Why Did Alucard Turn into a Girl in Hellsing The Dawn? Explained

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The Hellsing manga and anime series has brought a massive spread of powerful characters and villainous foes, with the infamous Alucard being the most notable. Alucard flaunts immense strength in just about any of his forms, but many Hellsing fans were pretty surprised to see him in the form of a little girl in Hellsing The Dawn.

Alucard took the form of a young girl in Hellsing The Dawn, going by the alias “Girlycard.” There are no official reasons why Alucard chose to turn into a girl, but many fans speculate it was to spite his opponents who would be beaten down by a little girl, in addition to some theories regarding the Queen having a romantic preference for his female form.

While there is no concrete or absolute reason for Alucard choosing to become a young teenage girl, fans have come up with various theories – all of which are debatably scandalous. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Alucard in Hellsing, as well as why he turned into a girl in Hellsing The Dawn.

Alucard in Hellsing

Alucard is the main protagonist throughout the Hellsing manga and anime series, possibly being the most powerful weapon under the control of the Hellsing Organization. He is incredibly loyal to the Hellsing Organization’s leader, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, and he works against vampires as well as other supernatural beings within the Hellsing universe.


It’s been implied that Alucard may just be the most powerful character in the entire series overall as well, only rivaled by characters matching up to The Captain and Alexander Anderson. In addition, Alucard is the master of Seras Victoria as well, and he is more than capable of taking on just about any opponent in the Hellsing saga.

Alucard’s Appearance & Special Powers

Alucard generally appears as a tall and built man of debatable age, although he usually appears to be a middle-aged adult (of course, he is still technically hundreds of years old). He typically wears a classic Victorian outfit, including a charcoal suit, leather riding boots, and a long red overcoat accessorized by an ornate red cravat.


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Among many superpowers, such as Transcendent Vampire Physiology, Immortality, Ultimate Regeneration, Supernatural Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Accuracy, Agility, and much more, Alucard can manipulate illusions and shadows, teleport, use Telekinesis, Telepathy, Mind Control, and even control the weather. But, what makes him even more unique is that he can also Shapeshift into various beings, including humans, animals, and anything in between – Alucard can pretty much change up his forms as he pleases, with or without a specific cause.

alucard 1

He has stated on numerous occasions that the majority of his form choices are made without any rhyme or reason, and switching up between human forms does not necessarily mean anything to him. Alucard has quite a few forms, such as Nosferatu, his form in Brazil, and Vlad Dracula, but the form that’s gained the most attention from Hellsing fans is his female form – a young girl around the age of 13 or 14 years old.

girlycard 3

This iconic anime character appears as a petite young girl in Hellsing The Dawn, suitably dubbed “Girlycard” as opposed to Alucard. In his Girlycard form, in which he is seen sometime in the 1940s, Alucard wears a fuzzy cap, trench coat, pants, and similar apparel in interchangeable colors alongside long and sleek jet-black hair with his classic heavy bangs which shadow over his eyes.

girlycard 2

However, being a young teenage girl of small stature did not quite affect Alucard’s abilities or powers. Alucard’s Girlycard form is just as powerful as ever, flaunting some grade-A weaponry and combat skills that could patch just about any opponent.

Why Did Alucard Turn Into a Girl in Hellsing The Dawn?

Considering that Alucard has said his forms do not always have reason or meaning behind them, it can be quite easy to assume that Alucard turned into a girl simply because he felt like it – with little to no other motives or benefits behind the gender change. However, based on numerous other tidbits of information given throughout the Hellsing storyline, fans have pieced together some rather interesting theories regarding why he may have chosen to make the switch.

Alucard Became a Girl Out of Spite

The most believable theory, in light of Alucard’s personality, is that he chose to become a girl merely to spite his enemies and trample their dignity or pride while defeating them. Many fans believe that Alucard became a girl to spite the Nazis in particular, believing it would be more insulting and effective for them to be beaten down by a little girl as opposed to Alucard’s classic, masculine forms.

girlycard 1

Some fans also believe that turning into a young teenage girl would have been a quick and easy way to mess with Walter. At the time that Alucard initially became a young girl, Walter would have been around the same age.


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Theorized Romantic Relations with the Queen

Although there is no solid evidence, many fans believe that Alucard may have turned into a girl so that he could, uh, better serve the Queen, so to speak – at least, in Hellsing Abridged. Fans theorize that the Queen was actually bisexual, particularly considering that Alucard has addressed the Queen with a romantic tone on other occasions as well, and many believe that they did actually share a bed and sleep together at some point.

alucard queen

That being said, this would not be the first time that a character with varying or even alternating or interchangeable sexual preferences and identities is teased. The creator of Hellsing, Hirano, actually worked on various Hentai pieces before getting into the Hellsing saga and used many previously formed Hentai ideas or designs for many of the Hellsing characters.

alucard queen 1

Of course, this would be quite a plot twist, and a controversial one at that, especially considering that Alucard is technically hundreds of years old while the Queen was only 13 or 14 years old at the time. Still, this theory generally supports the idea of the Queen being into it, finding Alucard’s “Girlycard” form more appealing – although she does appear to show affection towards Alucard in his masculine form as well.

That’s everything there is to know about why Alucard may have turned into a girl in Hellsing, with images thanks to the Hellsing Wiki. Alucard may have chosen to become a girl in Hellsing The Dawn, but he is still as ruthless and dangerous as ever. With such interesting concepts and theories behind Alucard turning into a girl in Hellsing The Dawn, fans hope that future releases will shed some light on the true motives behind the sudden switch.

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