Why Isn’t Naruto Shippuden on Netflix?

Why Isn’t Naruto Shippuden on Netflix?

Naruto Shippuden has gained popularity over the years since 2007. With 500 episodes, it is now one of the most famous and on-demand TV shows. So, why isn’t Naruto Shippuden on Netflix?

Naruto Shippuden is not on Netflix because the company does not have the rights to air it in some regions. The economy of scale could be another reason why it is not on Netflix. The entry of competitors has seen distributors pull out some shows from Netflix. Naruto Shippuden is not an exception.

These are some of the reasons why your favorite anime series is not on Netflix. We will discuss below in-depth why you are not able to access this show via this company. We will also show you countries where this show is accessible. You find out if this show is worth watching. And if so, where you can find it. Let’s do this.

Why isn’t Naruto Shippuden on Netflix?

Why you are not able to access Naruto Shippuden is because it is not available in your region. Currently, this anime series is available in 8 countries via a VPN. There are several factors why this anime is not available in your country via Netflix.


Netflix has to get distribution rights in your area to air any TV show. The rights are determined by the company that distributes the show in the area. 

If Netflix does not have a distribution license in your area, you will not see this anime series on its platform. And this will explain why you can access the show via other channels in your country.

Government Distribution rights

Governments regulate the type of content that can be aired in their region. There is a possibility that the content in Naruto Shippuden is restricted within your area. On the other hand, it has not been cleared to air yet. In that case, it may come soon.

The economies of scale

This may be a selfish reason, but economies of scale matter. Netflix is software that hosts movies and TV shows. The hosting space costs money, and Naruto Shippuden has up to 500 episodes. The question is if Netflix has enough space to host this series and make profits.

A quick look into Netflix, this company runs on a subscription-based model. Customers pay a flat rate to access content, both original and third party. Buying and streaming third-party content is expensive. Netflix has to consider the cost margin. Disclaimer: this is speculation and not a fact.

Content Library preference

Another reason why Netflix does not air this show could be its content library preference. Compared to its main competitor Hulu, Netflix is inclined towards movie selection and older TV shows. Hulu offers a wide selection of current TV shows and a smaller selection of movies with a variety of foreign TV shows. On the other hand, Netflix does not offer a variety of foreign TV shows.

The entrance of competitors into the online show streaming industry

In the past, Netflix did not have competitors in this industry. The competition has grown over the years. More companies like OTT, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney, AT&T, and Viacom, among others, are now in the market. The entrance of competitors has seen distributors pull out their content from Netflix. In your area, you may access some content via another platform, which is not available on Netflix. Naruto Shippuden is no exception.

Will Naruto Shippuden be on Netflix? 

If Naruto Shippuden is not on Netflix in your country, you are wondering when it will be available. And this is a question only Netflix can answer conclusively. But this series is available in 8 counties via a VPN on Netflix. The latest country to have it streaming on Netflix is Switzerland in march 2020.

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The number of episodes available in these countries also vary. As of now, none of them has all the episodes of the series. The variation in the number of episodes is dependent on the contract a Netflix region has with the distribution companies.

Below are the countries that have this content, and the number of episodes available.

Note that this data is valid when this post was written, it may vary as time goes by.

CountryNumber of Seasons (up to)
BelgiumSeason 1-21 
SwitzerlandSeason 1-21
GermanSeason 1-10
BrazilSeason 1-5
FranceSeason 1-21
JapanSeason 1-6
MexicoSeason 1-5
ArgentinaSeason 1-5

When will Naruto Shippuden be on Netflix? 

There is a possibility that streaming will open up to other regions as time progresses. But this is dependent on content regulations per area. In 2009, the series started airing in Disney XD. But the show was cut short because of the increase in violent scenes. If your government deems the content not worth airing, you may not have this show on Netflix any time soon.

The availability of Naruto Shippuden also depends on the contract Netflix has with the company that owns distribution rights. When Netflix acquires distribution rights in your country, you will be able to enjoy your favorite show. It will also determine how many episodes you will access.

Some regions with the series may also lose Netflix streaming rights. And this will depend on the license Netflix has and the possibility of renewal.

Is Naruto Shippuden worth watching?

Naruto Shippuden has acquired popularity over the years since its release in 2007. It has become one of the most sought after anime TV shows. Whether this series is worth watching or not boils down to personal preferences.

The plot

Generally, Naruto Shippuden fans have high regard for this show. First, many identify with the story this anime tells. The plot is very captivating, and one connects well with it. It has a good and steady pace transiting effortlessly through the episodes. Additionally, the series has many conflicts and battles that enrich the story. It brings onboard comedy, adventure, superpowers, martial arts, and Ninja themes. It has a broad genre that is identifiable to a wide range of audiences.

The characters

The show has distinguished and funny characters. The main character in Naruto Shippuden has become one of the most loved anime characters of all time. He delivers humor and comic relief in a plot filled with intensive fight scenes. Furthermore, the character base is extensive, making it easy to bond with the story. You have a variety of characters to choose from.

The message

The message of the series is inspiring. Throughout the episodes, the subject matter, not to give up, is consistent. And this is the reason why many anime fans get attached to it. The story motivates and uplifts your spirit. The show also reflects real-life situations making it natural and relatable. It has many life lessons that fans identify with. 

The theme songs are also good and help build a captivating flow to the inspiring storyline.

Creative fights

The series has one of the best creative fights in the anime show history. If you are the kind of person who loves fight scenes, you will find Naruto Shippuden captivating.

The flip side

The downside of this anime series is its length. Naruto Shippuden is long and full of filler episodes. If you are not the kind to sit patiently through a long show, this is not your cup of coffee. You may want to look for alternatives.

Many fans find the filler episodes frustrating. The good news is that you can skip through them if you are impatient. But, some filler episodes are worth watching. If you want to watch this TV show without the filler scenes, check the Naruto Shippuden filler list.

Another flip side of the series is its marathon fights in the plot. The frequency and intensity of the action scenes may be overwhelming for some anime fans. Unfortunately, we do not have a remedy for this one. 


In general, the rating of Naruto Shippuden is 4.9/5 by Google users.

  • My Anime List audience rates it 8.15 /10
  • Common Sense Media rates it at 4/5
  • IMDb rates this anime at 8.6/10 
  • Crunchyroll audience gives the series 4.7 out 5.
  • Tv.com Rates it at 7.4/10

In regards to the above, Naruto Shippuden is a show worth watching. 

Where Can You Watch Naruto Shippuden?

If Netflix is not streaming this series in your region, you can access it via other platforms.

  • Crunchyroll
  • Viz Media
  • Anime Planet
  • Hulu
  • Amazon

Final Word

Naruto Shippuden has become one of the most sought-after anime TV-shows. But, this series doesn’t air on Netflix in all regions. The company does not have distribution rights in these areas. And the economy of scale could be another reason why this show is not on Netflix. The good news is, there are other platforms where you can access the series.

The TV series is rated high among the anime fans, and it is worth watching. It is an inspiring story with life relatable lessons that bond well with the audience.