Why Is Demon Slayer Rated TV-MA? Rating Explained!

Why Is Demon Slayer Rated R? Rating Explained!

Most people would agree that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is among the best, if not the best anime of the decade and we’re certain that history will show that it will and a place among the best anime in history. Tanjiro’s story is currently being told, with a third season on the way, and the series is becoming increasingly popular. But, what we ask ourselves is – is Demon Slayer appropriate for children? In this article, we have decided to tell you whether the series is appropriate for kids or not. Due to the series’ popularity, in this article, we have decided to tell you why most of its episodes have received a TV-MA rating in the United States while some others received a regular TV-14 rating.

Demon Slayer is categorized as TV-MA in the United States, mostly because of its violent content and the graphic depiction of violence. And while Demon Slayer is certainly not the most mature show you’ll see, the series definitely has a severe amount of violence, gore, and a mild quantity of profanities, which is why it is unsuitable for the youngest of children. Some lighter episodes with less violence have been rated TV-14.

In the following paragraphs, we will elaborate on this answer and provide additional information on the show’s content. You’ll find out what ages Demon Slayer is appropriate for, how scary and gory it is, and whether there are sex, nudity, and profanities, as well as why the ratings are different from episode to episode. This will be your ultimate parent’s guide for Demon Slayer.

What age is Demon Slayer appropriate for?

As per the official ratings, Demon Slayer is rated as “TV-MA,” which means mature. That standard is defined as follows: This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and, therefore, may be unsuitable for children under 17. Some episodes have been rated as “TV-14,” meaning “parental guidance.” That standard is defined as follows: This program contains material that most parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. In most other countries, the series is rated as being appropriate for viewers between the ages of 12 and 17, depending on the country and their standards, which means that this series varies a bit. But what does all of this mean?


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This means that Demon Slayer is a show that should be viewed exclusively by adults and not children. Children under the age of 18 (or 17) shouldn’t watch this show as the censors have deemed it inappropriate for their age. As we have explained, some episodes are appropriate for children, but most of the content is for mature viewers. This is the official rating for the show, and we will now observe how things stand in several different categories.

Demon Slayer: Sex & Nudity

As we could have seen, the series has a very mild level of suggestive nudity and basically no sexual references whatsoever; on top of that, over the course of the series, there haven’t been many such scenes, and they were – in most cases – shown in a very comical context. Here is an example of some scenes involving nudity and/or sexual references:

  • Some female characters, especially demons, have curvy bodies and some mildly revealing clothes.
  • The second season takes place in a red light district in Tokyo where geisha live, but there is no explicit sexual content in the season.
  • Zenitsu is often in love with almost every female character he encounters, which is – though – mostly portrayed in a very comical manner in which Zenitsu always comes out as the loser.
  • There is a controversial scene where Mitsuri Kanroji is seen naked from the back, but she is actually taking a bath, so it’s nothing sexual.

As you can see, this is really not much, and while some scenes might be a tad suggestive, they are very limited.

Demon Slayer: Violence & Gore

The violence and gore of Demon Slayer have been described as severe, and we can only agree, but it’s still not the worst of the lot (compare, for example, Chainsaw Man); it is also the principal reason why the series actually earned its TV-MA rating. The killings done by the demons, as well as the slayings done by Demon Slayers, can be brutal, and the battles get worse in that aspect. There will be a lot of gore and death shown throughout the series, which will be complemented by morbid and gory characters, as well as intense and violent fighting scenes.

Examples of the show’s violence include decapitation, mutilation, dismemberment, shock deaths, etc., and even the main characters won’t be excluded from that; you’ll also see a lot of blood, which is another example of the show’s gore. Also, since the Demons have various bizarre powers, while the Demon Slayers use katanas as their weapons, you can imagine the bloodshed in the series.

Most of the scenes are completely fine, but there are some really nasty ones, and as the series progresses, the violence and the fights become more intense, and the scenes are more graphic and bizarre from time to time. There is more blood and even some morbid elements due to the villains becoming more dangerous. However, it’s all part of the series’ inherent realism.


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Demon Slayer: Profanity

As far as profanities are concerned, they are not heavily featured in Demon Slayer, although they are present. Examples of words that can be heard are “damn,” “hell,” and “pissed,” and we can hear the word “boobs” used once or twice during the series, along with some mild insults. Now, this might bother some viewers, and it is something that children shouldn’t really repeat, but it adds to the show’s realism, doesn’t it?

First of all, we have to state that the characters of Demon Slayer are slayers of Demons who fight and face various threats in their daily adventures to save their friends and families. People don’t really tend to watch their language while they’re fighting a menacing Demon, don’t they? It would be silly if these characters didn’t curse occasionally, wouldn’t it? This is only realistic, and the series adds to it by adapting the language to be appropriate for a specific situation.

So, profanities are certainly present in the show, but we don’t think it’s something bad. It simply adds to the show’s realism and helps the viewers better understand the characters, the world, and the complete setting. Anything else would be completely out-of-character, so we can only praise the show’s authenticity. And on top of that, they are not heavily featured or severe.

What age is Demon Slayer appropriate for?

In the case of Demon Slayer, the ratings are somewhat exaggerated. Namely, most of the show is quite fine, if not completely child-friendly, despite its dark setting and topics. Most of the things depicted in the series are moderate, and only the violence and the gore tend to get severe occasionally, mostly during the battles. But all of this aligns with the series’ realism and overall lore, as well as the fact that everyone really likes a good battle; plus, they’re animated brilliantly.

This means that Demon Slayer probably isn’t for the youngest viewers, which explains the TV-MA and TV-14 ratings. We don’t really think that your teenagers will have any problems with the show, but your younger children might find it a bit too much from time to time. So, be careful how you approach Demon Slayer, but remember that it is a great show and that you definitely should see it at one point or another.

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