Why Does Yennefer Have Purple Eyes In The Witcher?

Why Does Yennefer Have Purple Eyes In The Witcher?

One of the most beautiful characters in the entire Witcher series is Yennefer, who is played by Anya Chalotra. Of course, there are many things that are beautiful about the character and the actress. However, one of the things that are very captivating about Yennefer is the fact that she has purple eyes. So, why does Yennefer have purple eyes in The Witcher

Yennefer has purple eyes in The Witcher because she was born to have purple eyes. There is no clear reason why she has that eye color, but she was always described to have purple eyes both in the books and the games. And, knowing that her eyes are unique, she even kept her eyes after her massive transformation.

It is very difficult not to notice Yennefer’s eyes in The Witcher, and this has led some people to wonder why she even has purple eyes. That said, what you do need to know is that her purple eyes are not due to the same reason why Geralt’s eyes are yellow. In fact, Yen’s purple eyes are the result of nothing more than the author’s creative choice.

What Color Eyes Does Yennefer Have?

The Witcher is one of the most popular shows on Netflix today because of how it was able to properly adapt the games and the books into a spectacular series. Of course, it also got the characters right when it came to their appearance and personality. However, we cannot get enough about how beautiful and how precise the appearances of the main characters are.

One of the main characters of The Witcher is the mage named Yennefer, who is also the love interest of the Witcher named Geralt. Aside from Yennefer’s amazing personality, one of the things that have captivated us is her beauty. You would be hard-pressed to find a character as beautiful as Yennefer or an actress that was able to get Yennefer right the same way that Anya Chalotra was able to do so.

Of course, what captivated us the most about Yennefer was her eyes. She has some of the most beautiful eyes we have seen on any kind of series. But what are the color of Yennefer’s eyes?

Yennefer’s eyes are clearly purple or violet, and that kind of eye color is very rare in the real world because you would almost never find someone with purple or violet eyes. This is why anyone can easily get captivated by Yen’s eyes, which are some of the most unique eyes you could ever see in fiction or in the real world.

Why Does Yennefer Have Purple Eyes?

Now that you know that Yennefer has purple eyes, you might be wondering why she even has purple eyes. Well, you will be surprised about the answer to that question.

As mentioned, you might have also noticed that Geralt, the Witcher, has yellow eyes. There is a special reason why he has yellow eyes. Having yellow cat-like eyes allows Geralt to see well in the dark, just like how a cat does. It is one of the traits that some Witchers have, as being able to see in the dark allows them to fight monsters better.

However, what you should know about Yennefer is that she has purple eyes, not because there is a special reason like how Geralt has yellow eyes. In fact, the only reason why Yennefer has purple eyes is the fact that she just has purple eyes. Her purple eyes are natural to her, and that trait is one of the things that make her unique.

As such, Yennefer having purple eyes is merely a product of the creative choice of the author of The Witcher, Andrzej Sapkowski. In short, he just wanted Yennefer to have purple eyes, just like how he wanted her to have black hair and a slender figure.

yennefer eyes

In fact, here is The Witcher Wikipedia entry of Yennefer’s physical description:

“Her eyes were cold and sparkling with a remarkable violet penetrating gaze, in anger blazing with livid, blue-gray fire”

As such, her purple eyes are the result of Sapkowski’s creative choice. There is no special reason why Yennefer’s eyes are purple. But the fact is that her eyes make her more unique than she already is.

What Color Did She Have Before The Transformation?

If you watched The Witcher from the very first episode, you would know that Yennefer didn’t always look the way she did when she was first introduced. In fact, she had to undergo a huge transformation to look the way she does now.

Before her transformation, Yennefer had a humped back and a crooked jaw. In her eyes, she was unlovable because of how she did not fit the modern standards of what being beautiful is. After Istredd, Yennefer’s first love told her that “she missed her chance to be beautiful”, Yen undertook a massive magical transformation that altered her physical appearance at the cost of not being able to bear children.


Witcher’s Eyes – Why are They Yellow, and Why do They Turn Black?

But while Yennefer looked very different after her transformation, the one thing that was retained was the color of her eyes. The reason is that she specifically requested the enchanter responsible for her transformation that she wanted to keep her eyes. And that was a good choice because she probably knew for a fact that her purple eyes were unique and special. That is why Yennefer still has the same set of eyes before and after the transformation.

Are Anya Chalotra’s Eyes Purple?

As lovely as Yennefer’s purple eyes may be, what you need to know is that the actress who plays her doesn’t have the same purple eyes as the fictional character. Anya Chalotra actually had to wear contacts, while the production team used CGI so that her eyes would become noticeably violet on the screen. She said that the contacts that allowed her eyes to become noticeably purple are too thick and too uncomfortable to wear, and that is why CGI was necessary to change her eye color to purple.

In fact, Anya Chalotra, owing to her Indian descent, has beautiful brown eyes in real life instead of the purple eyes that Yennefer has in The Witcher.

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