Will Moon Knight Be in Captain America 4?

Will Moon Knight Be in Captain America 4?

Moon Knight was one of the most ambitious projects that the MCU has done so far, and it was relatively successful. However, it opened so many possibilities for the future of Oscar Isaac’s fan-favorite character in the MCU. We still don’t know when we’ll see Moon Knight back in action, but some rumors are spreading already. So, will Moon Knight be in Captain America 4?

Moon Knight could potentially appear in Captain America 4, pairing with Sam Wilson’s Cap as either an ally or a foe – at least at the beginning. However, the source of these rumors isn’t that reliable, and it’s more likely that Marc Spector will return for other projects.

Marvel is introducing a plethora of characters that could potentially team up in the future to create the Thunderbolts, the Midnight Sons, and other awesome comic crews that could potentially feature Moon Knight. Let’s explore Moon Knight’s potential MCU future a bit deeper.

Will Moon Knight Appear In Captain America 4?

As I’ve mentioned, there’s a big possibility that Moon Knight could appear in Captain America 4, teaming up with Sam Wilson and, potentially, Bucky Barnes. The first rumor about it came from a Twitter account called Greatphase, which suggested that “The main crew of Cap 4 will be Sam, Bucky, Joaquin Torres and Moon Knight.”


Additionally, just recently, there were some rumors spreading on 4chan and Reddit, claiming that the main crew will be Captain America, Bucky, Moon Knight, and a new Falcon, portrayed by Danny Ramirez. Also, it said that the scriptwriters ought to be Dalan Musson and Marcus Spellman.

Now, it might be odd that two different “leak sources” suggest the same thing. When that happens with the MCU, it usually turns out to be true. That being said, I would call neither of the sources truly legit or trustworthy. For instance, Greatphase sometimes goes out with a bunch of rumors – alleged “leaks” – and then only one or two turn out to be true.


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So, will Moon Knight appear again in Captain America 4? Well, he could, but take that with a grain of salt. I believe there are other projects that he could appear in before the next Cap movie that would lead to his appearance in Captain America 4. Let’s see how he would fit in.

How Does Moon Knight Fit Into Captain America 4?

Rumors are just rumors. However, if this one turns out to be true, how would Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight fit into Anthony Mackie’s Captain America? Well, I could see that dynamic working in several ways.

They are almost diametrically opposite to one another with their MOs. Sam Wilson works from a moral high ground, always aiming to do the right thing, just like his mentor, Steve Rogers. Even when going up against the toughest villains, who seem the most vile and unrepairable, Cap will do what he can to get them to the right side.

On the other hand, Moon Knight doesn’t care all that much about morals or keeping violence in check. He’ll do what must be done to get to his goals without caring about the consequences of his actions. We’ve seen much more violence and aggression from Marc Spector in the comics, but MCU’s Moon Knight has shown glimpses of that as well.


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Seeing that the MCU has a newfound nack of playing around with its morally questionable characters, keeping them in a limbo state between being a hero or a villain. We saw that once again in Doctor Strange 2, where Wanda Maximoff turned out to be the main villain.

That’s the dynamic I could see working for Cap and Moon Knight, too. Marc/Steven/Jake would do some questionable stuff, and Captain America would go after him and probably pull him out and show him the right way in the end. They could possibly team up against a bigger threat together.

They have done it in the comics before. After the Fear Itself storyline, Captain America actually recruited Moon Knight to be a part of the Secret Avengers. They also teamed up in a particular storyline where the two search for a secret ancient artifact – if I remember correctly.

moon knight captain america in comics

Seeing that Moon Knight has strong connections with Egyptian mythology and artifacts, I could see the writers working that into an MCU story. I’m aware that those stories and team-ups were between Marc Spector and Steve Rogers, but the MCU could easily make the swap and work Sam Wilson into the story with Moon Knight instead of Steve.

Also, the new Captain America and Moon Knight both dove into more serious topics and deeper societal issues, such as racism and our lack of understanding of mental health disorders such as Marc Spector’s DID. Although the tone of the two shows was quite different, I can see the writers making it work.

Still, I don’t really think it would be the best fit for another Moon Knight appearance. Let’s quickly review what the MCU future could look like for Marc. I mean, Jake. Steven? Whatever.

Moon Knight’s Future In The MCU

While I’m not excluding a potential cameo in Captain America 4, there are great spots for Moon Knight to appear in before and after it.

One particular idea I liked is that Moon Knight is coming sooner than we expected. Thor: Love and Thunder will obviously include other deities outside of Norse mythology. I mean, we know Zeus will play a role in the movie, which is a Greek god. Perhaps we could see some Egyptian mythology in there too? It would be a great way to get a Thor/Marc team-up.

Seeing that US Agent, Taskmaster, and Yelena Belowa’s Black Widow have already been introduced into the MCU, many speculated that the Thunderbolts team-up is inevitable in the future. For those who don’t know, the Thunderbolts are sort of Marvel’s version of DC’s Suicide Squad – a team of antiheroes doing heroic stuff.


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Seeing that all those characters kind of operate in a morally grey area, Moon Knight would certainly fit the bill. Still, I’d prefer to see Moon Knight in a team-up with Spider-Man. It happened in the comics numerous times, seeing that they both operate on the streets of New York. We don’t know what Spidey’s MCU future is right now, but it could be awesome.

We still don’t know a lot about MCU’s Halloween Special, except that it’ll feature Jack Russell, aka Werewolf by Night. That’s all I need to believe Moon Knight will be a part of the story, too, because the first time we’ve ever seen Moon Knight was in the pages of Werewolf by Night, where Marc was hired to kill the Werewolf, but let him go instead.

Finally, I would just love to see Moon Knight in the new Blade movie with Mahershala Ali. There were so many announcements about how the Moon Knight series will be unhinged and violent, but we haven’t really seen a lot of that.

Now, I know the new Blade won’t be nearly as bloody or horror-esque as the Wesley Snipes-led trilogy, but him and Moon Knight working together could finally give us the real picture of who Moon Knight is in the comics. There has been a lot of talk about the Midnight Sons coming into the MCU, so this would be the perfect spot to make it happen – or at least give it a nice start.

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