Who Is the Witch of Envy (Satella) in Re:Zero & Is She Evil?

Who Is the Witch of Envy (Satella) in Re:Zero & Is She Evil?

If you’re an anime and manga fan, you’ve probably heard of Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, even if you don’t know the series name. Namely, the twins Rem and Ram tend to pop up on anime-related sites all the time, and they’ve certainly become one of the most popular anime characters in recent times. But, we’re not going to talk about the twins in this article, rather, we are going to introduce you to a character known both as the Witch of Envy and Satella and tell you whether she’s evil or not in Re:Zero.

Satella, also known as the Witch of Envy, is one of the Witches of Sin and was responsible for causing the Great Calamity 400 years ago. Although in the fantasy world it is believed that the Witch of Envy and Satella are the same entity, in reality, Satella has a double personality that was born when she absorbed Witch Genes and as a result of their incompatibility a double personality was created to which called “The Witch of Envy”.

In this article, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about the Witch of Envy (Satella) in Re:Zero and whether she’s actually evil or not. If you’re not fully up-to-date with all the happenings in Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, we have to warn you that there might be some spoilers in this article, so be careful how you approach our text.

Who is the Witch of Envy in Re:Zero?

Satella joined the Witches of Sin, and absorbed the Witch Genes she had no compatibility with, resulting in the creation of the personality called the Witch of Envy. After this, she lost control, so she left half the world dry. Both Satella and the Witch of Envy fought to know who was going to control the body, but they never reached an agreement. Her friends loved Satella, but hated the Witch of Envy, except for Echidna, as she despised both of them.

Despite the efforts of many of her to stop her, she managed to defeat all of her opponents. However, at one point she was finally confronted and defeated by Volcanica, Reid Astrea, Flugel, and Shaula, who, seeing that they couldn’t destroy her flesh, decided to seal her away. The genes left Satella, moving to the archbishops of the Witch Cult. Many thought that Satella killed the Witches of Sin, but in reality, each one died from a different condition. At some point, she interacted with Subaru and fell in love with him.

Four hundred years later, Satella summoned Subaru to the Kingdom of Lugunica. As she was attracted to him, she gave him the ability to come back from the dead, which also came with a strange scent capable of attracting evil beasts. She also placed a Hidden Hand on her heart to threaten him if she told anything about his ability.

Satella27s silhouette

After saving Ram and Rem from the Wolgarms, an exhausted Subaru ended up unconscious in the middle of the forest. Afterward, he was taken to a dark place, where Satella was talking to each other from a distance. However, Subaru was unable to hear her when he was away from her before returning to the real world.

Satella speaks to Subaru Subaru, dying from a gigantic Pack, returned to the dark place, where Satella was confessing her love. Later, when Subaru used her scent during the Battle at the Flugel Tree in order to attract Hakugei, Satella appeared behind her speaking to her. Shortly after, when Subaru was possessed by Petelgeuse and died, Satella met him, telling him that she loved him, then she asked him what she wanted to do, Subaru replied that she needed to finish doing something.

She understood and let him go, before confessing her feelings to him again. Satella meets Petelgeuse When Subaru defeated Petelgeuse, the latter possessed him again. When he revealed his ability to return from the dead, both of them were taken to the shadows with Satella, who expelled Petelgeuse from the body because he was not the man she loved but rather Subaru, and ran towards Subaru while asking him to help her.


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That same day, Subaru saved Emilia from an explosion, but she ended up unconscious. He had another meeting with Satella, yelling at her multiple times that she loved him as Emilia tried to wake him up. As Subaru began to open his eyes, he promised her that they would meet again, Satella replied that she would be waiting for him.

Subaru, revealing the Return By Death to Echidna and not being able to affect inside the tomb, is forced to personally stand outside the tomb, taking possession of Emilia’s body, his objective being to eliminate Subaru’s loved ones, beginning to kill everyone in the sanctuary except for Garfiel Tinsel and Subaru, who wakes up and meets her. She kept saying “I love you” repeatedly.

Subaru was about to be swallowed by his darkness and was saved by Garfiel who takes him away and explains that Satella is the cause of the shadows of the sanctuary. After that, Subaru realizes that Satella was now heading to the mansion. Garfiel tries to confront him but he is killed by Satella who for the second time begins to say “I love you” repeatedly to Subaru, who angrily mentions that he would rather love other witches than her.

With this, Satella gets angry and her shadows swallow Subaru who commits suicide thanks to his handkerchief that had been modified by Echidna. After this happens, Satella begins to cry and Subaru removes her veil and is surprised to see that her face was the same as Emilia’s and he promises to save her.

Satella bd

After this, she appears at Echidna’s tea party since Subaru was about to make a dubious contract that Echidna had proposed to him, she appears but is automatically scorned by Subaru who starts telling her that everything bad that is happening to her is her guilt for giving him the return by death and tries to commit suicide with this Satella begins to cry and tries to talk to him mentioning that he did it to save himself and the people he loved.

Subaru is later rescued by Minerva who heals him from the damage caused to himself after attempting suicide .Subaru approaches Satella and this time thanks her for giving him that power. After this, they both exchange a few words and Subaru promises for the second time that he will save Satella.

Seeing that Louis Arneb took possession of Subaru’s body and wanted to get closer to him, the Witch of Envy began to attack and fill the Pleiades watchtower with shadows, killing Subaru and the company on several occasions, being another obstacle for Subaru in this arc. After Subaru solved all their problems, Satella attacks for the last time and, being cornered by the divine mana of Volcanica, uses an advanced version of Al Shamac that takes Subaru, Rem and Louis to the Vollachia Empire.

How is the Witch of Envy connected to Emilia?

Some people, such as Echidna and Pandora, referred to Emilia as “the witch’s daughter”, with Pandora also mentioning that she came from the witch line after seeing her power. According to Melakuera, Emilia was “born of the same cursed blood as the witch” and called her “the witch’s descendant”.

Unusually, when Subaru tells Emilia about Return By Death, the Witch of Envy crushes Emilia’s heart with one of her dark hands, resulting in her death, as seen in one of the loops from Arc 3. Aside from Subaru, Emilia is the only person affected by this Return By Death penalty, with no specific explanation as to why.

There is a yet-unexplained connection between both Subaru and Emilia and the Witch of Envy, but the details of this have not been revealed yet, so we don’t know how the two are connected. We know that Emilia is not the Witch of Envy, as some have speculated due to the similarities in their looks, and because we know that Emilia has a human mother, it doesn’t seem likely that Satella is her mother, either. Still, they could be related somehow, we just don’t know how.

Is the Witch of Envy evil?

Contrary to popular belief, Satella and the Witch of Envy are separate personalities, but they were formed when Satella took the genes of the other witches and was incompatible. The two personalities tend to fight each other. They both like Subaru, although the Witch of Envy has a much more aggressive personality, Satella is much more reasonable and cares about her well-being. Satella is a friend of the Witches of Sin, while the Witch of Envy is not, since she is the enemy of all. Despite that, Echidna hates both of them.


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On a general level, Satella can be portrayed as a villain in the series and she has done some evil deeds. The Witch of Envy is a genuinely evil character but Satella isn’t, although both of them have done evil deeds. The problem here is a that a lot of their evil actions are due to their love for Subaru, which is why it is difficult to give a straightforward answer to this question.

Why does the Witch of Envy love Subaru?

Satella says she loves Subaru because he “gave her light, showed her the outside world, held her hand when she was alone and kissed her when she was all alone,” basically gave her everything, and Natsuki Subaru knows what Satella said. She states that she gave him Return by Death to kill her, but he refused, telling her he would save her instead.

Both personalities are fond of Subaru, although the Witch of Envy personality is much more aggressive, while Satella is much more sensitive and very concerned about her well-being. As mentioned earlier, The Witch of Envy is behind Subaru’s Return by Death. Every time Subaru breaks “their promise,” Satella executes some form of punishment, either by crushing his heart or (on very rare occasions) crushing the hearts of the people he cares about most. In Arc 6, Satella repeatedly caused the Pleiades watchtower to be destroyed, killing everyone inside, while Louis Arneb was attached to Subaru.

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