How Did Eren Become a Titan (Every Time)?

How did eren become the titan

One of the main characters in the anime series “Attack on Titan” is Eren Yeager. This energetic young man has his only life goal, and that is to destroy Titans. From an early age, he was on the side of good, learning that every evil should be punished and destroyed. Simply said, he is a righteous man without remorse. Although without certain special abilities, Eren is still adorned with a strong sense of purpose and commitment to his comrades. But, a few times during the anime, Eren becomes what he hates the most a Titan, and in this article, we will show you how did Eren become a Titan, multiple times.

Eren became a Titan by inheritance of his father (the Attack and Founding Titan), and after eating Willy Tybur’s sister during the Raid on Liberio he finally gained the War Hammer Titan. The first time Eren became a Titan, his father stole the Founding Titan’s power and made Eren consume him, thus gaining the same power. 

In the continuation of this article, we will find out a lot about Eren Yeager – e. g. how did he become a Titan for the first time (and other times as well), who and why turned him into a Titan, and many more interesting things. If you are interested, stay tuned.

How did Eren become a Titan for the first time?

For the first time, Eren Yeager became a Titan, from a serum injected into his body by his father Grisha Yeager.

This injection is used for turning a Subject of Ymir into a Titan. The Subjects of Ymir are descendants of Ymir Fritz – a slave of the Eldian King and the first person to obtain the power of the Titans. The Subjects of Ymir are the only race with the ability to become the Titans.

Injection of a Titan serum was typically done into the inner forearm or back of the neck, but it can also be swallowed as well. Titan blood, injected into the bloodstream, triggers the process of bodily modification into a “Pure Titan.” These Pure Titans were unintelligent creatures until they consumed a human with the Power of the Titans, taking over the specific characteristics and unique abilities, known as the Nine Titans.

Injected with a Titan serum, Eren was transformed into a Pure Titan who ate Grisha, giving him the powers of the Attack Titan and Founding Titan as well, and making him one of the most powerful characters in Attack on Titan.

Having the power of the Attack Titan can cause multiple effects, such as enhanced strength and endurance, hardening, regeneration, and future memory inheritance.  


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This particular form, in which Eren was 15 meters tall and had black hair that extended to his shoulders, pointed ears, a long nose, and a gaping skeletal maw lacking lips, was that of a Titan. Instead of having the majority of Titans resemble him, in his Titan form, he was much more muscular and defined, allowing him to handle things much more powerfully than even similarly-sized Titans while his intellect and military training helped him dispense with entire groups of Titans without trouble.

Eren had an intense transformation that took a lot out of him and required him to have a lot of stamina. This happened because he displayed multiple symptoms, including a nosebleed, pale skin, and labored breathing when he pushed himself too hard.

How did Eren become the Founding Titan?

By injection of Titan serum, Eren Yeager got the power of the Attack Titan and also the Founding Titan. He was the one who has shown this kind of power and ability, by commanding Pure Titans to eat Dina Fritz’s Titan and attacking the Armored Titan as well. 

Dina Fritz was the first wife of Grisha Yeager and also Zeke Yeager’s mother. Dina betrayed the Marley nation and was turned into the Abnormal Titan (an uncommon type of Pure Titan that can be smarter or do things out of the ordinary).

Let’s say something about the Founding Titan in general terms. 

The Founding Titan can be also translated from Japanese as “Progenitor Titan”. It was the first of all Titans and one of the Nine of them. 

The Founding Titan was able to activate several of its abilities when it screamed. In the past, only members of the royal family were able to use the power of the Scream, which was capable of manipulating and creating Titans and altering the memories and body compositions of the Subjects of Ymir.

These abilities could be used regardless of whether or not the inheritor of the Founding Titan was transformed. Human screams would suffice. Concerning the screams, the cries could be soft, as long as they were loud enough to be heard.

The Founding Titan was able to empower those who were able to scream, giving them total control over Titans and making them unquestioningly obey any order.

Who turned Eren into a Titan and for what reason?

As we said before, Eren’s father Grisha Yeager turned him into a Titan with the serum injected into his body.

Grisha Yeager was a doctor and one of the Eldian Restorationists (a radical group of Eldians, located in the city of Liberio, who plotted to destroy the Marley nation). To infiltrate the Walls (three large structures located on Paradis Island) and steal the Founding Titan from the Reiss family (by eating their Queen), he was sent on a special mission. 

Once he was given the Attack Titan’s power, he wrote three books about Eldia, Marley, the Titans, and the story of his life and hid it all in his basement.


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Grisha had a very close relationship with his son Eren.  He encouraged Eren’s dreams in order to protect his people and fight against the Titans, seeking justice and also avenge his mother who has been killed by the Titans. 

Because of that, he gave Eren the keys to the basement revealing all the secrets from the past and enabling him the powers and abilities to defeat the Titans as well. Grisha believed that his son would one day use the powers from the Founding Titan to control the Titans outside of the walls, to fight back against Marley.

How did Eren become a Titan after being eaten?

Five years after the fall of Wall Maria, humanity claimed its first victory against the Titans, saving the Wall Rose from falling, at the Battle of Trost District.

During the Battle, Eren was eaten alive by a Titan, and found himself in its stomach with other victims, also being eaten or killed.

Eren felt an enormous rage inside which cause a desperate desire to destroy all the Titans, so he burst out from his stomach and his Titan form finally came out for the first time.

Why didn’t Eren die when he got eaten?

While being in Titan’s stomach, Eren survived because Titan didn’t break his spinal cord. Titan’s powers are in their spine. Titan only crushed his arm off and swallowed the rest of his body without chewing it. 

One of the powers of the Attack Titan is regeneration – they can automatically heal their injuries and regenerate entire limbs as well. 

How did Eren obtain the power of the War Hammer Titan?

How Did Eren Become a Titan

Eren devoured the younger sister of Willy Tybur and thus gained the power of the War Hammer Titan. As he was able to use the War Hammer’s abilities to create defensive pikes and caltrops, he was capable of laying down a defensive framework to hinder his enemies’ advance in combat.

Although not much is known about her, not even her name, it can be assumed that Willy Tybur’s sister shared her brother’s radical views about the nature of Eldians and Paradis island. Even after her brother is killed, she is able to remain focused on her mission, which is to trap and kill Eren Yeager.

According to legend, she was given the War Hammer Titan’s power by someone she had never met, and her succession to this power was kept a secret.

Eren quickly discovered the whereabouts of the War Hammer Titan after learning that it was Willy’s younger sister. In his Attack on Titan’s jaws, he used the Jaw Titan’s jaws as an improvised nutcracker to crack the crystal encasing her and consequently to obtain the War Hammer Titan.

The War Hammer Titan is one of the Nine Titans which could harden and shape Titan flesh into structures.

When Ymir Fritz died, the War Hammer Titan, as well as all the other Nine Titans, were created. For roughly 1,700 years after her death, the War Hammer Titan was passed from one Eldian house to another as the powerful weapon it was. The War Hammer Titan had fallen into the hands of the Tybur family, who subsequently relocated to Paradis Island after Karl Fritz abdicated the Eldian throne and established residence there.

We hope you enjoyed this  “Attack on Titan” journey, from Eren’s perspective. Whether or not he is your favorite character in this popular anime series, you have to admit that it was worth getting to know him better.

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