Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto?

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto?

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Boruto Uzumaki has a very turbulent relationship with his father, Naruto. What started off as an almost ideal story in the last pages of Naruto became a very dynamic and specific father-son relationship. It’s not that Boruto dislikes his father and vice versa, but the idealism of the initial scene faded away due to various circumstances.

Boruto Uzumaki doesn’t actually hate his father, Naruto. In fact, he loves him very much and he would have wanted Naruto to play an even larger part in his life, which Naruto did not do due to his other obligations (as Hokage). He does have a problem with Naruto not being around much, but that is not hatred; in fact, Boruto just loves his dad very much and misses him a lot.

In the rest of this article, we are going to talk about the relationship between Naruto and Boruto. You’re going to find out some narrative details related to the two, as well as answers to some intriguing questions that are going to help you in understanding this complex father-son relationship much, much better.

Does Boruto hate Naruto?

Naruto’s first child is a boy named Boruto, and his second child is a girl named Himawari. Naruto shows himself to be a loving and doting parent to his children, often playing with them whenever he has time. The last part of this sentence will prove to be crucial for the issue at hand.

Namely, although Boruto loved his father and was overjoyed when they spent time together, their relationship had been strained since Naruto became the Seventh Hokage. Because of the many duties, Naruto had to perform that prevented him from being present all the time, Boruto felt neglected and held a grudge against the Hokage title, considering it only for those who had no dependents.

Boruto’s methods of dealing with this were varied: he played pranks to gain his father’s attention, strove to outdo him to devalue his inheritance, and feigned disinterest when Naruto tried to contact him. When he was caught cheating and disqualified from the Chūnin exams for using the Kote, Boruto blamed his father for his failure because he never had the time to teach him properly.


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Eventually, after learning about the complications of his father’s life and the brutal nature of the ninja world, and seeing how hard work can make a respectable shinobi, Boruto finally understood and forgave his father’s busy schedule, respected the Hokage title, and stopped choosing the easy options in life. Naruto also realized that he had put his duties as Hokage above the well-being of his family.

He preferred to do as much work as possible himself rather than let his advisors take some of the burden. He also accepted that his negligence was indeed at least partially to blame for how Boruto had turned out. After that, the relationship between Naruto and Boruto improved considerably, so that Naruto was home more and Boruto wished that his father would do his best at work.

As you can see, Boruto and Naruto had a very turbulent relationship, but there was nothing malicious there. Boruto loves his father very much and he truly did enjoy the time that the two of them had spent together when he was a child. But, as Naruto’s workload increased, he was there less than usual and Boruto started missing him. Since he wanted his father around, Boruto became rebellious, and with that mindset, and not understanding the true nature of Naruto’s work, he became a maverick.

Boruto Uzumaki never hated his father. He was angry with him because he wasn’t around for him. He wanted more of him, he wanted what he had when he was a child, and his displeasure with all of that led to the frustration that a lot of people mistakenly interpret as hated. But, that is just wrong. As you can see for yourselves, once Boruto actually realized that his father had to do all those things, their relationship improved significantly.

Does Boruto respect Naruto?

Although it might not seem that way, Boruto does, indeed, respect Naruto a lot, and not just because he is his father. Sure, this aspect has evolved over the years as the strained relationship between father and son changed, but while Boruto did actually feel resentment towards the position of Hokage, he never stopped respecting his father.

Namely, in order to fully understand why Boruto was so disrespectful towards his father’s duties, we have to understand that Boruto had a high opinion of himself and freely bragged about his abilities. His arrogance actually prevented him from placing value on teammates or teamwork, believing that he can do everything on his own.

He believed that achieving success was the main point in anything, even taking dishonest shortcuts to do so, such as using a cheat program to easily win in a video game, or using the Shinobi Gauntlet to create the facade that he used advanced techniques to gain the right to be Sasuke’s disciple and later use the same machine to defeat opponents once they had the upper hand.

Boruto feliz por Naruto

However, at the same time, he does not see anyone as inferior and is very loyal to his friends. Without hesitation, he has quickly come to the aid of Denki Kaminarimon when the latter is being physically damaged. He also avoids confrontations, or when someone mentions his name behind his back, completely ignoring the situation unless his friends get hurt, which shows his maturity. Even when a friend was revealed to be an enemy, Boruto remained determined to help her return from his astray.

This dichotomy present in his personality was the root of his issues with Naruto. Namely, as someone who was such a maverick, Boruto couldn’t fully understand the importance of his father’s position. Naruto gave himself fully to his friends, his allies, and his village; his family was actually a part of all three categories. But, just as he had to protect them, he also had a duty towards the others.

Boruto, who initially did not grasp such emotions and responsibilities, couldn’t understand his father. But, as he grew as a person and as he started to realize the importance of teamwork and the protection of others, Boruto finally understood what his father had been telling him, which is also when he began to respect his Hokage position, although he initially hated it (but not his father, he never hated him, as we have explained above).

Why is Boruto mean to Naruto?

Boruto initially only wanted to know about his father’s past to overcome him, therefore, he always asked him about it, especially how he became one of the most powerful shinobi, even though he was mostly desperate to spend time with him, so he used this as an excuse. Since his battle against Momoshiki, Boruto finally began to see his father with new eyes, admiring both his power as a shinobi and yet having a selfless nature to protect the village.


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Later, he and Naruto were able to find foundations that helped them have a healthy relationship again, with Naruto agreeing to appear in person more often, while Boruto stopped demanding his father’s time, both pushing the other to reach their goals and objectives. Despite letting go of his disdain for the title and position of Kage, Boruto openly stated that he had no intention of becoming Hokage and wanted a natural and difficult path for himself, as both his grandfather and father were Hokage. Boruto chose to go his own way, becoming a support for the Hokage as well as his teacher.

Naruto and Boruto fist bump

As you can see, Boruto actually wanted to play some pranks and some jokes on his father when he was a child, and later, he wanted to surpass him. This was, actually, a culmination of the loneliness he had felt in his formative years. He thus wanted to be mean to his father, initially using pranks and jokes, and then by being better than him in every aspect, to prove himself and to cope with the sorrow he was feeling.

This was, as you’ve probably come to understand for yourselves, just a coping mechanism and there was no real malice there. Boruto wanted to get as close to his father as he could, so he found the only way he knew to do that – by challenging him.

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