Dr.STONE: Why Did Ishigami Village Lose so Many People to Starvation?

Why Did Ishigami Village Lose so Many People to Starvation?

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The third season of Dr.STONE just started, and we’re kicking off with the Age of Exploration arc. This promises to be a very entertaining and intriguing arc. Although the first episode did not offer much excitement, as it is somewhat of the calm before the storm, we still managed to notice an interesting detail about Ishigami Village and its history, which Ryusui and Kohaku discussed in the story. In this article, you’re going to find out why Ishigami Village lost so many villagers to starvation over the years.

Ishigami Village lost many villagers over the years to starvation because of the frequent food shortages. The village itself cannot really sustain so many people by itself, which is why the food shortages have killed so many people over the years. This is why the new map crafted by Ryusui and Kohaku during their exploration of the surrounding era helped the villagers so much.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the history of Ishigami Village and how that history is important in the present. We are going to explain why the new map that Ryusui and Kohaku made was so important and why it brought so much joy to the villagers. This article might contain spoilers, so be careful how you approach it.

Ishigami Village was decimated by numerous food shortages

Ishigami Village is a small village. Subsequently, Senku uses the settlement as a base of science operations. Several significant characters, such as Chrome, Kohaku, Kaseki, Suika, Ginro, and Kinro, are also residents of Ishigami Village. In addition, it is home to several formidable warriors that guard the hamlet, including Magma and Kokuyo.

The inhabitants of Ishigami Village are the offspring of the astronauts from the International Space Station who landed on the Japanese mainland after leaving Treasure Island. Senku was able to conquer the town and include it in his Kingdom of Science as a result of Ruri’s recognition of him as a result of the 100 accounts that Byakuya Ishigami made.

As fans of Dr.STONE will know, Ishigami Village is a central location in the series, serving as Senku’s base of operations. It is also the central hub from which every mission begins and where every mission ends. This is why it is impossible to overestimate the importance of Ishigami Village for the story of Dr.STONE and why it is always good to return to the village.

Ishigami Village Anime

As we have said, the village is quite small and isolated, meaning that it does not have too many inhabitants and that resources are both homogenous and scarce. And while the village has a rich history and tradition – it must, seeing that it has been around for so long – it also had its fair share of problems, especially concerning its population. This is why the events from the start of the third season of Dr.STONE are so important and why we need to discuss them.


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Namely, Ishigami Village has a rich history with numerous important names and events. But, what has consistently been a part of the village’s history are periodic food shortages that led to starvation within the village. Due to its isolation and the fact that the resources are scarce, the people of Ishigami Village were, every now and then, faced with food shortages.

These shortages would, of course, lead to starvation, which would lead to numerous villagers’ deaths, which was a tragedy each time it occurred. Many people would die, and as we found out during the conversation between Ryusui and Kohaku, most of Turquoise’s family died that way, but her family was not the only one affected.

This is why Ryusui and Kohaku played a major role at the start of the season, as their exploration managed to help the village enormously and we are going to see how in the next section of this article.

The map allowed the villagers to have access to food

Namely, as everyone returned to Ishigami Village at the start of the new season, the situation was as monotonous and as dire as always; in fact, Turquoise told Senku that not much had happened over the last few months. This prompted Ryusui to change the life of the village, and he set out on an exploration mission to scan the surrounding area for various resources. But, as he ventures, he takes Kohaku with him to be his eyes, as Kohaku is gifted with superhuman eyesight and is able to see what others cannot.

Ishigami Villagers

While exploring the area, they discovered numerous new regions filled with various resources, such as cedar groves, goats, and more. These resources could be used to improve the lifestyle in the village, as well as for food and agriculture, either directly or after working on them. Ryusui and Kohaku also discussed the village’s history along the way, but we have already written about that part. The final important thing that came out of this mission was a map that Ryusui and Kohaku managed to craft together after returning. The map, although imperfect, was so good that the villagers were wholly impressed.


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The map was a gateway to a better life for them. Not only was it a source of resources, it was a source of food, which meant that the village would never again suffer any food shortages and that it would never lose anyone to starvation ever again. This made Alumi, who is one of the village’s oldest inhabitants and remembers many famines over the years, very happy in particular. The map was, thus, more than just a simple map. For the inhabitants of Ishigami Village, it was a way to a better future and prosperity. They did not ask for much, and it was finally given to them, now that they can enjoy a more carefree future without food shortages, famines, and unnecessary deaths along the way. This is why the map was so important.

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