Who Is Termite in The Boys Season 3? Meet Brett Geddes’s New Character

who is termite in the boys

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Like the previous seasons, The Boys season 3 has introduced more characters into the series, even if some of these characters do have smaller roles to play. All of these new characters were in the new season for a reason, especially considering that the latest season of The Boys has a new narrative. One of the newest characters introduced in season 3 of The Boys is Termite. So, who is Termite in The Boys season 3?

Termite is a minor character that appeared near the opening of episode 1 of The Boys season 3. He is a supe that The Boys were investigating as he is involved with drugs. Termite has the power to shrink to very small sizes to the point that he could enter a man’s penis. 

Yes, Termite has a very small part in the entire third season of The Boys, as he doesn’t even have an important role. Nevertheless, his role was able to help steer the narrative in the right direction, even if he didn’t do that much. So, with that regard, let’s get to know more about the pint-sized supe called Termite.

Who Is Termite In The Boys Season 3?

Season 3 of The Boys has opened up with one of the best starts in the series because it didn’t take too long for the series to introduce new characters, regardless of how big or small (pun intended) their roles may be. Of course, some of these new characters are supes that actually have their own roles in the series’ newest season.


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One of the supes introduced early in the newest season of The Boys is a character named Termite. Basically, Termite is a supe that has the ability to shrink down to small sizes, as episode 1 of The Boys didn’t take too long to introduce the character’s powers to the audience. This was seen when he was having sex with a Barbie doll as he shrunk down to the doll’s size so that he could entertain the audience at a party that he seemingly hosted.

Termite was also one of the supes that The Boys were investigating. For those who may have forgotten, The Boys were hired by Victoria Neuman and Hughie Campbell to work as the undocumented investigators for the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs (FBSA), which aims to investigate the different unlawful actions that some of the supes were committing. And Termite happened to be one of the supes that The Boys were seen investigating in episode 1 of season 3.

What Happened To Termite In The Boys Season 3?

In season 2, we saw that Congresswoman Victoria Neuman and Hughie Campbell hired The Boys to work for the FBSA to investigate supes on the ground, even though they were working under the radar for the FBSA instead of being real employees. Their role was to investigate certain supes that the FBSA believes to be corrupt and are abusing their powers to do unlawful actions.

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So, season 3 opened up with the release of Dawn of The Seven, which is a movie that tells the story of how The Seven defeated Stormfront, who was introduced as an evil Nazi supremacist during the second season. After the movie screening, Hughie and Billy Butcher met up in the washroom to talk about something that’s related to the next mission of The Boys.

Later in the episode, it was shown that Frenchie and Kimiko were sent to investigate a party as Butcher was on surveillance. At the party, they saw that Termite was seen having sex with a Barbie doll as the crowd at the party was cheering him on the entire time. After that, he grew back to his normal size and went on to take his male lover to a private room.

After kissing one another, the male lover told Termite that he wanted him inside him, as he basically meant something quite literal. They both did cocaine before the lover stripped his pants down. Meanwhile, Termite shrank down to a very tiny size as he was actually small enough to enter his lover’s penis through its hole.

Termite entered the penis and then started massaging it from the inside to the delight of his lover. However, he started showing signs that he was about to sneeze as he eventually did so. He sneezed and uncontrollably grew back to his normal size while he was still inside his lover’s penis. This basically killed his lover as Termite was covered in his guts in what was one of the most gruesome scenes in the history of The Boys.

Frenchie promptly entered the room as he and Termite entered into a one-sided battle where the supe shrank down and attempted to enter his butthole, as it was clear that he was going to kill Frenchie using the same method he accidentally used on his lover.

Kimiko entered the room to assist Frenchie as Butcher eventually arrived as well. They were able to trap Termite in a plastic bag full of cocaine. Butcher shook the bag hard enough that Termite consumed too much of it to the point that he became too weak to even move or grow back to his normal size. As Butcher was about to kill him, he decided not to do so because his new job required him to avoid killing supes.


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The following day, Victoria Neuman and Hughie Campbell were seen talking while eating lunch and were discussing The Boys’ mission of investigating Termite. The congresswoman suggested that Butcher messed the job up again as they eventually found out that Termite was allowed to go free but on a demotion.

Of course, the reason why Termite was allowed to go free was related to the unlawful methods used by Butcher to apprehend him. It was this moment that made Butcher think that doing things the right way wasn’t going to work in his war against the Supes.

So, while Termite didn’t have a big role and was actually allowed to go free after what he had done, he still played his part in the sense that it was the incident related to him that made Butcher think that he should go back to his usual methods of killing supes instead of just gathering evidence so that the FBSA could find a way to prosecute them.

Who Plays Termite In The Boys?

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In The Boys, Termite is portrayed by a relatively new actor in the film industry named Brett Geddes, who hasn’t been acting for a long time. Geddes first started acting in 2009, and he eventually earned a few roles after that.

Brett Geddes started with a TV show called Overruled! and eventually made his way to a TV movie called Fakers. He appeared in Life with Boys in 2013 and had seven years in between his next project. In 2020, he appeared in a short film called Carve. He appeared in two more minor productions before he made his way to The Boys as a minor character called Termite.

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