Why Did Morbius Say “I Am Venom”? (& Does It Confirm the Same Universe)

Why Did Morbius Say I Am Venom Does It Confirm the Same Universe 1

Morbius is one of the more notable Spider-Man tragic supervillain characters in the Marvel comics. The character was released immediately after the Comic Code Authority lifted a ban on comic book stories depicting vampires and other supernatural characters in 1971. Morbius, the Living Vampire, also known as dr. Michael Morbius recently got portrayed in the Sony blockbuster live-action movie by Jared Leto, and during the movie, some references confused the fans. In this article, we will discuss why did Morbius say “I am Venom” and does it confirm the same universe of these Marvel antiheroes.

Morbius said the line “I am Venom” because he wanted to scare off the counterfeiters from his laboratory and because Sony wanted to reference the connection to the other Sony major character, Eddie Brock/Venom. Two antiheroes/villains crossed paths in the Marvel comics multiple times, and Sony studios wanted to use this line to confirm that Venom is in the same universe as Morbius.

We will discuss this topic further by mentioning other references to other Sony Cinematic Universe superheroes characters and analyzing these two characters’ future crossover. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

Why Did Morbius Say “I Am Venom”?

The movie Morbius was quite a journey. Morbius brushed the plot over too fast, the characters were mostly shallow and just unappealing to the viewers, and the writing was frustrating. Moreover, Jared Leto did an okay job portraying Michael Morbius, but the movie executives failed to transfer the core meaning of Morbius from the comics to the big screen.

Do I have to talk about the post-credit scene? Everything was said about it already, so it is unnecessary to say anything. The deal that Marvel and Sony did in 2014 procured really good Spider-Man movies, but other projects in the Sony Cinematic Universe are just jumbled and disorientingly confusing, in less extent than the Venom movie franchise.

For now, we know that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be part of the MCU until the Secret Wars event, after that, the faith of this notable character is unknown.

Why Did Morbius Say I Am Venom? (& Does It Confirm the Same Universe)
After beating up the thugs, Morbius says the Venom line.

Why am I mentioning all of this? The deal between Marvel and Sony is important to all of these movies since they are supposed to crossover with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man at one point. We did not see any crossovers yet, but references were visible everywhere – some characters’ references were blatant and obvious to the point of some fans rolling their eyes.

Regardless, they are still there, and we will offer our perspective and analysis of them. The confusing reference was when Morbius wanted to remove criminals from his laboratory. He makes a show of going into the lab, taunting the thugs, and ultimately, showing them who the boss is.

Morbius offers detailed anatomy of the thug’s hand and slowly but surely breaks each of them. He eventually says, “I am Venom.”

Now, the question is, why? We know that Morbius is set after the events of the Let There Be Carnage movie, but we, as the viewers, never saw the characters of Morbius and Eddie Brock interact in the Sony Spider-Man Universe. This is the confusing part of the scene – if he never met him, why would Morbius reference Eddie Brock’s Venom?

Why Did Morbius Say I Am Venom? (& Does It Confirm the Same Universe)

Let’s speculate a bit. Sony is notoriously known as a studio that barely makes it “right” regarding the projects that include Marvel characters. Besides Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy from the 2000s, the recent Spider-Man trilogy, heavily influenced by Kevin Feige, partly Venom, and mostly Morbius, disappointed the fans massively.

Also, even before the Morbius movie was.


Blade vs. Morbius: Who Would Win in Fight of the Vampires?

Moreover, massive spoilers occurred a few days before the Morbius movie was released on the 1st of April earlier this year. It was rumored that Sony leaked the spoilers intentionally for people to get “hyped” and excited for the movie and its possible connections to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Hardy’s Venom.

Morbius came into that laboratory, beat the thugs, displayed his strength, and referenced a popular Sony character – for fans to get “excited” and for Sony to confirm that Venom is truly in the same universe as Morbius.

Now we can talk about confirmation that these characters are in the same universe.

Are Morbius and Venom in the Same Universe?

The mid-credit scene of Eddie Brock and Venom watching the news of Spider-Man’s true identity revealed in Venom: Let There Be Carnage opened up the opportunity for Sony characters to finally crossover to the MCU. No Way Home post-credit scene showed Eddie Brock at the bar in Mexico discussing Spider-Man with the bartender.

Why Did Morbius Say I Am Venom? (& Does It Confirm the Same Universe)

After he leaves, the Venom symbiote leaves its offspring at the bar that will supposedly attach to Spider-Man in future projects. Morbius’s post-credit scene showed Vulture being transported to Sony Cinematic Universe from MCU, which confused fans since Dr.Strange explicitly said that his spell works one way, not another – characters from other universes could come to MCU, not another way around.

Vulture did forget about Peter Parker thanks to Dr. Strange’s spell, which opens the introduction to the Sinister Six group.

All in all, the FBI agents’ conversation about the “mess in San Francisco,” following the events of Let There Be Carnage, Morbius’s post-credit scene with Vulture, and ultimately, the Morbius quote “I am Venom” definitely confirms that a tragic vampire from the comics is indeed in the same universe as Venom, and ultimately Spider-Man.

Why Did Morbius Say I Am Venom? (& Does It Confirm the Same Universe)
MCU’s Vulture in Morbius post-credit scene.

As we already mentioned, if Holland decides to stay Spider-Man for a few more projects and Sony opts out of the deal with Marvel, we will probably see his version of Spider-Man much more in the Sony Cinematic Universe than in the MCU.

Secret Wars is the last known MCU project Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be part of, and at the end of that storyline in the comics, Peter Parker’s Spider-Man is attached to the Venom Symbiote and has a cool new black Spider-Man suit.

Hopefully, Sony does a good job with this storyline and does not rush things as they did with the Morbius movie – it will be a shame for this great, tragic antihero of the Marvel Comics to go to waste.

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