Yellowjackets: What Is the Meaning of the Queen of Hearts?

What is the meaning of queen of hearts in yellowjackets

Yellowjackets series delivers more mysteries than we can handle, and this week’s episode resolved some mysteries but put a lot more on our radar. One motif that we keep seeing from Season 1 is a deck of playing cards that the group found in the cabin. Cards were likewise referenced several times over the course of the series, but the most obvious hint came in episode 4 or Season 2 when Lottie hallucinates a Queen of Hearts card with eyes scratched out. Yellowjackets is a very symbolism-heavy show, and due to that, we’ve decided to analyze some theories and what we currently know. Let’s see, what is the meaning of Queen of Hearts in Yellowjackets?

The meaning behind the Queen of Hearts in Yellowjackets so far hasn’t been addressed in the show, but it’s probably related to rituals and Lottie’s status as “Antler Queen.” The card is likewise connected to “The Man with No Eyes” and the blood sacrifices that Lottie keeps making. If we draw a parallel to the real-life meaning of the Queen of Hearts, that card presents a strong and powerful woman, one that holds all the power, which is, in short, Lottie as a spiritual leader of the group.

Now that we’ve covered the theories regarding the Queen of Hearts, it’s time to analyze in more depth what we know about the cards. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

The group found the deck of playing cards when they discovered the cabin

One of the most important things that happened to the group in the first season was when they found an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere. The cabin certainly bolstered their chances of survival, but it likewise unleashed some terrifying and ancient evil, according to everything we’ve seen so far.

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The group found shelter, weapons, ammo, and a mummified corpse in the attic with a strange symbol etched nearby. They likewise found a deck of playing cards, and before the cards took on the more sinister role, they were used for entertainment and, naturally, they were used as means to assign daily jobs. As we can see, the group has been drawing cards to figure out who is going to take over certain duties for the day.

The cards definitely have a deeper symbolism in the show than this since certain hints are constantly being thrown in the passing, with the most obvious hint being delivered in episode 4 of season 2.

What is the meaning of queen of hearts in yellowjackets

Lottie is having hallucinations again, and at one moment, while reading the messages left to her by the cultists, she has a vision of a Queen of Hearts card. The card has its eyes scratched out. So why does Lottie keep getting visions of the Queen of Hearts?


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Queen of Hearts represents a powerful woman, a leader

If we consider the real-life meaning of the Queen of Hearts, it’s obvious that the card represents a powerful woman with a commanding presence, someone with a certain magnetism that everyone adores. A charming leader, perhaps? Or someone that managed to enthrall a whole group of people?

All of those things can be traced back to Lottie. We know that she assumed the role of a spiritual leader, and the group takes everything she says (and does) seriously because she appears to be a conduit for mystical powers. As a leader of the group, several people from the group look up to Lottie vehemently, asking her for advice and putting the role of a defacto decision-maker upon her.

The cult, the Queen of Hearts, the bees, the Antler Queen, it’s all connected

Lottie’s leader’s traits transferred well to the real world when she returned to civilization and assumed the position of a cult leader.
Additionally, Lottie and the cult generally seem to be very fond of the bees. In the last week’s episode, episode 3, Lottie had a whole speech about queen bees killing other potential queen bees before they hatch to get rid of the competition. Lottie likewise assumed the role of the Antler Queen, both in the series and on the promo materials.

It all makes sense, Lottie is the queen, and with all her powers, certain responsibilities came as well.

As the Queen of Hearts, Lottie gets to decide who lives and who dies

If Lottie is truly a Queen of Hearts, Antler Queen, and the queen bee of the whole group, it’s quite possible that she will be in charge of the rituals that decide who gets eaten, who lives, and who dies.

It’s also quite possible that as the Queen, Lottie decides whose blood to sacrifice, and blood sacrifice plays a considerable role in the series. We’ve seen that every time blood is shed, something good happens to the group, and in the last episode, after seeing the Queen of Hearts, Lottie went to the nearby trunk and slashed her palm open, drawing blood.

Lottie Blood Sacrifice

It appears as if she talked to some unseen entity, asking whether that amount of blood will be enough for sacrifice. It’s obvious that for whatever reason, Lottie keeps making sacrifices. She’s doing it to keep something even worse at bay.

The question remains who was Lottie talking to? It’s quite possible that she was addressing The Man With No Eyes, as the Queen of Hearts card appeared with her eyes scratched out.


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To sum everything up, the Queen of Hearts card in Yellowjackets might be connected to Lottie, who took on the role of “queen” for the group of survivors. As the queen bee, the antler queen of their group, she decides what and who to sacrifice. However, the official meaning behind the card hasn’t been revealed just yet.