Who Is Catarina Devon in One Piece? Origin, Powers, Abilities & Bounty

Who is Catarina Devon in One Piece? Origin, Powers, Abilities & Bounty

Oda’s One Piece series has introduced us to a variety of great and strong characters. Some of them had a short run in the series, some had a longer one. Some were more interesting, some were less. In this article, we are going to talk about a lesser-known character who nevertheless made an impact and sparked the interest of fans. The character we are going to talk about is Catarina Devon, the most dangerous female pirate ever to be imprisoned in Impel Down. In this article, you’re going to find out everything we know about Catarina Devon in One Piece.

Catarina Devon also known as the “Crescent Moon Hunter” is the most dangerous female criminal who was convicted for her heinous crimes and imprisoned in Impel Down Level VI. She was freed by Marshall D. Teach, becoming part of his crew. After the timeskip she is one of the Ten Titanic Captains, being the captain of the sixth ship.

The rest of this article is going to focus solely on the character of Catarina Devon, as we bring you everything you need to know about her and her actions. We are going to tell you some information about the history of the character, as well as her role in the whole story. We are also going to answer a series of relevant questions about Catarina Devon.

Who is Catarina Devon in One Piece?

Catarina Devon was the most fearsome female pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy, but she was eventually arrested by the World Government and imprisoned for life at Impel Down, Level 6, to have her existence erased from the world. ‘story. Catarina Devon was briefly mentioned by Emporio Ivankov as part of an explanation of the Level 6 Horror in Bentham.

Later, under the orders of Marshall D. Teach, she fights to the death against the inmates of her cell, and emerges victorious. She is therefore freed and recruited into Blackbeard’s crew. During the War at the Summit, she reappears alongside the Blackbeard Pirates and the other criminals who were recruited along with her, in order to witness Whitebeard’s death.

She participates in the killing of the Emperor, stabbing him with a spear. After Whitebeard’s death, as Blackbeard begins to absorb the power of the Gura Gura no Mi, Catarina becomes excited. When Blackbeard decides to sink Marineford, the crew is scattered. And as Sengoku causes a shockwave by attacking them, we see her fly away. She leaves the battlefield with her new crew when Red-Haired Shanks arrives on the scene to end the war. Catarina reappears once more with the rest of Blackbeard’s crew, on a burning island.

She states that she wants new clothes, when they land on the next island, as she is fed up with her prisoner outfit. She flees with her crew when Akainu arrives aboard a Navy ship. During the two-year timeskip, the Blackbeard Pirates used their captain’s knowledge to conquer Edward Newgate’s former territories.

Now that Blackbeard has become one of the Four Emperors, his crew hunt down powerful Devil Fruit users in order to absorb their abilities. During Arc Zo, it is learned that the Blackbeard Pirates have won a major victory over the Ancient Whitebeard Pirates in a war called “War of Retaliation”. It is thanks to this victory that Blackbeard became Emperor!

In the diary Pedro reads, we learn that Blackbeard and his crew have totally destroyed Baltigo, the Revolutionaries’ headquarters. Once the Navy and the Cipher Pol discovered the location of the island, they came running. Blackbeard and his men have therefore engaged in a fight against the Cipher Pol, but will eventually flee. Moria has arrived on Pirate Island to search for Absalom.

He ravages everything until he sees Absalom on a balcony. Shiliew, who has retrieved Absalom’s Fruit, comes up behind him and slices his zombies. The fake Absalom is revealed to be Catarina Devon who states that Absalom is dead and they kept the body. Teach then intervenes, stating that this island is supposed to be a pirate’s paradise, and comments on the recent events of Lev Ely and Luffy’s intrusion into Wano, as Devon listens patiently.

What are Catarina Devon’s powers and abilities?

Catarina Devon is said to be the most dangerous female pirate in history, although not to the same degree as Charlotte Linlin. Another testament to her power is the fact that when Teach recruited the Level VI prisoners, he only chose the strongest who could survive when facing everyone else in battle. Therefore, Catarina Devon is one of the strongest Level VI prisoners.

Being promoted to captain of the sixth ship serves as a testament to Teach’s confidence in her powers, as well as giving her authority over lower-ranking members. Catarina Devon is one of the most powerful pirates that ever lived. She is one of the four who survived the battle organized by Blackbeard among the Impel Down prisoners, who were the strongest criminals to be imprisoned.


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She is strong enough to even wound Newgate with her spear, although Whitebeard was already greatly weakened at the time. She has also been shown to have great superhuman stamina, taking both a shockwave from Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi (though not a direct hit) and a shockwave from Sengoku in his Buddha form, getting up quite easily.

Catarina Devon consumed the Inu Inu no Mi: Model Kyubi, a mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit, which allows her to transform into a Kyubi. The fruit has been shown to allow her to impersonate people, such as when she tricked Gecko Moria into thinking he was Absalom. She uses a whip to fight, being quite proficient in using it. She also has a kind of spear with which she attacked Whitebeard with her companions. After her timeskip, she is seen with a sword, but her skill with it is unknown.

What is Catarina Devon’s bounty in One Piece?

As revealed in the Eternal Log, the exact value of the bounty on Catarina Devon is unknown at this moment. Sadly, we don’t really know the number so we cannot speculate.

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