Why Does Tanjiro Have a Scar and Why Does It Keep Changing?

Why does Tanjiro Have a Scar and Why Does it Keep Changing?

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Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of the Demon Slayer manga. The young boy who becomes a Demon Slayer after a demon slaughters his family and turns his sister into a half-demon became an exceptionally popular hero in the world of modern-day manga. Now, there are a lot of interesting things we can talk about when Tanjiro is concerned, but one of the most interesting ones is his scar. So, why does Tanjiro have a scar and why does it keep changing?

Tanjiro’s original scar was the result of him trying to save his brother from coal and then getting burned by the coal himself. Later on, the original scar is overtaken by a mark, which is a symbolic representation of his demon slayer powers, as well as the techniques he uses, which is why it keeps changing along with Tanjiro, as he becomes stronger.

The rest of this article is going to elaborate further on the answer given above. Tanjiro’s scar is a very interesting topic to discuss and we are going to give you all the necessary facts, as well as answers to some related questions concerning Tanjiro’s scar and why it keeps changing in the series.

Why Does Tanjiro Have a Scar?

During the Taisho era, Tanjiro Kamado leads a modest but happy life in the mountains with his family, made up of his mother and younger siblings. Tanjiro grew up in the mountains with his younger siblings and parents as the oldest son of the Kamado family. As a child, Tanjiro learned the Hinokami Kagura dance from his father, Tanjuro Kamado, subconsciously knowing that the dance was actually Sun Breathing, a Breathing Style used in combat to kill demons.

Later in his childhood, his father died of an illness, which led him to have responsibilities very early on and to be a father figure to his brothers and sisters. Tanjiro was very affectionate towards his siblings, going out of his way to take care of them.

Tanjiro saves his younger brother from the kettle CH81

When one of his brothers accidentally knocked over a kettle, he protected him and received a scar on his forehead from being exposed to the charcoal. Tanjiro was responsible for selling charcoal in the nearest town in order to earn money for the family and seemed to frequent the town quite often, as the locals readily recognized him and regularly asked for his help.


Demon Slayer: Here’s How Tanjiro Got His Scar?

This is the story of how Tanjiro got his first, initial scar. Now, if you’ve followed the manga or the anime well, you’ve surely noticed that later in the story, Tanjiro’s scar changes from its original form to a mark-like scar that is vastly different from the original. This was not a continuity error on the author’s or the producers’ side, but rather an intended thing which we are going to explain later in this article.

What Side Is Tanjiro’s Scar On?

As it is visible from the pictures we have provided in our article, Tanjiro’s original scar is located on the left side of his forehead, above his left eye. Now, his first mark was also on the left side, but as he got stronger, the marks started spreading over his face and were visible in more places.

Why Does Tanjiro’s Scar Change?

Now, we have already explained that later in the series, Tanjiro’s scar actually transforms into a mark. That mark is actually known as the Demon Slayer mark and it changes because its representation depends on the level of power that Tanjiro has and uses. Tanjiro’s scar turns into a Demon Slayer Mark that has a flame-like pattern replacing the scar on his forehead.

After the Hashira Training Arc his scar is replaced with a permanent flame mark, and when he activates his Demon Slayer Mark it grows in size, reaching past his eyebrows.

Now, in order to fully understand how this functions, we have to explain what the Demon Slayer Mark is and how it functions within the universe of Demon Slayer. The Demon Slayer Mark is a mysterious marking that can be unlocked and may appear on the body of a strong Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer Marks CH128

The most talented Demon Slayers in the Demon Slayer Army have a chance to unlock a mysterious tattoo, scar, or birthmark. It looks like the crests possessed by demons. These marks are called Demon Slayer Marks. They look a bit like a tattoo, scar, or birthmark and each Demon Slayer Mark is unique, related to the Breathing Style of the wearer.

The true origin of the Demon Slayer Mark is unknown, however, the first recorded occurrence of these marks was in the Sengoku Era, and the first person with a Demon Slayer Mark was none other than the first user of a Breathing Technique, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who, for reasons unknown, was born with a Demon Slayer Mark.


Tanjiro’s Hanafuda Earrings: Meaning & Importance

Virtually all other swordsmen in the Sengoku Era have awakened their mark of Demon Slayers due to the brand’s catalytic effect. It is said that the Mark of Demon Slayers has resonated ever since and was awakened by other Demon Slayers, who would later lay the foundation for the “Golden Age” of the Demon Slayer Corps, a time when demon slayers were inches away from killing Muzan Kibutsuji.

The Demon Slayer Marks were long gone, due to the countless times the Demon Slayer body was nearly annihilated, until one reappeared on Tanjiro Kamado, and subsequently, the Hashira that resonated with the marks. The mark can only appear on Demon Slayers who have survived the life-threatening conditions, thus having a heart rate above 200 bpm and a body temperature above 39° Celsius.

The prerequisite for obtaining it is that an individual directly related to Sun Breathing has been born with it. The mark also has the ability to act as a catalyst and spread from the original user to other powerful Slayers, such as the Hashira, by resonance, granting them their own Slayer Marks.


The Demon Slayer Mark grants the user a number of very beneficial abilities in combat, especially against demons:

  • Improved Physical Abilities: Upon activation of the mark, the user gains improved Breathing strength, speed, and techniques, which are greater than that of a normal Breath user. Their strength and speed could even rival that of the most powerful demons, such as the Upper Moon Six.
  • Transparent World: The user becomes able to see the muscles, blood flow and joint movements of living things, which allows him to accurately predict and react to his opponent’s movements, as well as ensure health and the well-being of others. In addition, the user acquires extrasensory perception, which allows them to perceive the world around them at a much faster rate, making them feel like the world is moving in slow motion.
  • Bright Red Nichirin Sword: Marks can allow users to dye their Nichirin Blades a crimson red, giving their blades the ability to hinder increased demon regeneration.

Having the Demon Slayer Mark comes at a cost, though. It is said that the Demon Slayers who awakened the Demon Slayer Mark will die at the age of 25. Kokushibo mentioned that despite the increase in potency, it shortens their lifespan due to the strain on their body, as previously reported by Shinobu, who said the conditions of unlocking it on its own were fatal, even for a Hashira.

In a conversation that Muichiro Tokito had with Gyomei Himejima, Gyomei describes the effect of the curse as “paying for his life in advance in exchange for a greater physique.” There are ways to avoid the curse of death, as shown by Yoriichi and Kokushibo. By unknown means, Yoriichi was able to live to be 85, however, this could be because he was born unlike others who had to wake it up. Kokushibo, on the other hand, avoided dying from the curse by becoming immortal as a result of his transformation into a demon.


Is Tanjiro a Demon in Demon Slayer? (& When Does He Become One)

However, it is still possible to awaken the Mark after a Slayer is over 25, which is evident in Gyomei who was able to reap its benefits without immediately dying. Kokushibo surmised that due to this unique situation, Gyomei would die within a few hours. Due to the inconsistency of the curse, it is possible that it is simply superstition. However, there is nothing to completely disprove it, so it’s just as likely that the curse really exists.

Known owners of the Demon Slayer Mark are:

Yoriichi TsugikuniA flame-like pattern on the left side of his forehead.
Michikatsu TsugikuniA flame-like pattern on the right side of his lower cheek and one on the left side of his forehead.
Tanjiro KamadoA flame-like pattern replaced the scar on his forehead. After the Hashira Training Arc his scar is replaced with a permanent flame mark, and when he activates his Demon Slayer Mark it grows in size, reaching past his eyebrows.
Muichiro TokitoMist cloud patterns on both sides of his cheeks and one on the left side of his forehead.
Mitsuri KanrojiA winged double heart pattern above her left clavicle.
Giyu TomiokaA water stream-like pattern on the left side of his cheek.
Gyomei HimejimaFissure-like patterns on both of his forearms
Sanemi ShinazugawaA windmill-like pattern on the lower half of his right cheek.
Obanai IguroA snake-like pattern around his left arm

And that concludes the story of the Demon Slayer Mark. As you can deduce now, the Mark’s inherent elements are what causes Tanijro’s “scar” to change, since the Mark changes as the owner becomes more powerful and uses more of their Demon Slayer powers.

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