Why Did Homelander Kill Supersonic (Alex)? (& How)

Homelander kills supersonic

Season 3 of The Boys continues to heat up with the developments that happened in episode 4. We know for a fact that the main goal of the members of The Boys was to find a way to kill Homelander by using a weapon that could possibly do the job. Meanwhile, Starlight is looking to buy them as much time as possible. Nevertheless, Homelander showed Starlight Supersonic’s body near the end of the episode. So, why did Homelander kill Supersonic?

Homelander killed Supersonic because he found out that he was going to join Starlight’s plot to overthrow and kill him. He found out about it when Supersonic tried to recruit A-Train, who wanted to suck up to Homelander because he needed to regain his status as one of the top heroes in The Seven.

Supersonic’s death in The Boys proves that the show isn’t shy about killing new characters we thought could’ve had bigger roles in the story. In that regard, it also paints a picture in relation to how far Homelander is willing to go to make sure that he keeps everyone in The Seven in line and afraid of him. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Supersonic’s death in The Boys.

Why Did Homelander Kill Supersonic?

Season 3 of The Boys did a good job at introducing new characters that ended up playing roles that are quite important in the progression of the entire narrative. Arguably one of the most important new characters in The Boys was Supersonic, who played a good role in the overall development of Starlight’s character arc in season 3.

Supersonic was introduced as one of the competitors of American Heroes, which was a reality show competition that allowed Vought to fill up the missing spots of The Seven. He won the competition and was finally able to make it to The Seven, as Starlight urged him to drop out because of Homelander’s increasing mental instability.

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Nevertheless, Supersonic stayed and decided to take the final spot of The Seven because he wanted to help Starlight in her own personal mission of stopping Homelander. However, near the end of episode 4, Homelander showed Starlight the mangled and deformed body of Supersonic, who he obviously killed. So, why did Homelander kill Supersonic?

As mentioned, Supersonic joined The Seven because he wanted to be around when Starlight needed him in her mission of stopping Homelander. Meanwhile, Starlight herself went to Queen Maeve in an effort to get her help. That was when she found out that Queen Maeve had been training so that she could prepare well enough for her to be able to buy Billy Butcher and the other Boys some time if they could finally find the weapon that could kill Homelander.

Starlight decided to join Queen Maeve as she told her that she was willing to fight alongside her when the time came. She also told Maeve that she was planning to recruit more supes to their cause so that they could buy as much time as possible when the time to finally try to kill Homelander would arrive. That was when Starlight recruited Supersonic.

Supersonic immediately agreed to help Starlight out despite the fact that he was probably too weak for someone like Homelander. He did it because he was inspired by Starlight’s growth as a person. Supersonic wanted to stand up for what he believed was right after realizing that Starlight had been doing that the entire time since joining The Seven.

However, near the end of the episode, Homelander and Starlight were seen talking to the members of the media because they wanted to promote their fake relationship. That was when Homelander told Starlight that he wanted to show her something. They flew off to the top of a building as Homelander allowed her to see the mangled and deformed body of Supersonic.

It was needless to say that Supersonic had been killed by Homelander himself. The reason why he killed him was that he found out that Supersonic was going to join Starlight’s plan of killing him. Of course, there was a deeper reason for this.

Homelander was always aware of the fact that Starlight wanted to find a way to kill him, and he used her relationship with Hughie Campbell as a way of blackmailing her. He used Hughie as a way to keep her in line so that she wouldn’t do anything stupid, as Homelander was aware that Starlight wanted to keep him safe. As such, he used Supersonic as an example of what could happen to Hughie if ever she did something that was out of line.

How Did Homelander Find Out About Supersonic’s Betrayal?

As mentioned, Homelander killed Supersonic after he found out that he was planning to betray him and join up with Starlight in her mission to kill him. But how did Homelander fight out Supersonic’s attempted mutiny?

It all began after The Seven met up, as A-Train and the Deep got into an argument in relation to their relationship with Homelander. Deep had been trying his best to suck up to Homelander so that he could increase his status and influence in The Seven. Meanwhile, A-Train wanted Homelander’s approval in relation to a supe that had been killing black people in his family’s neighborhood. 

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When the Deep was the first one to bring up the idea that A-Train’s plan was bad, the two supes had an argument that led to a fight. Homelander eventually sided with Deep as Supersonic came to the aid of A-Train, who he realized was already fed up with the situation in The Seven. That was when Supersonic told A-Train of their plan to try to fight Homelander when the chance arrived. Essentially, Supersonic doomed himself by telling A-Train their plan.

It turned out that A-Train tipped Supersonic off by telling Homelander that they recruited him into their little mutiny. A-Train wanted to get on the good side of the leader of The Seven, and that was what led him to tell Homelander about Supersonic’s plan. As such, Homelander killed Supersonic to set an example for everyone planning to betray him in the future.

How Did Homelander Kill Supersonic?

When Homelander showed Starlight Supersonic’s body, it was clear that he took his liberty in killing him. Supersonic’s body was ruined beyond recognition. His face was also unrecognizable.

Considering that Homelander is leagues ahead of Supersonic, it was possible that he could have just easily defeated the weaker supe with his fists and his heat vision. And considering that he wanted to set an example to Starlight, Homelander made sure to destroy Supersonic.

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