to work for her as her assets on the ground.

Throughout season 2, one of the things that led to the establishment of this new government office was the fact that there was a powerful and mysterious supe going around popping people’s heads off without actually revealing who that person was. At the end of season 2, it was revealed that it was Neuman popping people’s heads off with a look as she herself was a supe that was working for Stan Edgar and Vought.

Why Did Nadia Change Her Name?

As mentioned, Victoria Neuman used to be Nadia. Tony revealed that they used to be best friends in a place called Red River, and this led Hughie to investigate what Red River was. So, why did Nadia change her name to Victoria Neuman?

During Hughie’s investigation, he found out that Red River was actually an orphanage for supe children who were seemingly abandoned there by their parents or were experimented on by Vought. In that sense, Nadia and Tony were both from Red River. Hughie was also able to acquire a database from the computer of Red River.

As Hughie opened the files related to Nadia, he found out that she was the head popper after all and that she had been popping people’s heads off since her time in Red River. However, Stan Edgar took her in but never revealed to the public that he had essentially adopted her.

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So, the reason why Nadia changed her name was probably due to the machinations of Stan Edgar, who wanted her to adopt a new persona that would allow her to start a new life as one of his assets. Through Nadia, who had worked her way up to become Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, Stan Edgar had become powerful enough to not only take control over the supes of Vought International but also over the only government body that investigated superhuman activities.

When Hughie found out about this, it was enough for him to return to The Boys as he realized that he had been working for a supe all along and under a government office that was basically used by Vought as one of its puppets.

Who Is Tony In The Boys Season 3?

As established, there was a man at the beginning of episode 1 of season 3 calling Victoria Neuman using the name Nadia. He was the very same person that Hughie saw waiting in the FBSA. This person is Tony, who claimed himself to be Nadia’s childhood best friend.

Later, Tony followed Victoria Neuman to a dark alley, where she told him to stop calling her Nadia in public. Tony went on to tell her that she should expose to the public what happened to them at the Red River as she already had a platform that allowed her to speak up about their childhood experiences.

So, in that regard, Tony is just like Nadia in the sense that he was also an orphan that grew up in the Red River. Of course, like Nadia and all of the other orphans from the Red River, it was revealed that he, too, was a supe.


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When Nadia hugged him, Tony realized that she was about to kill him using her powers, and he retaliated and was strong enough to subdue the congresswoman with his increased strength. In fact, he was shown to be strong enough to put some strain on Victoria Neuman’s head as he attempted to crush it with his bare hands. 

However, Neuman was eventually able to gain the upper hand by blowing off his jaw using her powers. She finished the job by completely blowing up his entire body before calling somebody that could help clean the mess up for her. It was revealed that she called Stan Edgar, who sent some people to clean up Tony’s body from the scene.

How Is Nadia Connected To Tony?

Nadia’s connection to Tony goes back to their childhood days in the Red River. As established, they used to be best friends living together in an orphanage for supe children. Tony himself said that they didn’t have the best childhood because he wanted Nadia to expose what the Red River did to them when they were still children.

Even though Victoria Neuman was now living an entirely new life after Stan Edgar took her in, it was clear that she was bothered by the fact that she needed to kill Tony because he shared the incident with her father figure when they met up the day after the incident. As such, it was clear that she also treated Tony as a good friend but still needed to do what she needed to do when she killed him in that dark alley.