Here’s Why Titans Smile in Attack on Titan: Delving into Their Cryptic Smile

why are titans in attack on titan always smiling

The world of Attack on Titan is filled with mysteries that captivate viewers, and one of the most intriguing aspects is the smile of the towering Titans. Their almost serene expression amid chaos and destruction has always been a subject of intrigue. Why do these giants, who bring about so much fear and despair, often appear so content? Let’s take a journey into the heart of AoT to understand the enigma of the smiling Titans.

Article breakdown:
+ Revelations in the series indicate that Titans were once humans, suggesting their smiles might represent trapped souls or a yearning for their lost humanity.
+ The Titans’ eerie appearance and actions tap into the uncanny valley concept, making them inherently disturbing to viewers.
+ The mysteries surrounding the Titans’ origins and their mindless hunger for humans further heighten their creepy demeanor and the series’ tension.

The enigma of the Titan’s smile

Smiling Titan

Here are a few interpretations and reasons behind their perpetual smiles:

  1. Disturbing imagery: One of the most straightforward reasons is the visual impact. A smiling giant humanoid creates a terrifying dissonance. It contrasts the innocence of a smile with the horror of their actions, making them even more unsettling.
  2. Humanity within: [Spoiler Alert] As the series progresses, it’s revealed that Titans were once humans who transformed by injecting a certain serum. The smiles might represent their trapped souls or their longing for humanity.
  3. Mindless nature: Most Titans (barring the Shifters and a few special cases) are depicted as being mindless, driven by their instinct to consume humans. The smile can represent their lack of consciousness, morality, or intent.
  4. Narrative symbolism: The smile can be interpreted as a reflection of the tragic circumstances of the Titans and the sad irony of their existence, especially when their origin and the history of Marley and Paradis Island are revealed.
  5. Existential interpretation: The Titans, especially in their mindless state, might represent existential dread. Their smiles could be interpreted as an eerie acceptance or reflection of the absurdity and meaning of existence.

It’s essential to note that creator Hajime Isayama has masterfully embedded layers of meaning throughout the series. The smiling Titans are open to multiple interpretations, which adds depth to the narrative and fuels discussions among fans.


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The creepiness factor: Unraveling the fear

Why do Titans smile 04

The unsettling nature of the Titans in Attack on Titan taps into various psychological fears. At first glance, their humanoid appearance aligns with the uncanny valley concept, where something closely resembles a human but has slight off-putting differences. These differences, such as exaggerated facial features, disproportionate bodies, or grotesque smiles, make the Titans inherently disturbing to look at.

Beyond their physical form, the unpredictable behavior of the Titans amplifies their creepiness. They exhibit a mindless hunger for humans, displaying no empathy or hesitation in their destructive pursuits. Their actions are often juxtaposed with their eerily placid expressions, creating a chilling contrast that heightens their monstrous aura.

Moreover, the mystery surrounding their origin and purpose for much of the series adds to their eerie nature. Not fully understanding why they exist and are relentlessly hunting humans fosters a sense of dread and uncertainty.

Lastly, the series often portrays Titans emerging from or lurking within natural landscapes, breaking the tranquility of these settings. This element of surprise, coupled with their jarring appearance and actions, makes them even more unsettling. The idea that nowhere is safe and that danger could emerge from seemingly serene places heightens the tension and the creepiness of the Titans.

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