World Breaker Hulk vs. Broly: Who Would Win a Fight?

hulk vs broly

The world of fiction is home to plenty of different berserkers capable of destroying entire worlds. Of course, we know that Marvel’s most powerful Hulk version is World Breaker Hulk, which is said to be able to destroy entire planets. On the other hand, Broly is Dragon Ball’s version of a berserker whenever he enters his Legendary Super Saiyan transformation. So, in a fight between World Breaker Hulk and Broly, which berserker would win?

It is difficult to tell who between World Breaker Hulk and Broly is stronger because of how the power scaling in both worlds is very different. However, World Breaker Hulk is smarter, whereas Broly is faster. But both have similar attributes in terms of strength, durability, and feats. 

The thing about World Breaker Hulk and Broly is that they are very similar and have abilities that may be able to cancel out each other’s advantages over the other. That’s why we can’t decide who is stronger between these two gigantic berserkers. So, with that said, let’s look at this fictional battle in greater detail to understand why it is too close to call.


We all know that the Hulk’s strength is limitless because he will only grow stronger the angrier he gets. World Breaker Hulk is not only the Hulk at his angriest but also represents the green giant at his strongest. That means this version of the Hulk is so strong that he could destroy entire planets with incredible strength. At one point, World Breaker Hulk caused an earthquake that shook the foundations of an entire city with just a single step of his foot.

hullk footstep

Broly is a character that only got stronger throughout the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie as he learned how to tap into his deep potential. His Super Saiyan form was strong enough to overwhelm Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue transformation and Golden Frieza. We all know that Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza are strong enough to destroy entire planets with punches. So, for Broly to overwhelm these characters, that would mean he is strong enough to easily destroy entire planets.


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The strength scaling in Marvel and Dragon Ball are very different. But the fact is that both World Breaker Hulk and Broly have strength levels that exceed imagination. As such, we are calling this one a tie.

World Breaker Hulk 0, Broly 0


World Breaker Hulks speed can be deceptive because he is incredibly large and powerful. However, because of his strong muscles, he can move at blinding speeds that can match the speeds of Thor and Sentry, who are both quite fast. As such, while he may not be as fast as a speedster, World Breaker Hulk is still fast enough to keep up with some of the fastest powerhouses in the Marvel Comics universe.

One thing often overlooked in the Dragon Ball universe is the speed at which the characters move. Of course, we usually see the characters moving at speeds that are enough for our eyes to comprehend, but they have always been able to move faster than the speed of light. In Broly’s case, he is just as fast as the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza, and he can also match the blinding speed of someone as fast as Gogeta.

broly vs vegeta 1

Because the characters of Dragon Ball can move at speeds that are too fast for the eyes to comprehend, we know that Broly should be able to move faster than World Breaker Hulk. That is why the Saiyan berserker takes this round over the green giant.

World Breaker Hulk 0, Broly 1


The Hulk was always a lot more durable than most other Marvel characters. But World Breaker Hulk has a durability level that is simply on another planet because his durability also increases in proportion to his strength. But the kicker is that World Breaker Hulk can create armor from his flesh, which means his durability is exponentially greater than the regular Hulk’s. After all, if World Breaker Hulk can survive attacks from the entire Avengers team, he would have to be the most durable Hulk to ever exist.

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Broly’s durability in Dragon Ball increased as he grew stronger and stronger. Initially, he struggled to keep up with Goku and Vegeta, but he eventually grew strong enough to withstand their strongest attacks when they entered Super Saiyan Blue. Meanwhile, Broly’s most powerful Super Saiyan state could withstand Gogeta’s Stardust Breaker, one of the fusion warrior’s finishing moves. As such, Broly’s durability is also on an entirely different level compared to the other Dragon Ball characters.


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World Breaker Hulk and Broly can withstand attacks that should be strong enough to destroy entire planets. Of course, we can’t compare the durability scaling between Marvel and Dragon Ball, but it is safe to say that both characters can take a million hits without a scratch.

World Breaker Hulk 0, Broly 1


One of the things that separate World Breaker Hulk from the regular version of the Hulk is the fact that he is much smarter. He may not be the genius that Bruce Banner is, but World Breaker Hulk can think at a level that exceeds the way a regular human being thinks. World Breaker Hulk is smart enough to develop battle strategies that only seasoned strategists can develop. He even devised a plan to defeat the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans, and the Illuminati.

hulk throne.jpg

Broly grew up on a strange planet with only his father to talk to. As such, he didn’t have a lot of avenues to learn about how things work and how to socialize with others. Of course, there’s also the fact that Saiyans were never the smartest type of people. In that regard, Broly, despite being just as old as Goku, actually grew up with the innocence and thinking of a child instead of a mature adult.

The fact that World Breaker Hulk is smarter than the average adult says a lot about his intelligence. Of course, this also means he is smarter than Broly, whose intelligence is a young boy’s level.

World Breaker Hulk 1, Broly 1


Out of all of the versions of the Hulk, World Breaker Hulk has the most impressive feats that may be too good to be true. World Breaker Hulk defeated the likes of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the Illuminati. On top of that, he even fought Sentry, one of Marvel’s most overpowered godlike characters, to a standstill. In that regard, we know that he is capable of feats beyond imagination, as it would take an incredibly powerful being to match the power of Earth’s strongest superheroes.


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Broly has one of the most impressive feats in the world of Dragon Ball because, despite being a new character in the official canon, he has already beaten the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza, who are all some of the strongest characters that Universe 7 has to offer. Granted that Goku and Vegeta were not in their strongest forms and that Frieza was yet to unlock his Black form, it was still incredible for Broly to defeat them easily. Their punches were so strong in his fight with Gogeta that he and the fusion warrior broke through time and space.

broly vs gogeta

Comparing World Breaker Hulk’s universe to the Dragon Ball universe would be unfair because the power scaling is different. In that regard, World Breaker Hulk should be just as impressive as Broly’s feats, even though Dragon Ball’s power scaling tends to be much more exaggerated than Marvel’s.

World Breaker Hulk 1, Broly 1

World Breaker Hulk vs. Broly: Who wins?

As mentioned, we can’t decide who between World Breaker Hulk and Broly is stronger because they are both as accomplished and strong as each other. Of course, many fans would agree that Dragon Ball’s power scaling is more exaggerated than Marvel’s power scaling.

But think of it this way: how strong would he be if we sent World Breaker Hulk to the Dragon Ball universe and applied the same power scaling to him? That’s right, and he would be somewhere near Broly’s power level. This is why we can’t decide who would win in a fight between World Breaker Hulk and Broly.

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