Who Was the Strongest Marauder? All 4 Ranked

Who Was The Strongest Marauder? All 4 Ranked

According to Harry Potter Lore, Marauders were a group of Gryffindor students, all of them very well-known to us. Remus Lupin (Moony), Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail), James Potter (Prongs), and Sirius Black (Padfoot). They were the ones to create the Marauders map Harry used after the Weasley twins showed it to him. They were best friends during their time in Hogwarts, but later only three remained on the same side. No matter how close they once were, we are here to compare and rank them! Who is the strongest Marauder?

According to the official site of the Wizarding World, the strongest Marauder is none other than Sirius Black, also known as Padfoot. Considering not only his accomplishments, but also his personality, relationship with James, and responsibility of a father figure to Harry, we can agree with their choice while it still being open for discussion.

Who was the leader of the Marauders? Why is Padfoot our favorite Marauder? What did he do in his student days, and as a grown-up, why did he give his life for his best friend’s son? Be ready to find out everything about Padfoot but feel free to create your own theory!

1. Sirius Black – Padfoot

Who Was The Strongest Marauder? All 4 Ranked

Padfoot deserves first place in this ranking. Why? For his personality, loyalty to both James and Harry, determination, courage, and sacrifice. But not only that, he learned to be an Animagus so that he would help his friend Moony feel less lonely during the full moon when he would inevitably turn into a werewolf.

Sirius was a pure-blood wizard, disowned by his entire family because he refused to believe in pure-blood superiority. He was the only Black to be sorted into Gryffindor, while the rest of the family were proud Slytherins.

He found his new family in the form of three best friends in Hogwarts. The group known as the Marauders joined the Order of the Phoenix, while Wormtail sided with Voldemort after he faked his own death.

Sirius was framed for the betrayal of the Potters, ended up as a prisoner in Azkaban, but managed to escape. He was the only prisoner to achieve that and he escaped using his Animagus form of a black dog. His purpose was to get revenge on Wormtail for the events that lead directly to the death of the Potters. 


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Sirius was popular and respected even by his teachers because he was smart, however, they were not so happy with his behavior. He was a rebel and a joker. He was the one who was prepared to die to fight Voldemort and his followers, as he said to Pettigrew, that he should have died instead of betraying his friends.

Even during his imprisonment, he worried about Harry. He escaped and while he was the most notorious proclaimed mass-murderer, still helped Harry and his friends and was their protector in hiding.

Sirius was also one of the cleverest students. He managed to become an Animagus in his fifth year. He was also very talented when it came to Transfiguration, Potions, and Charms. He, along with his friends, mastered charms such as Homonculus, Mobilicorpus, Mending Charms, as well as Summoning and Banishing Charms.

He was good at non-verbal magic, one of the most difficult forms of magic. Healing magic and Duelling were also his strong suits. His intelligence was not only used for schoolwork, but it helped him stay sane and not allow the Dementors in Azkaban to take his happy memories for 12 long years.


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It is also implied Sirius is an Occlumens. He was able to conceal secrets from Voldemort who was a formidable Legilimens, and also talk to Lupin while only maintaining eye contact. This is not a skill for everyone, and it is very difficult to accomplish. His mental power and intellect are what put him on the top of our list!

2. Remus Lupin – Moony

Who Was The Strongest Marauder? All 4 Ranked

Lupin was the best Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher we had a chance to see. He was skilled in many areas but somehow was not the skillful Potion master like his classmates were. He was, however, very knowledgeable about Dark creatures and how to fight against them.

This is how Harry Potter Wiki described his magical power: 

Remus Lupin was an accomplished and skillful wizard, with extensive knowledge of Dark creatures. He also possessed the ability to properly impart practical and theoretical skills of defensive magic to others. Remus was capable of conjuring a corporeal wolf Patronus (a mark of superior magical ability). He also proved to be a skillful duellist, surviving numerous battles. However, by his own admission, Potions was not his strong suit.

He was infected with Lycanthropy when he was very young by a werewolf who wanted to get revenge on his mother. Before he returned as a professor and Snape started him on a potion to keep his wolf urges under control, there was no known cure for his condition.

He was very compassionate and loyal to his friends and to Harry. He was also tolerant, peaceful, courageous, and passionate about the classes he taught. He was very good with his students by making the classes more interesting with music and practical jokes.


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He was never a bully, he preferred to stay out of a situation like that as he did not support that kind of behavior. He was responsible which ultimately made him perfect and never let anger get the best of him. He was very mature from a young age.

He was able to perform conjuring charms, which is very advanced for the subject of Transfiguration. Apparition, Occlumency, Healing magic, Duelling, and even wandless and non-verbal magic are only a small portion of Lupin’s skills. 

These skills are not easy to accomplish for just anyone, and we can expect that his willpower and the ability to remain calm and collected are the most important tools he had. And we should not underestimate them. After all, most of the students did not possess those abilities.

3. James Potter – Prongs

Who Was the Strongest Marauder? All 4 Ranked

James would be the first on our rank list, but due to his tendencies to lead that were somewhat used for torturing another student and the lack of his accomplishments due to his early death, he comes second to last.

He loved showing off and sometimes showed levels of confidence that were crossing the line to arrogance, as Snape often liked to point out to Harry. However, he was loyal to his friends and the cause to defeat Lord Voldemort and save his family, which he ultimately did by sacrificing himself.

When he grew up and matured, he became a responsible student and soon began dating Lily. He was, at the time, also appointed Head Boy. 


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Along with Sirius, he also managed to become an Animagus and chose a stag to transform to. He was very talented for both Potions and Transfiguration. His perhaps most known skill included dueling and Quidditch. 

Hw was intelligent and witty but sometimes used it for all the wrong purposes. Since he was left with quite a bit of money after his parents died and after having a supportive family, he was very supportive and loyal as a friend as well. But Sirius had so many disadvantages while being equally successful and powerful, while Lupin managed to stay responsible and mature, and also survived to the very end – maybe we just love an underdog.

4. Peter Pettigrew – Wormtail

Who Was The Strongest Marauder? All 4 Ranked

Wormtail certainly deserves the last place on this list. We all know he was the one to betray the Potter family which resulted in many deaths, including the characters on this list.

He had the most problems with his Animagus form and needed help from his friends, but he did show great skill in Dark Arts when he deemed the situation necessary for that kind of action.

We must give him credit for performing Avada Kedavra, one of the unforgivable curses that require power and a high level of magic. He was not very good at dueling or Transfiguration, but Charms and Potions were his talents.


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However, even if we did not rank him by personality and compared him to the other three contestants, they still have more skills altogether but also possess immense loyalty to each other, a strong moral compass, kindness, relationships, and courage. Wormtail unfortunately only showed great fear that made him do everything he did.