Who Is Vasco Shot in One Piece? Origin, Powers, Abilities & Bounty

Who is Vasco Shot in One Piece? Origin, Powers, Abilities & Bounty

Oda’s One Piece series has introduced us to a variety of great and strong characters. Some of them had a short run in the series, some had a longer one. Some were more interesting, some were less. In this article, we are going to talk about a lesser-known character who only made a brief appearance but has sparked the interest of fans. The character we are going to talk about is Vasco Shot, one of the Ten Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates, as captain of its Eighth Ship. In this article, you’re going to find out everything we know about Vasco Shot in One Piece.

Vasco Shot, nicknamed the Big Drinker, is one of the legendary criminals who received a life sentence for his heinous crimes in Level VI Impel Down. He was freed by Marshall D. Teach, becoming part of his crew. After the timeskip he is one of the Ten Titanic Captains, being the captain of the Eighth Ship. He has only made a few appearances in the series and is still a big enigma in many aspects.

The rest of this article is going to focus solely on the character of Vasco Shot, as we bring you everything you need to know about him and his actions. We are going to tell you some information about the history of the character, as well as his role in the whole story. We are also going to answer a series of relevant questions about Vasco Shot.

Who is Vasco Shot in One Piece?

He is one of the worst criminals in the world, however, he was arrested and therefore imprisoned for life, in Impel Down on level 6 in order to be erased from history. Vasco Shot was briefly mentioned by Emporio Ivankov, as part of an explanation of the true horror of Level 6 in Bon Clay. Later, under orders from Marshall D. Teach he fought to the death with the inmates of his cell and emerged victorious, in order to be free and join the Blackbeard Pirates.

Vasco Shot later reappears in Marineford, alongside the Blackbeard Pirates and the criminals who have been recruited. All participate in the assassination of Whitebeard. (with the exception of Sanjuan Wolf) After the latter has passed away, Vasco helps his teammates cover the body of the deceased with a black cloth, then watches Blackbeard testing his new power.

Along with the rest of the crew, he is attacked by a shockwave caused by Sengoku in his Buddha form. Later, after Shanks comes to end this war, Vasco leaves with his teammates. After the Marineford War, he is seen with the rest of the crew on a fiery island in the New World but they flee following the arrival of Admiral Akainu.

During the two-year timeskip, the Blackbeard Pirates used their captain’s knowledge to conquer Whitebeard’s former territories. Now that Blackbeard has become one of the Four Emperors, the Blackbeard Pirates hunt down powerful Devil Fruit users in order to absorb their abilities. During Arc Zo, we learn that the Blackbeard Pirates have won a major victory over the Ancient Whitebeard Pirates in a war called the “War of Vengeance”; apparently, this war would have partly contributed to satisfying the position of Yonko of the Blackbeard Pirates!


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In the diary Pedro reads, we learn that Blackbeard and his crew have totally destroyed Bartigo, the Revolutionaries’ HQ. Once the Navy and the Cipher Pol discovered the location of the island, they came running. Blackbeard and his men have therefore engaged in a fight against the Cipher Pol, but will eventually flee.

Shot is a huge man, standing over five meters tall, being the second tallest of the crew behind Sanjuan Wolf. He is stocky, with a broad build, with thick arms, proportional to his torso, reaching down to his knees, and disproportionately shorter and thinner legs that lack body hair. His gigantic neck is riddled with piercings, having three on each side. He also has a prominent and elongated nose, as well as considerable jowls.

He wears the prisoner’s uniform due to his recent escape, which is a single piece of clothing with black and white horizontal stripes, which is torn at the knees and torso. He also wears white shoes. On his back, he carries a huge barrel filled with alcohol that has the kanji for sake, which he carries on a rope. He is always seen smiling and sticking his tongue out due to being continually drunk and wears a black jester’s hat with white details. Due to his few and brief appearances, not much is known about the personality of this character.

He displayed a thirst for a fight, asking Blackbeard if he had permission to kill everyone in Marineford. He is also an obsessive drinker as evidenced by his epithet and the fact that he would want to invade a town just to get more drinks, in fact, he is always seen drunk. Even among Tier VI prisoners, he was greatly feared for his heinous crimes, being far more dangerous than he appears. Like many characters, he has a distinctive laugh, which is: “Toptoptoptop”.

What are Vasco Shot’s powers and abilities?

For now nothing is known about his abilities, it is only known that he was one of those who won the contest that Blackbeard put together on level 6 of Impel Down to know who would join his crew, so he is considered one of the prisoners. strongest of Impel Down. He possesses remarkable physical stamina, easily recovering from the shockwave that Sengoku in his Buddha form unleashed on the crew at Marineford, recovering quickly enough to help the others end Whitebeard’s life. He was seen using two pistols to shoot Whitebeard, only one is seen in the manga.

What is Vasco Shot’s bounty in One Piece?

As revealed in the Eternal Log, the exact value of the bounty on Vasco Shot is unknown at this moment. Sadly, we don’t really know the number so we cannot speculate.

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