Why Did Grieff Kill His Wife in Inside Man & Where Is Her Head?

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One of the things that make the Inside Man series on Netflix so interesting is the fact that it involves a criminal that’s on death row as a person who is solving crimes using his advanced deduction skills and his expertise in criminology. So, while we do know that people come to him so that he can solve crimes that seem to be unsolvable, we also know that he did something wrong, as well as he killed his wife. So, why did Grieff kill his wife in Inside Man, and where did he hide her head?

There is no certainty why Grieff killed his wife, but there is a good chance that this is connected to his father-in-law, Gordon, who is known to be a well-connected man in the criminal underworld. As such, there is a good chance that one of Gordon’s crimes led Grieff to kill his own wife and hide her head.

We all know that Grieff is an incredibly intelligent man that seems to never act without a logical reason. As such, there is a good chance that there is a logical reason behind the fact that he murdered his wife and even hid her head. And everything can be pointed to Gordon’s status as a criminal that could actually be connected to everything that Grieff has done up to this point.

Why Did Grieff Kill His Wife?

Of course, while Grieff spent the entire four-episode series solving crimes and using his deductive prowess to see things that other people don’t see, what we don’t know is the motive behind killing his wife. Throughout the entire series, he stressed his belief that everyone in the world is a murderer and that the only thing a person needs to commit a murder is to have the right reason and to have a bad day. As such, we know for a fact that he admits to the fact that he killed his own wife. But what we don’t know is the reason behind the murder.

In that regard, this goes back to the fact that his father-in-law, Gordon, was revealed to be well-connected to the criminal underworld as he could actually be a criminal himself. And we know for a fact that Grieff is so logical that he wouldn’t do things for a very good reason.


We saw the fact that Grieff is capable of using whatever information he has and whatever resources he could get his hands on to solve a crime all the way from his prison cell. That was what happened when he instantly deduced the answer to the $253.55 riddle that Senator Kreiner couldn’t solve. The only thing that Grieff needed to do was to get into the shoes of the senator’s wife and the lady that was believed to be one of the senator’s rape victims in the past.

Meanwhile, when Grieff was able to solve the case of the missing husband, the only thing that he needed to do was to watch the video of the husband’s last known public appearance, as he was able to quickly deduce what could have happened to the husband. On top of that, Grieff also showcased his ability to ask help from people on the outside, as he was able to get help from a garage mechanic to solve this case and to understand more about what happened to Janice all the way in England.

Of course, one of the things that we also found out in the series was that Grieff was going to be executed in three weeks and that he was afraid of the possibility of dying, even though he fully understood that death was the only thing that a man like him deserved. That was when he used his only lifeline against Gordon to his advantage.


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We also learned that he used his only lifeline (his wife’s head) to get the police to the vicar’s place in England, as they all believed that this was where he hid her head. And we know that he revealed this during his interaction with Gordon, as the man strangled and beat him to extract the information from Grieff.

The warden, of course, understood that there was an extremely good reason why Grieff used his own lifeline in that situation. Grieff was trying to bargain his way out of the death penalty by using his wife’s head as the bargaining chip that would possibly make Gordon use his connection to extend Grieff’s life. But we know that Grieff actually used this lifeline to save Janice’s life instead of his own life. And this could still be related to the fact that Gordon could be the reason why Grieff killed his wife.

In the interaction that Grieff had with Gordon, it was clear that they hated one another for very good reasons and that Grieff understood that Gordon was a criminal with a wide network in the underworld. And this is related to our theory.

Of course, before explaining our theory, let’s take a good look at the fact that Grieff actually went to talk to Vicar Harry Watling after he was arrested. He told the vicar that he was possibly the man with whom he would end up sharing the story of the murder of his wife and where her head was buried due to the possibility that only Harry could understand him. After all, Harry attempted to kill Janice to save his wife and his son. And that was probably the reason why Grieff could relate to him, as the reason why he killed his wife could be similar to why the vicar attempted to kill Janice.

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It is possible that Grieff found out about something that Gordon did and that Gordon found out that Grieff was about to tip him off to the cops. As such, Gordon probably tried to sway things to his favor by using his daughter to his advantage and by trying to push the blame onto Grieff because he must have understood that his daughter would have sided with him instead of her husband.

Like the vicar, Grieff was probably backed into a corner that left him no choice but to kill his wife because Gordon had already won her over to his side. Grieff realized that he would have been killed anyway because Gordon was a well-connected criminal. And even if Gordon wasn’t planning to kill Grieff, the ex-professor would have understood that he would have been arrested anyway because his father-in-law might have found a way to put the blame on him.


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As such, it is possible that Grieff killed his own wife because this was the only way he could put himself in a situation where he actually had a bargaining chip, as he understood that Gordon would have wanted to bury his daughter whole. And Grieff also knew that he was going to jail anyway, even if he didn’t kill his own wife.

He killed two birds with one stone by murdering his wife because he was able to take revenge on her for siding with her father. On top of that, he could still find a way to put Gordon in prison once and for all, despite the fact that he was going to get executed himself. And this is why he understood the situation of the vicar when he wanted to kill Janice.

Where Did Grieff Hide His Wife’s Head?

At this point, we aren’t sure where Grieff hid his wife’s head, but we do know that he hid it in a place that gave him a bargaining chip against Gordon because he never does anything without a good reason for doing so. As such, it is possible that he hid her head in a place that would allow the cops to have something on Gordon and put him in jail as well.

It is possible that Grieff never planned on canceling his execution or extending his life. Instead, the entire time that he was on death row was part of an elaborate scheme that would have allowed him to put his father-in-law away.

That is why there is a good chance that Grieff hid his wife’s head in a place that would allow the cops to finally have a reason to deem Gordon guilty of his crimes. As such, this allows Grieff to exact his revenge on the man that ruined his life.

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