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Re: Zero‘ has taken the anime world by storm, captivating viewers with its intricate storylines and memorable characters. If you’re just diving into this fantastical universe or looking for a quick refresher, we’re here to introduce you to the top 10 main characters that are central to the story’s heart and soul. Let’s get acquainted!

1. Natsuki Subaru

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Thrown into a mysterious world without warning, Natsuki Subaru’s initial excitement quickly turns into a nightmare as he discovers his ability to “Return by Death.” This power, which allows him to reset events by dying, becomes both a blessing and a curse. While it aids him in navigating the complex challenges of the new world, the psychological toll of repeatedly dying and witnessing the deaths of loved ones is immense.

Subaru is an emblem of perseverance. Despite his lack of significant powers or skills, his determination, resourcefulness, and unwavering dedication to those he cares about make him a true hero. His relationship with Emilia, Rem, and the other characters develops as he tries to understand his world. Subaru’s character undergoes significant growth through the highs and lows, from a carefree teen to a determined young man ready to sacrifice for the greater good.

2. Rem

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Rem, with her iconic blue hair and horn, is one of the twin demon maids working at the Roswaal mansion. Initially, she’s quite suspicious of Subaru, and her protective nature over her sister, Ram, leads to tension. As the series progresses, however, she becomes one of Subaru’s most trusted and loyal allies. Not just a mere maid, Rem has formidable combat abilities. Her use of a morning star and her demon transformation reveal her as a force to be reckoned with.


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But beneath her fierce and loyal exterior lies a heart burdened by inferiority compared to her twin. Growing up, Rem often felt overshadowed by Ram’s talents, leading to deep-seated feelings of self-doubt. Despite this, her love for her sister remains unwavering. Over time, Rem also develops strong feelings for Subaru, solidifying her as a pivotal character in the emotional heart of the series.

3. Ram

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

The pink-haired counterpart to Rem, Ram is the older of the twin demon maids. Though she once possessed incredible power, an incident in her childhood resulted in losing her horn, greatly diminishing her abilities. However, Ram’s sharp wit, intelligence, and unyielding loyalty to Roswaal L. Mathers make her a formidable presence in the mansion and the series.

Ram’s relationship with her sister, Rem, is layered with love, protection, and a hint of rivalry. While she often teases Rem, her affection and concern for her younger twin are palpable. Moreover, Ram’s interactions with Subaru are filled with sarcastic remarks and playful banter, showcasing her unique personality. As the series progresses, her dedication to Roswaal and the sacrifices she’s willing to make for him add depth and complexity to her character.

4. Emilia

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Emilia, the silver-haired half-elf, is much more than her ethereal beauty. Often judged and ostracized because of her striking resemblance to the feared Witch of Envy, Emilia faces prejudice and fear from others. Despite these challenges, she retains a kind and generous nature, always prioritizing the well-being of those around her. Her ambition is to become the 42nd King of Lugunica, and she’s one of the royal election candidates.

Subaru’s very reason for being entangled in the events of the other world is his fateful meeting with Emilia. As the story unfolds, Emilia’s mysterious past and her connection to the witch become more evident. While she’s often unsure of Subaru’s unwavering dedication to her, their bond strengthens as they face countless trials together. Through their interactions, Emilia’s character deepens, revealing layers of vulnerability, resilience, and strength.

5. Echidna

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Echidna, often called the “Witch of Greed,” is fascinated with knowledge. She seeks to understand everything, driven by an insatiable curiosity. With her long white hair and piercing eyes, her presence is both commanding and unsettling. Though she’s one of the witches of sin, Echidna isn’t inherently evil. Her character is complex, walking the line between benevolence and self-interest.

Subaru encounters Echidna in the Sanctuary, and their interactions provide deep insights into the world’s lore and the witches’ nature. Echidna’s tea parties, where she and Subaru converse, are iconic scenes filled with revelation, tension, and intrigue. Her understanding of Subaru’s “Return by Death” and her willingness to provide him with knowledge make her a crucial character in his journey.

6. Otto Suwen

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Otto, the ever-resourceful merchant with the Divine Protection of Anima Whispering, can communicate with animals and insects, aiding him in various situations. Initially introduced as just another trader, his role in the story becomes increasingly significant as he befriends Subaru. Their camaraderie, though fraught with comedic misunderstandings, grows strong with time.


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His unwavering support for Subaru, especially during the trials in the Sanctuary, demonstrates his depth and loyalty. Otto’s past, once filled with hardship due to his unique ability, gives context to his kindness and understanding nature. Through the challenges they face together, Otto emerges as a steadfast ally and a symbol of the importance of friendship.

7. Beatrice

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Beatrice, or “Betty” as she’s sometimes fondly called, is the enigmatic spirit who guards the forbidden library in Roswaal’s mansion. Her drill curls and Gothic dress make her appearance as striking as her guarded demeanor. Bound by a contract, Beatrice waits for “that person” to arrive, though the ambiguity of this term weighs on her. Her connection to Subaru deepens as he persistently tries to understand her solitude and pain.

Their relationship evolves from mere acquaintance to a bond built on trust and mutual protection. Beatrice’s struggles with her purpose, past connections to the Witches, and genuine care for Subaru add layers to her character, making her one of the most intriguing figures in the narrative.

8. Puck

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Puck, the great spirit often seen as a cute, small cat, shares a deep bond with Emilia. Acting as her protector and confidant, Puck’s powers are immense, with the ability to bring forth destruction when Emilia is threatened. Their contract holds many secrets, and the reasons for certain stipulations become heartbreakingly clear as the story progresses.

While Puck often exudes a playful and jovial demeanor, his commitment to Emilia is unwavering. The complexities of their relationship, Puck’s past, and his interactions with Subaru – sometimes as a mentor, sometimes as an adversary – make him an integral part of the ‘Re:Zero’ lore.

9. Roswaal L. Mathers

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Roswaal, the eccentric lord of the mansion, is a character surrounded by mystery. His multicolored eyes and flamboyant mannerisms only hint at the depths of his character. While he plays the role of benefactor to Emilia, supporting her bid in the royal selection, his true intentions are shrouded in ambiguity.

His knowledge of Subaru’s “Return by Death” ability and his machinations, especially in the events at the Sanctuary, reveal a character who is both calculating and deeply driven by a personal agenda. As Subaru unravels the intricacies of the world he’s been thrust into, Roswaal stands as both an ally and an obstacle, with motivations that keep everyone guessing.

10. Garfiel

Re: Zero Top 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Garfiel, with his sharp teeth and fierce demeanor, is a formidable presence in the Sanctuary. As a half-beastman, he can transform into a giant tiger, making him a powerful force on the battlefield. Initially distrustful of outsiders, especially Subaru, he’s protective of the Sanctuary and its residents.

However, beneath his aggressive exterior lies a character shaped by past traumas and the longing for acceptance. His relationship with his sister, Frederica, and his struggles with his identity play a significant role in the Sanctuary arc. As the story unfolds, Garfiel’s interactions with Subaru and the others lead to personal growth, revealing a strong-willed and deeply caring character.

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