Where Are the Titans in Attack on Titan From?

Where Are The Titans In Attack on Titan From?

Attack on Titan is not only insanely popular but filled with mystery, political secrets, a history full of war, genocide, and hate. You might think there is a simple story behind this question. However, you need to dive into the entire history of Eldia before asking yourself where did the titans in Attack on Titan come from.

All Titans were once humans from a people known as the Subjects of Ymir. The first Titan was Ymir Fritz, who became one after combining with a weird spine-like monster in a tree. Ymir’s subjects are all distantly linked to her, linking them to the routes that allow change.

Keep reading to find out how did Ymir create the Titans and how they developed. As usual, be careful – spoilers ahead for those who didn’t read the manga!

Who Created The Titans In Attack on Titan?

Where Are The Titans In Attack on Titan From?

They are a species of gigantic humanoids that first arrived some 107 years ago and quickly destroyed humans to the point of near-extinction. In a measurable sense, the Titans first emerged in the year 743. 

Their origins, overall numbers, and physiological workings can all be traced back to the Eldians, whose ancestor Ymir Fritz used Titan power to build the Eldian empire until the Marley country moved the outcome of the war and oppressed the Eldians by trying to turn some of them into mindless Titans using unidentified methods.

While fleeing her owners, the Eldians, a slave called Ymir spotted a huge tree some 2,000 years ago. The tree had an opening that led to a water-filled hole. Ymir entered the tree, unaware of the water, and instantly fell into the hole. 

As she sunk, a strange, spine-like creature attached itself to her back, transforming her into the first Titan. She returned to the Eldians with her newfound strength and served under Fritz, ultimately bearing him three children. When Ymir died, Fritz ordered his daughters to devour Ymir to save her power, which resulted in Ymir’s power being divided among her daughters. It eventually split into nine, known as the Nine Titans, which Eldia used to invade Marley and form the Eldian Empire.

While the real nature of the Titans is unknown, their beginnings have been chronicled in Eldian mythology. It is believed that almost 1,800 years ago, Ymir Fritz, an old king of the royal Fritz dynasty, made a pact with the Devil of the Earth. It is unknown what she provided the Devil, but in exchange, she was bestowed Titanic power. 

Ymir was the first known Titan and Titan Shifter, and she utilized her Titans and her own Progenitor Titan strength to accomplish great things for her society, such as building roads and bridges across the regions. When Ymir died, her “soul” was divided and distributed to nine Titan Shifters.

The abilities eventually divided further into the distinct Nine Titans, which were inherited by nine of her successors.

The Nine Titans quickly destroyed Marley’s old kingdom and captured the whole continent to establish the Eldian Empire. Because familial relationships are important in handing down and receiving memories from past Titan inheritors, the Nine Titans usually dwelt inside noble households throughout Eldia’s rule. The Fritz family with the Founding Titan and the Tybur family with the War Hammer Titan are two examples.

Following Ymir’s death, the nine Titans used the Titans and their own abilities to conquer the world’s peoples, known collectively as the Marleyans. After conquering the globe, the nine Titans founded the nation of Eldia, which was governed by the Fritz family, who had Ymir’s Progenitor Titan. 

Following that, the other eight Titan clans began to battle amongst themselves, while the Fritz family preserved order with the Progenitor Titan throughout the years. After 1,700 years, however, the Marleyans seized seven of the nine Titan Shifters and waged war against the Eldians. 

Where Are The Titans In Attack on Titan From?

The Great Titan War began when the 145th Fritz King inherited the Progenitor Titan and opted to quit the battle, and the Titans were utilized by the Marleyans to wipe out the country of Eldia. The King and his family escaped to the island of Paradis, where he built three walls around his domain with the help of Colossus Titans. Marley would later send unwanted residents to Paradis as mindless Titans, forced to wander the island in quest of nourishment.

The real nature of the Titans is revealed in the aftermath of Ragako’s destruction. Hange Zo’s research shows that the villagers were changed into Titans in some unknown ways, as a captured Titan is revealed to have been Connie Springer’s mother. 

Although examination of test participants reveals that no human body exists within the nape, Hange hypothesizes that the spinal cord functions as a distinct organ from the main Titan body. As a result, most Titans are thought to have fully absorbed the human within, leaving just the central nervous system intact as a way of managing the Titan body. The method utilized to destroy Titans is revealed to be severing the upper vertebrate of the human “pilot” (or what is left of them) and decapitating them.

Ymir claims that the Beast Titan is responsible for changing the Ragako people, however, the manner used remains a mystery. It’s also unclear how Titan Shifters escape being consumed by their Titan forms, which might be due to more sophisticated techniques.

According to Hange, Titans may absorb talents from their victims, allowing an average Titan to revert to human form by swallowing a Titan Shifter. This was found when Ymir, a normal Titan at the time, swallowed the juvenile Titan Shifter Marceland (a buddy of team RAB) and was able to recover human form.


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When the 145th King, Karl Fritz, inherited the Founding Titan, he was filled with remorse for his people’s misdeeds and pity for Marley. As atonement for their ancestors’ misdeeds, he plotted with the Tybur family to invent the myth of Helos, a Marleyan hero who vanquished King Fritz. With the assistance of the people of Marley, they were able to incite a civil war, the Great Titan War, and while Eldia crumbled from within, Marley took possession of seven of the Nine Titans, with just the Founding and Attack Titans escaping their grip. 

They divided the Titans they had (with the exception of the War Hammer Titan) to Eldians known as Warriors who were devoted to them. Karl Fritz then sent numerous Eldians to Paradis Island and constructed the Walls by sculpting thousands of Colossus Titans, which solidified to create three concentric walls. Except for a few minority species who were immune, the monarch then wiped the memory of the Eldians on the island.

Because the Tybur family was the first to battle for Marley, they were permitted to keep their Titan, making them and the Reiss family (the renamed Fritz family) the only remaining Eldian households with their Titan after the conflict. In the year 845, the Reiss family lost their Titan to Grisha Yeager. Grisha’s Attack Titan ate Frieda Reiss’s Founding Titan, combining the two Titans into one, reducing the number of Titans to eight. Years later, Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan devoured Lara Tybur’s War Hammer Titan, reducing the total number of Titans down to seven.

Where Are The Titans In Attack on Titan From?

1. The Founding Titan could transform the Subjects of Ymir into Titans, control Titan minds, and modify the Subjects of Ymir’s memories and bodies by screaming, but only if the inheritor possessed royal blood or was in touch with a Titan of royal blood. Paths connected it to all Subjects of Ymir and Titans.

2. The Armored Titan was coated in tough, armor-like skin, with the exception of vital mobility regions. It could also harden its limbs and feet into sharper claws that it might utilize to scale buildings like the Walls.

3. The Attack Titan may absorb memories from both previous and future Titan inheritors. It always went on, struggling for independence, guided by these memories.

4. The Beast Titan may adopt the morphological traits of many creatures that vary amongst its inheritors.

5. The Cart Titan was quadrupedal and had incredible stamina, allowing it to remain changed for extended periods of time as well as morph in rapid succession without needing to rest, hundreds of times each day. Its speed was comparable to that of the Jaw Titan.

6. The Colossus Titan was massive and could produce massive volumes of steam from its body like a blast furnace, at the expense of its muscular structure. The Titan’s transformation power and blast radius may be controlled by the user.

7. The Female Titan was far more likely than the other Titans to inherit skills. It may also harden some parts of its skin for enhanced attacking and defensive capabilities. With its cry, it could also summon Pure Titans.

8. The Jaw Titan was the fastest of the Nine Titans, with sharp, hardened teeth and claws that could damage or break virtually anything.

9. The War Hammer is number nine. Titan could create a variety of weapons and buildings out of its own hardened skin. It could be operated remotely through a cable made of Titan flesh, while the user remained concealed behind a tough crystal shell.


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How Were The Titans In Attack on Titan Made? 

Where Are The Titans In Attack on Titan From?

The aberration that bestowed Ymir Fritz the Power of the Titans over two thousand years ago has been given the preliminary moniker “source of all living stuff.” It was the wellspring of both the Titans’ Power and the Founding Titan’s powers.

Gabi Braun compared the “source of all living matter” to a “shining centipede,” despite the fact that there were no apparent eyes or mouth, however, there appeared to be a multitude of feelers on the creature’s head. The limbs were continuous with the body, with no visible parts or joints.

The anomaly’s size may fluctuate significantly, from approximately a meter long when it joined with Ymir Fritz to enormous dimensions when it emerged from Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan.

While it is uncertain if the anomaly was the genesis of all life on Earth, it was clearly capable of having a significant impact on organic life in its near vicinity. In ancient times, a tree that stood above the oddity grew to enormous dimensions in comparison to those around it. 

Physical contact between Ymir Fritz and the anomaly resulted in the birth of the Titans’ Power and the subsequent linking of living and dead awareness in the Eldian race via the pathways. Zeke Yeager hypothesized that Ymir Fritz’s weakness and dread of death may have resulted in the nature of the Power of the Titans, the development of enormous and virtually indestructible bodies, and a way to a deathless existence.

While the abnormality looked to be sedentary in nature, when pressed or compelled to do so, it could demonstrate high amounts of the physical initiative. The abnormality aggressively extended its limbs towards Ymir as she approached it two thousand years ago. 

On two consecutive times during the Battle of Heaven and Earth, the anomaly emerged from Eren Yeager’s corpse’s neck and connected to his severed head. After failing to reconnect with Eren for the second time, the anomaly grew very hostile, assaulting the Armored Titan.

That the source of the Titans’ Power, the anomaly was able to use the same skills as the giants gained from its presence. When it was detached from Eren’s Founding Titan at Fort Salta, the anomaly released a gas that caused any Subjects of Ymir in its proximity to transform into Titans and defend it, similar to how Zeke Yeager’s spinal fluid coupled with weaponized gas transformed Ragako inhabitants into Titans.

The “source of all living stuff” is similar to Hallucigenia, an early Cambrian species of aquatic lobopodian worm. The emergence of a Hallucigenia sparsa during Zeke Yeager’s presentation about the genesis of life emphasizes this similarity.


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The only living beings capable of changing into Titans are the Subjects of Ymir. Some of them may also be heirs to the Nine Titans. If one of the Nine Titans was not moved before death, the Titan would be assigned to a random newborn among the Subjects of Ymir, regardless of distance or blood link. This led to the revelation that all Subjects of Ymir were linked by pathways and that these roads brought all Subjects of Ymir to the Founding Titan.

If a Subject of Ymir conceives a child with a person of another ethnicity, the child will be a Subject of Ymir. Reiner Braun, the illegitimate offspring of an Eldian mother and a Marleyan father, is an example of this. Mikasa Ackerman, the daughter of an Asian mother and an Ackerman father, is another example. According to Marley, the Eldian Empire compelled other species to have children in order to generate more Ymir Subjects.

Where Do the Titans in Attack on Titan Come From?

Where Are The Titans In Attack on Titan From?

In the year 848, Ilse Langnar of the Survey Corps became the sole surviving soldier of the 34th Expedition’s left flank of the 2nd brigade, lost in Titan territory within Wall Maria. She opted to chronicle her experiences as she made her way north toward Wall Rose, despite the fact that her vertical maneuvering equipment was damaged and her horse was stolen. During her trek, she is apprehended by a Titan, who pushes her back against a tree but does not devour her. The Titan addresses her, initially mistaking her for “a Subject of Ymir” before mistaking her for “Lady Ymir” herself.

Ilse tries to speak with the Titan while taking notes, asking what it is, where it comes from, and, after losing her cool, why they devour humans. When Ilse shouts at the Titan, it merely reacts with agonizing moans and then begins tearing off its cheeks. When she tries to run, the Titan catches her and crushes her skull between its teeth, but she is not consumed. Hange Zo and Levi Ackerman discovered her journal and remains a year later.

Titans were a race of gigantic, man-eating humanoids who sparked the events of the Attack on Titan series. The people who lived behind the Walls were taught that they initially emerged 107 years before the year 850 and quickly destroyed mankind to the point of near-extinction.

They were, in fact, altered humans known as Subjects of Ymir who had been around for almost 2,000 years. However, with Eren Yeager’s death and Ymir’s choice to renounce her power, all Titans reverted to their human forms, thereby putting the species to rest.

Titans had a significant resemblance to naked people. They were generally bipedal, but a handful was quadrupedal, with human-like limbs and features; yet, they were always distorted in body proportions to some level. 

The great majority of Titans possessed unusually large mouths with a variety of completely sharp (in some cases) or completely flat teeth (which was more common in most observed titans). The great majority of Titans possessed a male physical type, despite the fact that they all lacked reproductive functions.

Most Titans had little intelligence and acted like dumb creatures, easily tricked, distracted, and deceived. The Nine Titans were an exception: because they were operated by humans, they had human-level intelligence. However, certain Abnormals, such as Connie’s mother and the Titan met by Ilse Langnar, were able to retain some of their prior intellect, demonstrating the ability to form ideas and even converse with humans.

All Titans were once humans from a people known as the Subjects of Ymir. The first Titan was Ymir Fritz, who became one after combining with a weird spine-like monster in a tree. Ymir’s subjects are all distantly linked to her, linking them to the routes that allow change.

Subjects of Ymir used to turn into Titans after being injected with Titan spinal fluid, which caused a near-instantaneous metamorphosis. Marley used to take advantage of this after the Great Titan War when he transformed unwanted Subjects of Ymir into Titans to employ in battle or to walk aimlessly beyond the Walls on Paradis Island. Titans typically resembled their original human bodies, however, women who were transformed into Titans lost most feminine physical characteristics.

Titans relied on the sun as their major source of energy, as they went dormant when exposed to it. Individual Titans were impacted differently by the lack of sunshine: during experiments, the kidnapped Titan “Sonny” became passive and practically comatose after only an hour of deprivation, but fellow prisoner “Bean” maintained a high level of activity three hours after last seeing sunlight. However, this only pertained to the Pure Titans; the Nine Titans, as well as Titans controlled by Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan or, presumably, the Founding Titan, did not require sunlight to move.

Titans had amazing regenerative powers. Although the capability varied from Titan to Titan, all could regenerate missing body parts in seconds to minutes, even severed heads (unless the nape was severed with the head). Slicing a one-meter-long and ten-centimeter-wide spot on their neck was one of the only sure-fire ways to kill them. 

The Titan’s central nerve system was housed at this location. In the Pure Titans, just the human spine was absorbed; in the Nine Titans, the whole human body was taken. The Titan would perish if it did not have a functional neural system to govern it. Titan corpses quickly dissolved into skeleton remnants, eventually to nothing at all after death.

The way Titans reacted to pain stimuli varied: some Titans totally ignored excruciating injuries, including impalement through the heart, and attacked neighboring humans as if nothing had happened. Others shouted or writhed, as though in pain. Humans possessing Titan power did not experience pain if their Titan forms were harmed. Mike Zacharias was able to detect Titans’ odor, suggesting that they possessed one.

Following the Battle of Shiganshina District, the surviving members of the Survey Corps discover the mysteries of Grisha Yeager’s basement and learn of their ethnic identity as Eldians and Subjects of Ymir, a species loathed by all peoples of the globe. This news, along with the numerous amazing realities discovered in the basement, became a hotly debated issue within the Walls.

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