Who Is the Caveman in ‘Baki’? Meet Pickle!


The Baki manga series and storyline have always been quite unique in terms of its characters, even though it started a bit more realistic. However, it became much more unrealistic than ever before with the introduction of new characters that serve as gateways for Baki Hanma’s quest to become stronger than his father. One of the most unrealistic characters in the series is a caveman named Pickle. But who exactly is Pickle in Baki?

Pickle is a prehistoric caveman who got thawed out after his body was found perfectly preserved in ice. After getting thawed out, he became a very powerful fighter that ended up showcasing his strength, which was something he developed while fighting and hunting dinosaurs millions of years ago.

The fact that there’s an actual caveman in the Baki storyline makes things interesting because Pickle’s inclusion as one of the newest fighters allows us to see the difference between the current fighters in the modern world and the humans that lived millions of years ago when people had to become strong to survive a harsh world. So, with that said, let’s look at this Caveman from Baki.

Who Is Pickle?

At this point in the Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre anime, Baki is looking to become even stronger so that he can prepare for the fight against his father, Yuujirou Hanma. Because he wants to be stronger than the strongest creature on the planet, Baki is looking to fight some of the strongest fighters on par with his father’s strength. And this is where an actual caveman comes in to make the storyline more interesting.

This caveman was found perfectly preserved in ice and was eventually thawed out and revived. Because this prehistoric person was perfectly “pickled” in ice, he was given the name “Pickle.” And Pickle became the perfect example of how ridiculous Baki has become in terms of how far the storyline has departed from realism.

pickle 3

Pickle is a unique character in that he doesn’t resemble the modern man. The first thing that would stand out about him is his height, as he is taller than any other Baki character, including a drug-enhanced Jack Hanma. On top of that, he has long limbs, a small waist, and a very muscular appearance.

However, due to his posture and the fact that he doesn’t resemble modern human beings or Neanderthals, Pickle may be the missing link in the evolutionary stage of humans. And he has fangs and semi-clawed hands that suggest the possibility that he is human but is a human being yet to evolve into the same human being that we have in today’s modern world.


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Pickle originally lived in the Jurassic era, which means that he lived during the time when dinosaurs ruled the planet. That is why his physical traits evolved to allow him to survive on a harsh planet at that time. However, while Pickle may have lived during the time of the dinosaurs, he survived the meteor that killed all of them. He got frozen in ice, only to be discovered millions of years later.

How Strong Is Pickle?

Of course, since Pickle was introduced as a character that Baki is set to fight in the anime, he must be extremely strong. He is so strong that he is stronger than any other modern-day fighters outside Yuujirou, Baki, Biscuit, and Kaiou Kaku. As such, he is right up in the upper echelon among some of the strongest characters in the storyline.

The first thing that would stand out about him is his physical appearance. That’s because Pickle is not only a large man but is incredibly muscular. He is one of the few Baki characters that could match the muscular density of Biscuit Oliva, considered the most muscular man of his era. As such, Pickle’s physical attributes make him incredibly strong.

But while he may be a physical specimen, he isn’t just a big and strong man. That’s because Pickle had to be strong to survive a time when dinosaurs ruled the world. He had to hunt in the wild and survive encounters with gigantic beasts far stronger than regular humans. And it was through the fact that he had to survive the prehistoric times that Pickle could develop primitive fighting abilities that served him well.

pickle 2

During his time, pickle used different types of dinosaur fighting styles to hunt dinosaurs. He is so strong that he can bring down an entire Tyrannosaurus Rex alone using his unique fighting abilities. As such, he uses a crude method of fighting inspired by the things he saw in the wild while observing the dinosaurs of his era. And that is why he relies on brute force and the use of his claws and teeth whenever he is up against the strongest dinosaurs of his era. 

He brought the same fighting style with him to the modern day, as the different fighters were perplexed when they realized that Pickle didn’t fight like a normal human being. It was like they were fighting a beast instead of a man, which is why Pickle is one of the strongest fighters in the entire Baki series.


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But Pickle’s biggest weakness as a fighter is his lack of technical skill, as he wasn’t fighting other people back in his time. Instead, he learned how to fight to hunt dinosaurs and survive the wilds. As such, his primitive fighting abilities aren’t as honed as those of the more technical fighters in modern times.

How Old Is Pickle in Baki?

As mentioned, Pickle is a caveman, meaning he is the oldest character in the entire storyline in chronological years. He was frozen in ice 200 million years ago, meaning he is chronologically over 200 million years old. This makes him the oldest character in the entire Baki series, as none of the other characters even scratch the surface of his chronological age.

However, if we base it on his biological age, he is in his late teens to mid-20s. Remember that Pickle’s body stopped aging when he got frozen in ice, which means that he isn’t 200 million years old in terms of his biological age. Pickle may be somewhere between his teens and mid-20s, as he has a youthful and innocent appearance.

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