Who Is the Trash Bag Killer in Riverdale? 5 Best Theories

trash bag killer riverdale

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The Trash Bag Killer (TBK) has been a major villain in Riverdale, killing several as he apparently moves around the country, spreading his grisly crimes around several states. But who is the TBK in Riverdale according to the best theories?

5. Glen

Who Is the Trash Bag Killer in Riverdale? 5 Best Theories

Being the new guy on the block means Glen is a prime suspect.

Introduced as Betty’s co-worker and love interest, Glen is a bit of a mystery that Betty dumped in order to return to Riverdale.

Obviously, he knows a lot about the TBK due to him working at the FBI, but could this just be a convenient cover?

It’s also important to remember that the TBK kidnapped Betty and didn’t kill her immediately like he did with his other victims, possibly showing the TBK having some kind of intimate connection with Betty.

The sharing of a kiss between the two shows there is some kind of chemistry there, and if Glen really does have feelings for Betty and is the TBK, then this would’ve perhaps been the reason he didn’t take her life like the others.

TBK’s forcing Betty to dismember the corpse near the end of her captivity smacks of a training program, of which Glen has already been a mentor to Betty.

Betty’s uncanny ability to be the lightning rod for all nearby serial killers also is a black mark against Glen. Not only have basically all the males in her family, including her fake brother, turned out to be serial killers, but Glen is interested in her too.

Of course there is also the issue that Betty ended up stabbing Glen in the chest 13 times but this happened in the parallel, supernatural universe of Rivervale. This is further complicated because it was just the Devil inhabiting Glen’s body, dressed up as the TBK.

Finally, Glen was also the guy who told Betty to stay away from the TBK, and wouldn’t you know it but TBK was ready for her when she arrived at his murder house.

4. Jughead Jones

Who Is the Trash Bag Killer in Riverdale? 5 Best Theories

Much like Glen, Jughead clearly has feelings for Betty and this would explain why that if he was the TBK, that he let Betty go when she stumbled upon his lair and was captured.

Jughead is also a suspicious character given his constant disappearances throughout the series, although ostensibly this is just to write his book.

The seven year interval has seen several characters act in inconsistent ways, and Jughead has revealed that he spent most of the seven years doing drugs, which is what he blames his blackouts or long periods of unaccounted for time.

The fateful voicemail that Jughead left for Betty after she missed his book launch also shows that he is perhaps hiding some feelings of aggression and unrequited love, and he’ll need to do more to show that he’s not some psycho killer before Betty starts taking action.

It’s also interesting to note that this voicemail incident was very close to the time Betty got kidnapped. The TBK’s inexplicable non-killing of Betty could also be because Jughead came enough out his bender to realize that murdering Betty is not a good thing.

3. Nick St Claire

Who Is the Trash Bag Killer in Riverdale? 5 Best Theories

Nick has some personality issues that line up in a serial killer way. Firstly, he has already shown violent and abusive behavior towards women, compounded by his beating at the hands of a girl gang.

Nick has also shown that he’s willing to drug and rape a woman, Cheryl Blossom, and has also tried to force himself onto an ex, Veronica.

Also being in and out of rehab, Nick is a rich kid who would have the funds to pursue the serial killer lifestyle, and seems to lack the usual boundaries and social aptitude that marks out many a serial killer.

His admitting that he has been involved in at least three hit and runs while driving under the influence shows his total callousness towards human life, so is it really that much harder to imagine him as a psycho killer?

Finally, considering how so many characters’ names often tell us a lot about their personality, maybe the reference to saints is a trope regarding how evil Nick is, or how so many serial killers view themselves as a god.

2. Chad Gekko

Who Is the Trash Bag Killer in Riverdale? 5 Best Theories

Being a Wall Street businessman obviously takes some degree of psychopathy. But is this enough to put the ex-husband of Veronica above other suspects as the TBK?

His controlling and jealous nature are traits shared by the TBK and his constant lying reveals a type of personality that could be leading a double if not triple life. This is necessary when you’re pursuing the dual objectives of cutting up your victims and also not looking weird.

Chad has also shown he is willing to push quite hard, as he freezes Veronica’s cards in order to get her to return to New York from Riverdale that extra bit quicker. 

This doesn’t exactly work as Veronica promises to murder him if he doesn’t unlock the cards in thirty minutes, but it does shine a light onto the extremes that Chad is willing to go to if things don’t go his way.

Chad is also a former felon, having spent time in Baltimore State Prison and even attempted to murder Archie for some very flimsy reasons. Pulling a gun on someone given the TBK’s modus operandi is perhaps slightly out of character and counts against Chad in this way.

Chad is also big into drugs, and his love of ‘partying’ has got him into trouble a few times throughout the series already. It’s within the realm of possibilities to imagine that a few too many illicit substances led to some highly illicit crimes with a chainsaw.


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1. Hiram Lodge

Who Is the Trash Bag Killer in Riverdale? 5 Best Theories

Veronica’s father definitely has the serial killer drive to eliminate enemies and be the last man standing.

Being Veronica’s father, he is well known to Betty as well as being a very powerful drug dealer and also jailed at Yonkers Penitentiary, as well as being on trial for corporate crimes like embezzlement and fraud.

Having already dodge attempts on his life by his ex-wife Hermione, Hiram has shown he is more than capable of standing up for himself and will do anything to get ahead. His ruthless personality makes him appear as at least capable of murder, let alone a serial killer.

Hiram is also a top wrestler, showing he has the physical prowess to subdue his targets, and he successfully ran the mob out of Riverdale so that he could claim the drug trade for himself, in the process of which he killed at least three men.

So not only does he feel like the world is closing around him, but he has used violence and dealt with death in the past to get out of sticky situations, so is it really that much out of character to go around killing young women?

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