Who Killed Wyatt on Ozark? (How & Why Explained)


Ozark is one of the most popular shows that can be streamed on Netflix due to the fact that it is a series that’s full of emotion and will allow you to get a good look at the darker side of any person. Nevertheless, there are some characters that tend to be quite popular in Ozark, and one of them is Wyatt. But as popular as Wyatt may be in Ozark, he still ended up dying in season 4. So, who killed Wyatt on Ozark, how did he die, and why was he killed?

Wyatt Langmore was killed by Javi Elizonndro. This happened when Javi stormed into Wyatt and Darlene’s home and shot them both while they were sitting on their couch. The reason why Wyatt was killed was due to the fact that he was just there and that Javi’s purpose was to kill Darlene. 

In the series, Wyatt is one of the most engaging characters, but getting caught in Darlene’s messed-up life was what did him in. He didn’t do anything that warranted his death, but just being around Darlene cost him his life. So, with that said, let’s take a good look at exactly who killed Wyatt and how and why he was killed.

Who Killed Wyatt On Ozark?

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One of the shows that helped put Netflix on the map is Ozark, which is a series that allows us to look into the darker side of society and the different people in it as this series follows the story of a family that got caught into a money-laundering scheme with a drug lord. In that regard, the different characters in Ozark aren’t exactly the nicest people, but there are some who are considered fan favorites.

Among the main characters that different fans tend to love, Wyatt Langmore is one of them. Wyatt is Russ’s older brother and Ruth’s cousin, as it was Ruth who raised him and his brother while they were still young. Together with Ruth, he lives in a trailer park.

At one point, Wyatt was in a relationship with Charlotte Byrde after the Byrdes had just moved into town. They even traveled together in an RV while Charlotte was still trying to accept the type of job that her parents took while they were living in the Ozarks. However, Wyatt and Charlotte eventually separated.

Later, when Wyatt gets imprisoned after he learns about his father’s death, Darlene Snell bails him out of jail and takes him in. After that, Wyatt, at 21 years of age, became lovers with the older Darlene, who was 68 at that time. And because of the fact that Darlene had baby Zeke in her custody, she and Wyatt got married so that they could keep the child.


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But not long after their wedding, Wyatt and Darlene died. So, who killed Wyatt in Ozarks?

The one responsible for Wyatt’s death is Javi Elizonndro, who was introduced as the nephew of Omar Navarro and is the new head of the Navarro Cartel. And the thing about Javi is that he treats living in the US as something similar to when he was still in Mexico in the sense that he has no problems breaking the law in broad daylight. This means that he is more dangerous than his uncle and that it is not above him to kill anyone he wants. Unfortunately, this included Wyatt.

How Was Wyatt On Ozark Killed?

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As mentioned, the one responsible for Wyatt’s death is Javi, who killed both him and Darlene just after their wedding while the newly wedded couple was in their home. But how did Javi kill Wyatt?

After Wyatt and Darlene’s wedding, the two settled into their home. However, Javi came storming into the house and demanded the two to sit on their couch. While they were on their couch, the drug lord shot Darlene in cold blood and then followed it up by shooting Wyatt as well for good measure.

Why Was Wyatt On Ozark Killed?

To understand why Javi killed Wyatt, it is necessary to take a good look at both Javi and Darlene’s characters and how messed up they are. And you’ll understand that Wyatt was simply collateral damage in the entire mess.

Darlene was never the nicest person on the show and was always portrayed as a problematic woman who had her own issues. She made money by selling heroin with her ex-husband and was not beyond killing people for her own benefit. In fact, she was one of the people= responsible for killing baby Zeke’s mother.

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When Javi arrived, it is interesting to note that he brought a kind of ruthlessness that Omar Navarro didn’t have. Omar understood the workings of the US and the fact that there were limits to what he could do while he was in America. It was not like Mexico, where he and the other drug lords were untouchable. As such, he decided to hire the Byrdes and Helen as his “legal” front while he was in America.

But Javi was different because he didn’t care where he was. He treated the law in America in the same manner as he did when he was in Mexico, and that meant that he didn’t care about doing anything illegal in broad daylight. It wasn’t above him to do anything that pleased him so long as he got what he wanted. And this could be seen in the fact that he shot a police officer in broad daylight when the cop was meddling with his affairs.

In relation to Darlene, Javi once told her to stop selling heroin due to the fact that it was messing with his own operation. But Darlene didn’t know that Javi was not his uncle. So, when she didn’t stop selling heroin, she basically wrote her own name on her tombstone. Unfortunately, she just happened to write Wyatt’s name as well.


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When Darlene disobeyed Javi’s orders to stop selling heroin, the drug lord had no choice but to put matters into his own hands. He stormed into Darlene’s place and shot her in cold blood because she disobeyed him. Unfortunately, Wyatt was just simply there.

Wyatt had nothing to do with Darlene disobeying Javi. On top of that, he didn’t do anything that warranted his death at the hands of the drug lord. Nevertheless, Javi simply shot him then and there because he was a witness to the crime.

In short, Wyatt’s death was something that was circumstantial because he was simply involved with his new wife, Darlene. Had he not been involved with a deranged woman like Darlene, he might have lived a life away from the entire mess of the Navarro Cartel.