Who Is Zunesha, What Crimes Did He Commit & Did Joy Boy Punish Him?

Who is Zunesha, What Crimes Did He Commit & Did Joy Boy Punish Him?

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Oda’s One Piece series has introduced us to a variety of different characters. Some of them had a short run in the series, some had a longer one. Some were more interesting, some were less. In this article, we are going to talk about a very, very interesting character whose history dates back to before Luffy, but who has been introduced to the series only recently. The character we are going to talk about is the giant elephant Zunesha, the elephant lord and (former) companion of Joy Boy. In this article, you’re going to find out everything we know about Zunesha in One Piece.

Zunesha is the name of a Naitamie-Norida elephant that was a companion of Joy Boy’s 800 years ago. It now wanders through the New World and carries the island of Zou on its back, which is a punishment for an unspecified crime it had committed in the past. Zunesha is the character who identified Luffy as the new Joy Boy during the Wano Country Arc.

The rest of this article is going to focus solely on the character of Zunesha, as we bring you everything you need to know about it and its deeds. We are going to tell you some information about the history of the character, as well as its role in the whole story. We are also going to answer a series of relevant questions about Zunesha.

Who is Zunesha in One Piece?

Zunesha was born about a thousand years ago. At some point during the Void Century he met Joy Boy and became his partner, according to Kozuki Momonosuke he committed a serious crime at that time. Eight hundred years ago in history, Zunesha committed a “crime” and was banished to wander the sea for eternity and act only on command.

Since then Zunesha has been wandering the New World and has lived for centuries alongside the mink tribe and other life forms of Zou. After Jack and his Beasts Pirates attempted to rescue Donquixote Doflamingo from the hands of the Marines, they returned to Zou this time with the goal of killing Zunesha.

The great elephant suddenly began to be attacked by Jack’s fleet, so he decided to ask his guests for orders to respond to the attack, with Luffy and Momonosuke being the only ones able to hear him. After sustaining quite a bit of damage to one of his front legs, Zunesha was finally ordered to fight by Momonosuke, so he promptly sank Jack’s fleet with a simple wave of his huge trunk.

After the fight, Chopper, Miyagi, and other doctors on the island healed the wounds on his leg thanks to Chopper’s techniques. While the war was going on in Onigashima, several government ships were heading to Wano Country to annex that island. However, a government official reported that “a gigantic shadow” had appeared behind them, that “shadow” actually being the elephant Zunesha.

He then conversed with Momonosuke through the voice of all things and declared his intention to fight under his command. After Monkey D. Luffy was again defeated by Kaidou on the roof of Onigashima, Zunesha told Momonosuke that he could hear the “release drum” and that Joy Boy had returned after 800 years as a result.

Luffy then began to regain consciousness and smiled as he seemingly underwent a transformation. Listening to Luffy’s heartbeat after experiencing the “awakening”, Zunesha couldn’t help but remember his former comrade and said that he wished he was there and that they should now put his trust in Luffy.

After the war in Onigashima ended, Momonosuke communicated with Zunesha saying that he was going to temporarily postpone the plan to open the borders of Wano Country, to which Zunesha replied that if it seemed the best, then he would trust his decision. final. After this, one of the World Government ships informed the Five Elders that Zunesha disappeared into the mist of the landscape, which they took as a sign that Wano will remain with the borders closed.

Elephant Appears

Zunesha seems to have no problem carrying an entire civilization on his back and actually seems to care about the Mink Tribe, which he showed when he warned Monkey D. Luffy and Kozuki Momonosuke that they would all be in danger if he fell. Miyagi has speculated that the elephant does not wander aimlessly through the New World and that he is looking for a specific place.

Zunesha also shows great guilt over a crime committed eight hundred years ago. He told Momonosuke that he wishes to fight alongside him in the Onigashima war for the liberation of Wano. Zunesha seems to live with great melancholy as he keeps remembering his comrade from centuries ago, he even expressed a lot of happiness feeling the “drums of liberation” as he feels that Joy Boy is there with him.

Zunesha is a very long-lived animal, having lived for at least a thousand years. Due to its size, it has devastating physical strength and immense resistance, capable of carrying an entire island on its back as well as being able to sink the fleet of Jack, a pirate from 1,000,000,000 Berrys, with a single blow with its trunk.

What crime did Zunesha commit to being punished by Joy Boy?

As we have stated, Zunesha’s crime has not been specified yet; Oda will probably reveal it in the future, but at this moment, we can only speculate. Based on the fact that Joy Boy actually did punish Zunesha by carrying the Island of Zou on its back, it could be that Zunesha did something to the inhabitants of the island; it could also be that he had committed an atrocity against some other people and that Joy Boy punished him by having him save the people of Zou island. Or it could be something different, who knows?


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Eiichiro Oda is known for being an author full of surprises, which means that we have to expect the unexpected with him. Be that as it may, we still don’t know the details of Zunesha’s crime so we’ll have to wait a bit for Oda to reveal everything in the future.

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