Why Was the Lord of the Rings a Banned Book?

Why Was the Lord of the Rings a Banned Book?

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Authored by J.R.R. Tolkien, the ‘Lord of the Rings’ is notably one of the finest examples of fictional literature the world has come to know of and appreciate. However, considerable criticism was leveled against the trilogy of books and that too from a number of sources that led to its eventual banning. Thus, it does beg the question: was the ban warranted?

It was alleged that the books promoted unethical behavior in the form of people smoking whilst bringing to light messages of Satanism and witchcraft throughout various sections of the publications.  

I will now explain in greater detail as to why the Lord of the Rings books were banned and afford general reasoning behind such a stance being adopted. 

Why Were the Lord of the Rings Books Banned?

Why Was the Lord of the Rings a Banned Book?

Although considered to be one of the most treasured and well-read publications, the Lord of the Rings did suffer a fate similar to almost every other publication and author. As a whole, the books were criticized but the negative media did not stop there. Moreover, the negativity soon transformed into the banning of these publications, much to the annoyance and curiosity of book lovers the world over. 

As mentioned above, the books were thought to be at the very core of satanic behavior and witchcraft while also charged as depicting scenes of people engaged in smoking. Primarily speaking, various social groups and activists were the propagators of this practice which eventually resulted in the Lord of the Rings being banned. 

Many critics were of the view that young people ought to be safeguarded from reading such literary works and challenged authors in the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien to refrain from authoring books that might adversely impact the thinking and behavior of the general populace. 

When Were the Lord of the Rings Books Banned?

In spite of the author being a devout Christian and Roman Catholic to be exact, a fact that is evidenced in the plot of these publications which witnesses both good and evil forces pursuing a magical ring, the act of banning was soon to follow. 

Of considerable importance was the incident that transpired in 2001 outside the Christ Community Church in Alamagordo, New Mexico. A local group who was deeply disturbed by the underlying themes and teachings set ablaze these books in an act that drew widespread criticism and the odd raised eyebrow from readers throughout the world. 

Was Lord of the Rings Banned in the US?

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As made mention above, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was unfortunately banned with a local community group going a step further in burning the publications along with other novels of J.R.R. Tolkien in the year 2001 in New Mexico. 

The belief voiced by this group was that the books penned down furthered the practices of witchcraft and Satanism which were a far cry from Christian beliefs and values. 

Where Were Lord of the Rings Books Banned?

In terms of notable incidents pertaining to the banning of the Lord of the Rings books, the occurrence in New Mexico remains to date the most talked-about moment. 

While there is hardly any concrete proof of any significant banning or similar treatment of same, reports suggest that the mentioned works of the said author were initially scrutinized and thereafter, banned in a number of schools and public libraries in the United States of America. 

Worthy of mention is the fact that the Lord of the Rings trilogy came in at No. 40 on the banned book list that was compiled and published by the American Library Association.

Are Lord of the Rings Books Still Banned Somewhere?

Why Was the Lord of the Rings a Banned Book?

By and large, the books of the Lord of the Rings have been treated in a similar manner as to how books & publications from authors, in general, are received and commented on. 

Thus, though, criticism and negative media continue to swirl around the Lord of the Rings publications to a greater extent, I say that literary aficionados and book lovers acknowledge that the said books are amongst the most sought-after texts on the topic of fictional storytelling. 

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