Why Fans Think That Vinland Saga Season 2 Is Boring & Is It True?

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Vinland Saga season 2 continues the story of Thorfinn’s journey as a Viking that would soon become one of the most important names in the history of Vikings. Of course, the second season allows us to see how Thorfinn lived through his life as a slave on Ketil’s farm and how the entire journey changed him. Then again, fans believe that season 2 of Vinland Saga is boring. So, why is it that season 2 is seen as boring?

Fans think Vinland Saga season 2 is boring because it lacks the action that made season 1 fun to watch. However, season 2 is not boring regarding its depth and storytelling because this is where you get to see the different mindsets of the main characters and how their past experiences changed them.

The truth is that whether or not an anime series is boring is quite subjective, as some people might not like a story that is too focused on the narrative instead of the action. But that is what season 2 of Vinland Saga is all about, as the season allows us to see the characters on a deeper level. So, with that said, let’s look at why Vinland Saga is boring to certain fans.

Why Vinland Saga Season 2 Is Important

One anime series that garnered a lot of attention during its first season was Vinland Saga. Of course, because the anime focuses on the story of Vikings, it is quite understandable to be full of Viking action. That means many different scenes involved Vikings fighting on the battlefield and in the war between Denmark and England. In short, season 1 of Vinland Saga was full of testosterone-fueled masculinity.


Nevertheless, season 2 introduced the narrative differently than season 1, as the storyline has mellowed a lot since the first season. At the end of season 1, Thorfinn is thrown into slavery due to his attempt at Canute’s life after the young prince (now a king) killed Askeladd and took away the one thing that fueled Thorfinn’s quest for revenge.

As such, season 2 focused more on Thorfinn’s life as an enslaved person on a farm owned by a Danish man named Ketil, who allowed him and an English man named Einar to work in his field for a chance to become free men. So, while Einar felt that he was lucky enough to have been chosen by a kind landlord, Thorfinn seemingly lost the spark in his eyes and was a shell of his former while working on Ketil’s fields.


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So, instead of the testosterone-fueled action that we saw in season 1, season 2 was a lot more mellow in terms of its atmosphere as it focused more on the journey of Thorfinn and Einar while they were on Einar’s farm. Of course, we also saw Canute’s side of the story while he was making political moves to consolidate power as the king of England and Denmark.

The fact that season 2 doesn’t have a lot of action and focuses more on Thorfinn’s life on the farm is why some fans think it is boring. There was a significant drop in the testosterone level and angst in season 1, as season 2 allowed us to see a quieter and more peaceful version of Thorfinn.

But what fans forget is that season 2 is the meat of what Vinland Saga is all about. The events on Ketil’s farm and Thorfinn’s experiences as a slave were the most important parts of his journey. The second season changed Thorfinn and allowed him to conquer the demons of his past as we saw a version of himself that regretted killing many people while he was working with Askeladd as a Viking mercenary.

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As such, season 2 allowed him to be a better person for the sake of everyone who could no longer be better people due to his actions in the past. He overcame his demons and is now a peaceful person that would never hurt or kill anyone unless it was for a really good reason.

It was also during season 2 that Thorfinn befriended Einar, who became a brother to him and was one of the people that allowed him to see a better future for himself. As such, without season 2, Thorfinn would have been a sad young man without the will to live. But season 2 changed all that because he now has a better reason to live and will eventually find the motivation to travel to Vinland and establish a country where there would be no wars and slavery.

Is Vinland Saga Season 2 Really Boring?

Of course, season 2 shifted into a more narrative-based approach from the action-based approach we saw in season 1. That is one reason why people think the season is quite boring. But is Vinland Saga season 2 really boring?


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Well, for starters, whether or not a story is boring is subjective to the person. Some think that an anime and manga storyline focusing more on action scenes is better than a story focusing more on the narrative and the characters’ stories. But some demographics prefer a story that has depth and true character development.


As such, Vinland Saga tends to fall somewhere in between. Season 1 was more of a mature shonen type but quickly transitioned into a mellow seinen in season 2. This is why those who prefer shonen aren’t really fond of season 2, which tends to deal with real-world themes and mature narratives instead of showcasing many action scenes and fights.

In that regard, season 2 of Vinland Saga may seem boring due to its lack of action, but this is actually what Vinland Saga is all about. It focuses more on Thorfinn’s journey than his fights, which is why season 1 is more of an outlier when compared to the rest of the story. Of course, the action will pick up later in season 2 and the future arcs. So, if you find season 2 boring, trust us when we say that it is the most important part of Thorfinn’s story and is only the prelude to a more exciting arc in the future.

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