‘Wrongful Death’ Movie: Release Date, Cast, Plot, & Filming Locations

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Wrongful Death is an upcoming thriller movie directed by Vjekoslav Katušin, based on a script by Miroslav Trčak. The central theme of the movie revolves around David Moore (played by Michael Paré), who seeks to relieve his guilty conscience by discovering the truth about the death of his son, including the identity of the perpetrator and their motives.

To unravel this mystery, he seeks assistance from Sophie McElroy (played by Isabella Brenza), the daughter of Senator McElroy (portrayed by Eric Roberts), while contending with a cut-throat journalist, a drug-dependent individual, and a deceitful woman with a troubled history, all of whom have a role in the plot. Further in the article, you can find everything there is to know about the movie before its release, including its release date, cast, plot, filming locations, and where to watch it.

Wrongful Death release date

The official release date has not yet been confirmed. What we do know is that the premiere of a 100-minute-long movie will take place in Germany in Munich in August, and it will be shown in Croatia on Halloween. The global market’s expected release date is December 22, 2023. The movie is currently in its editing and post-production phase. Editing is done in Croatia, while post-production will happen in Berlin, Germany.

Wrongful Death Cast

The cast of the Wrongful Death movie features a diverse group of talented actors, each bringing their unique skills and experiences to their respective roles. Most notable names in the movie include Michael Paré, who portrays Dr. David Moore, Isabella Brenza, who takes on the role of Sophia McElroy; and Eric Roberts, as Senator McElroy. Paré and Roberts have demonstrated their acting capabilities in many previous movies, and their performances in this thriller are expected to be captivating and memorable.

The supporting cast includes Alexander Man as Jake Mills and Raquel Montes as Maria Lopez. These actors bring depth and dimension to the story, allowing the audience to connect with the characters on a deeper level. Other notable cast members are Vjekoslav Katusin, who plays Lou Cefair, Luzifer Hubertus Geller as The German, Monique Bartnik as Victoria, Jenny Paris as Alice Coleman, Alona Hertha as Cataleya, and Alessio Medas as Mr. Rossi. The ensemble of skilled performers promises to create an engaging and suspenseful experience for viewers of the Wrongful Death movie. The movie’s director, Vjekoslav Katušin, said it’s very easy for him to work with American actors more than anyone else. They are wonderful people. So, he considers that the filming was very easy.


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Wrongful Death plot

Wrongful Death is a thriller. Although the movie’s plot has not yet been further explained, we bring you the main aspects of the story. The plot follows a father, David Moore, who has lost his son and is searching for the people responsible for his murder. A key part of the events revolves around Senator McElroy. The senator’s daughter, Sophie, helps David discover why his son was killed. The film is set inside the darkness of a spooky room, where a corrupt journalist and a sinful woman learn that their past actions now have cruel consequences, no matter how benevolent they seem at first.

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Wrongful Death by Vjekoslav Katušin
credit: Dream Team Pictures

Wrongful Death filming locations

The filming of the Wrongful Death movie is set in Croatia, Beli Manastir.

Beli Manastir is a town located in the easternmost part of Croatia, near the border with Hungary. It is situated in the region of Baranja, which is known for its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and fertile soil. The town has a long and interesting history, dating back to the Roman era, and it was an important center of trade and crafts during the medieval period. Today, Beli Manastir is a modern town with a population of around 8,000 people. It has a vibrant cultural scene, with numerous festivals and events throughout the year, including the Baranja Wine Route, which celebrates the region’s long winemaking tradition.

beli manastir
Beli Manastir, source

One of the main attractions of Beli Manastir is the Kopački Rit Nature Park, which is located nearby. This unique wetland area is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, including rare and endangered species such as the white-tailed eagle, the European otter, and the freshwater fish sturgeon. Michael Paré, one of the main actors, said that he finds Beli Manstir to be a romantic and charming place. He said that when he thinks of Europe, it’s the places like Beli Manstir that he has in mind, small and charming.

Here is what Vjekoslav Katušin, the movie’s director, had to say about the movie:

“The filming went even better than expected. We shot the entire movie within the planned timeframe. Of course, this is all possible when the preparation is done comprehensively and well. The entire team around the brothers Nebojša Lukić and Bojan Lukić in Beli Manastir did not just do a good job but an excellent one. Considering that it was the first time that the brothers and their company UBS built a film set, they delivered an incredible and outstanding performance. Without it, the movie wouldn’t have been possible.”

Katušin also said that the whole cast and crew had fun every day. They worked together and spent time together. The movie’s budget is between three to seven million euros. However, Katušin claims that there is no difference in quality between high-budget movies of 100 million euros and this movie because the best camera and lighting were also used in this movie. So, there is no lack of quality.

Emily Barting said that she really liked filming in Croatia. She said that she liked the people in Croatia and found them more open than people in Germany.


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Vjekoslav Katušin is a Croatian movie director with a German address. When he was asked why he decided to film the movie in Baranja, he said that he saw no reason why not to. He thinks that Baranja has beautiful locations and people and is a perfect place to shoot any movie genre. Baranja is his favorite Croatian region.

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