Who Plays Stormfront in The Boys Movie Dawn of the Seven? Is It Charlize Theron?

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Season 3 of The Boys starts off on the right foot as we see all of the members of The Seven coming together in a movie reenactment of what was perceived to have happened between them and Stormfront, who we all know was one of the enemies of season 2 of The Boys. With that said, we all know what happened to Stormfront right at the end of season 2, and that means that she wasn’t the one portraying her movie counterpart. So, who was the actress who played Stormfront in The Boys movie Dawn of The Seven?

The actress that portrayed Stormfront in The Boys movie Dawn of The Seven is none other than Charlize Theron, who we last saw making a cameo appearance right at the very end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Stormfront was still alive but badly injured.

It was great on the part of The Boys to use a famous actress for what was only a very small role. Of course, it was impossible for the actual Stormfront to appear in the movie, given the circumstances behind what happened in season 2. That said, let’s look at what we know about Theron’s role in Dawn of the Seven.

What Is Dawn Of The Seven?

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The Boys season 3 has finally arrived, and it allowed us to see an explosive beginning to the new season. Of course, we are not talking about an actual fight because we are only talking about an in-universe movie that tells the story of The Seven. This has been something that The Boys has been teasing for months already, as the trailer for Dawn of the Seven was released quite a while ago. So, what is Dawn of the Seven?

Dawn of the Seven is basically just an in-universe movie that was produced by Vought Studios in the universe of The Boys to improve the overall reception of the public for the most popular superhero group in the world. And there wasn’t a better way to improve how the public sees the superheroes than to produce a movie that tells the story of The Seven and shows off their chemistry.


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However, in the actual series, we only saw a few minutes of Dawn of The Seven and not the entire movie. But we do know that all of the current members of The Seven, minus The Deep, played their own characters in this in-universe movie.

Is Stormfront In Dawn Of The Seven?

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One of the things we saw from season 2 was the emergence of Stormfront as the main antagonist of that season. In season 2, she was revealed to be a Nazi supremacist that had her own plans for world domination. And she entered into a relationship with Homelander because they were the only ones powerful enough to be involved with one another.

Then again, we also saw Stormfront getting mutilated by Ryan Butcher during the events of season 2 as it was Homelander’s son who defeated her while none of the other supes stood a chance against her. But was Stormfront in Dawn of The Seven?

Stormfront was indeed in Dawn of The Seven. In fact, she was the primary antagonist of the in-universe movie as the producers used her status as a Nazi supremacist as the main focus of the movie. 

So, as mentioned, Dawn of The Seven was a way for Vought to improve how the public perceives the supes and The Seven, who didn’t know that they had a Nazi in their own ranks. By making Stormfront the villain of the movie, Vought was able to tell a story about how the members of The Seven were able to deal with an enemy in their ranks as they sought to stop her from achieving her goal of world domination.

Who Plays Stormfront In Dawn Of The Seven?

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Back in season 2, we saw that Stormfront was basically mutilated by Ryan using his heat vision. Of course, the real Stormfront wouldn’t be able to play her own role in Dawn of The Seven, considering that she was public enemy number one and that she wasn’t really in the best position to play an acting role. So, who plays Stormfront in Dawn of The Seven?

The actress portraying Stormfront in Dawn of The Seven is none other than Charlize Theron. Now, this isn’t the first time we see Theron in a superhero movie, as she was in the post-credit scene of Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness and is set to reprise her role as Clea the Sorceress in the future.


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Then again, it was a surprising treat for Amazon to use a famous actress for what seemed like a small role in the movie. Theron appears when Stormfront confronts Homelander and recruits him to her goal of taking over the world. However, he rejects the offer and prepares to fight her as the other members of The Seven arrive to help Homelander out. After that, the camera pans out of the movie screen as we don’t see the in-movie fight between Charlize Theron’s Stormfront and the members of The Seven.

Will Charlize Theron Return To Play Stormfront?

While Charlize Theron did appear in the in-universe movie to play Stormfront, it is unlikely that she would ever return to The Boys in the same capacity. The real Stormfront committed suicide as the series had moved on from her character already. It would be useless to continue to explore her character in another in-universe movie about The Seven.

Of course, Vought wouldn’t want to bring Stormfront back in a movie as well because they wouldn’t want to remind the general public about her again. Both the people running things at Vought and the actual showrunners of The Boys are ready to move on from this villain as it is quite possible that there is a bigger fish to fry in the next episodes of The Boys.

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