Frieza’s Third Form Explained: Including Power Levels

frieza 3rd form power

The Dragon Ball franchise is undeniably successful, having a range of loveable formats and millions of fans from all over the world. Frieza has undoubtedly been one of the most iconic antagonists to ever grace the community, with some shockingly glorious forms and power levels to match. That being said, many fans are still curious to find out more about Frieza’s Third Form and its power levels since this form hasn’t gotten much screen time over the years.

Frieza’s Third Form made its debut back in the 100th Chapter of the Dragon Ball manga series, during a battle with Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin. The Power Level of Frieza’s Third Form is at least 1,590,000, although Frieza did not refine this form – opting to continue pursuing new forms instead. As a result, it’s possible that Frieza’s Third Form could have a potential Power Level of around 2,000,000.

Despite the fact that Frieza’s Third Form is nowhere near his Final Form or his hypothesized maximum power, this form is still a monstrous force to be reckoned with – having the capacity to take down quite a few powerful Dragon Ball characters. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Frieza’s Third Form in the Dragon Ball saga, including its origins and power levels.

Frieza’s Third Form: Explained

Frieza (occasionally known as “Freeza”) is possibly the most infamous villain to have appeared in Dragon Ball overall, occasionally jumping back and forth between teams for personal motives and always leaving fans unsure of his true character. That being said, there is one skill that Frieza has really refined despite not being a Saiyan – discovering new power levels and forms to match.

frieza power

This is possibly the primary reason why Goku and others have really struggled to keep up with Frieza overall – one can never quite get him down for long, let alone eliminate him completely. Frieza always seems to have something new tucked up his sleeve, whether it be a new technique, a glistening new skin, or a brand new body entirely.


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Such is the case with Frieza’s Third Form, a terrifying form with some of our favorite Dragon Ball heroes quaking from the beginning. Although, since he doesn’t hold this form for long and doesn’t appear to use it often before developing his more powerful forms, Dragon Ball fans will have quite a few questions regarding this form’s true potential.

Third Form Origins & Appearance

Frieza’s Third Form initially made its debut back in the 100th Chapter of the Dragon Ball manga series, “Frieza’s Second Transformation”. The chapter featured Frieza’s Third Form on the cover, bringing attention to this new form and how much of a challenge it would be for the leading Dragon Ball protagonists.

friezas second transformation

He initially began taking on this form as Piccolo, Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin watched on in horror. Check out Frieza’s grotesque Third Form transformation and skills in the video below, thanks to DRAGON BALL Z ERIES.

Large spikes began to grow from Frieza’s back as his nose began to disappear and his skull became elongated – followed by sharp fangs and enlarged armor on his shoulders. Krillin stated that Frieza had transformed into a monster, although he had no idea how powerful this new form actually was – Piccolo’s incoming onslaught would be beyond brutal.


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Third Form Power Levels

Frieza used this Third Form to quickly dominate Piccolo and repel Gohan’s rage-charged blast. Vegeta was the one who first noticed the drastic shift in Frieza’s power levels after he had transformed into his Third Form.


He noted that his power was greater than before and that all previous injuries or weaknesses had been healed upon his transformation. This sudden increase in Frieza’s Ki and ability was also detected by Goku, who was stuck elsewhere at the time.

Frieza does not maintain this form for long, as he states that he would be able to defeat everyone on site in this form but still decides to continue transforming. It’s still believed that Frieza’s Third Form is far more powerful than his base forms, although there are conflicting Power Level reports.


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The Power Level of Frieza’s Third Form fluctuates around 1,590,000 according to most, although many fans believe that it could be much higher. A few Dragon Ball fans believe that Frieza’s Third Form could actually have a Power Level closer to 2,000,000 or possibly even higher – considering that his further forms surpass the seven-digit mark.

While this may seem like quite a jump, this may actually be fairly probable based on how Frieza’s power levels can rise as he refines a new form. Such was the case with the majority of his forms, as he can use the power of a form within a “Heavily Suppressed” state, “Suppressed” state, “Powered Up” state, “Full Power” state, and so on.

frieza 3rd form

This typically could translate into average percentages, reflecting the amount of stored power in use. More often than not, the power level would jump from 30% to 50%, 60%, or 70%, and rise until it finally reaches 100%.

Considering that Frieza’s Third Form did not see iterations of itself and that power levels usually increase multiple times within one form, it is quite possible that the true power of Frieza’s Third Form could be over 2,000,000. But, this is still purely theoretical as we haven’t seen this power level in action.

Frieza’s Third Form Compared to Other Forms

Frieza goes through a ton of transformations throughout the entire Dragon Ball saga, spanning numerous releases and installations. To date, the most powerful of his forms would have to be Black Frieza who debuted in the Dragon Ball manga, followed by various versions of Golden Frieza, True Golden Frieza, Golden Xeno Frieza, as well as Godlen Xeno Frieza when fused with a Dark Dragon Ball.

golden frieza

That being said, Frieza’s Third Form is still incredibly powerful – far too powerful to be matched by most of Dragon Ball’s main characters (apart from God-like Goku, of course). Unlike many of Frieza’s other forms, Frieza did not alter his Third Form by powering up or using it in varied percentages, leaving plenty of room for speculation.

Below are all of Frieza’s forms and their power levels depicting how they compare with the power of his Third Form, with stats thanks to the Perfect Power Level List Wiki. To simplify the comparison process, the stats of all his forms have only been noted with their possible power level ranges.

Frieza FormPower Level
Frieza 1st Form30,000 – 530,000
Frieza 2nd Form1,060,000 – 1,200,000
Frieza 3rd Form1,590,000 – 2,000,000
Frieza Final Form3,000,000 – 160,000,000
Mecha Frieza2,700,000 – 160,000,000
Frieza (Fusion Reborn)8 Billion
Frieza Form (Revived)520,000 – 60 Trillion
Golden Frieza (All Variants)8 Quintillion – 255 Quintillion
Frieza (Tournament Of Power Saga)600 Trillion – 1.2 Quadrillion
Black Frieza30.6 Septillion+
Xeno Frieza150,000,000 – 60 Trillion

That’s everything there is to know about Frieza’s Third Form in Dragon Ball, with images thanks to the Dragon Ball Wiki. Although this form may not be Frieza’s most powerful, it’s still been a ruthless force in battle and has helped Frieza accomplish some seriously astonishing gains throughout the Dragon Ball storyline.

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