Why Did Big Mom Save Nami, Usopp, Tama, and Komachiyo in One Piece?

Why Did Big Mom Save Nami in One Piece?

It is known that Big Mom is probably the strongest female character from One Piece of all time. The former Emperor of the Sea was amazingly strong and there were only a few that could actually match her powers and abilities in the whole franchise. But, she is a villain (save for her short-living amnesiac episode) and is not someone known for helping others in need. Still, in the recently released Episode 1031 of One Piece, Big Mom intervened and saved Tama, Nami, and Usopp from Page One. In this article, we are going to tell you why that happened and how the whole situation went down.

While running into Nami, Usopp, Tama, and Komachiyo as they were being chased by Page One in dinosaur form, Big Mom did not have any desire to intervene, but when the little Tama called her O-Lin, the name she was known under while suffering from amnesia, she entered “Mother Mode” and decided to protect Tama by knocking out Page One with ease. This was not a change of sides for her, rather a reflex reaction.

The rest of this article is going to provide you with additional information about the situation when Big Mom actually saved Nami and the others from Page One. We are going to give you the complete context of the situation, the narrative details, and all the necessary explanations you need to fully understand what happened here. Warning – there are going to be spoilers!

Why Did Big Mom Save Nami, Usopp, and Komachiyo from Page One?

After recovering from her amnesia in Wano Country, Big Mom suggested to Kaidou that they take down the five pirates together, and while insulting each other, they unleashed an enormously powerful combo attack. However, thanks to Zoro barely managing to block it for an instant, the Worst Generation survived and impressed Big Mom. She then confronted Kid, Law, Killer, and Zoro while Kaidou fought Luffy.

Kid created a metal box that Law used to teleport Zeus away, while Zoro hacked Prometheus to pieces and Killer chased Napoleon away. As Kid shot her, Big Mom asked if they seriously thought taking her homies away from her would be enough to defeat her, shaking off Kid’s attacks and knocking him to the ground. Kid, however, attached a piece to Big Mom’s body and repelled it to send her flying into the air, where Law threw a rock at her.

Big Mom wondered what the point of that was until she realized that she had been pushed off of Onigashima and was now falling into the ocean. She panicked to Zeus to save her, but Prometheus came down from her to rescue her after Kaidou intervened. Big Mom angrily called Zeus useless and listened to Prometheus as she accepted that Zeus always held them back and asked him for a favor.

Big Mom then flew back to the rooftop, having created a new companion, Hera, to replace Zeus. Eager to test her power, she had Hera fire a huge beam at Kid and Killer. She then went into the skull dome to search for them but ran into Nami, Usopp, Tama, and Komachiyo as they fled from Page One. Big Mom recognized Nami and Usopp, but when Tama called her name when she had amnesia, O-Lin , Big Mom went into what Prometheus described as her “Mother Mode”, forgetting about the Straw Hats and happily talking to Tama.

She thanked him for taking care of her when she had amnesia and for taking her to Okobore, where she ate Tsuru’s tasty oshiruko. However, when Tama told her that the Okobore town had been burned down by the Beasts Pirates, Big Mom got very angry and said that no matter how cruel the pirates may be, there still must be some standards.

Page One arrived and told Big Mom to stop the Straw Hat Pirates from escaping, but she furiously punched him in the throat with a Haoshoku Haki-covered fist. Big Mom was confronted by Ulti, who berated her for attacking Page One. After Nami tried to get her on her side by lying, saying that Ulti was the one who burned down Okobore town, Big Mom replied that the Straw Hats would be next. once she was done with Ulti. When Ulti hit Tama, a furious Big Mom asked how she dared attack her friend. However, before she could act, Nami struck Ulti with lightning.


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As the two battled, Big Mom ordered Napoleon, Prometheus, and Hera to combine, firing a powerful laser beam at Ulti which hit her. Big Mom then noticed Zeus near her, but when he tried to get back into her favor, she cruelly rebuffed him and ordered Hera to consume Zeus despite her pleas. She then turned her attention to Tama, ripping her from Usopp’s arms as she prepared to take him and Nami down. Zeus attempted to attack Big Mom as a last show of defiance, but she easily caught him, squeezing the last remnants of her soul out of her before throwing her body at Hera.

Big Mom then noticed Tama trying to escape with Usopp and Nami and was enraged at her perceived betrayal of her, preparing to kill all three with Napoleon. However, before she could do so, she was interrupted by an attack from Kid, who knocked her to the ground, though she quickly got to her feet.

What is Big Mom’s “Mother Mode”?

“Mother Mode” is a special state that Big Mom, as a mother, can enter when she wants to protect her children. Although she is, by all means, a horrible mother and a horrible woman, she can enter this special mode on rare occasions and then protect “her” children, despite the fact that she generally ignores them.


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In this instance, she even forgot that the Straw Hats were her enemies, whereas Kaido’s pirates were her allies. She entered “Mother Mode” to protect Tama, because the little girl called her O-Lin, the name she had while she was suffering from amnesia and was an ally of the Straw Hats.

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