Yellowjackets: What Is the Meaning of ‘Ill Veut du Sang’?

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The third episode of Yellowjackets season 2 presented us with several new mysteries. Those mysteries can be connected to the supernatural, but they can also be connected to the failing mental stability that all the characters have been experiencing in the last few episodes. One of those characters that seem to be the focus of the second season is Lottie, the spiritual leader of the group and the leader of her very own cult now that she has returned to civilization. In one of the most shocking scenes in the third episode, Lottie hears the phrase “Ill veut du sang” while she is hallucinating, and we’re here to explain to you what the phrase means. 

Ill veut du sang means “he wants blood” in French. The phrase has appeared two times in the series so far, and both of the times, it was used in a sacrificial context. Why the phrase seems to be connected to Lottie is so far still unclear, but it’s definitely connected to some kind of sacrifice ritual since it’s only been used in this context so far. 

Now that we’ve covered the exact meaning of the phrase, it’s time to analyze it in the context of the show. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Lottie sucks at French, but she understands blood 

Back in season 1 of Yellowjackets, we saw that Lottie ran out of her schizophrenia meds and now uses her delusions (most likely delusions, we’re not sure yet!) to impose her “spiritual leader” authority over the whole group. 

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Lottie always seemed to be the most likely out of all of them to start hearing voices and signs where none could be found due to her medical condition. What was surprising was the fact that the group just decided to run with it. Back when they first discovered the cabin, the group decided to hold the seance to “converse” with the spiritual world. 

Travis’ younger brother, who is still missing, by the way, asked Lottie to ask the spirits whether they would all die in the wilderness. The spirits seemingly got mad at the question, and Lottie started muttering the phrase Ill veut du sang, followed by strong gusts of winds shattering the windows. The phrase means “He wants blood” in French, and it has ominous undertones that if the group wants to survive, they need to sacrifice blood. To whom they need to sacrifice blood, we’re not sure yet, but it’s possible that it’s connected to The One With No Eyes that Taissa keeps seeing. 


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Lottie hears Ill veut du sang again during the hallucination 

One of the closing scenes of the third episode showed us Lottie inspecting her bee hives, only to discover all the bees are dead and covered with blood. She is shocked, and it was only hours before she showed them to Natalie and bragged about the fact that the queen bee stings to death other potential unborn queen bees, insinuating that “women will do everything to survive and thrive, and it’s natural.”

The hive obviously represents the group. She is the queen bee, and it’s possible that she killed someone from the group while they were stranded because that person threatened her. At least, this is the way I’ve understood that scene. Lottie may connect to those bees so much because this is the only way through which she can rationalize the horrible things she has done in the wilderness. “Hey, it’s natural; I had to do it!” 

Anyway, near the end of the episode, Lottie discovers that the bees are dead. Of course, she hallucinates this, but the bees are okay, and the hives are not covered in blood. She also hallucinates that one of her cult sycophants uttered the phrase Ill veut du sang to her. This is not what happened. The woman merely asked whether Lottie would join them for lunch, but it is obvious that the phrase is somehow connected to betrayal, death, sacrifice, and blood in general. 

Ill veut du sang  is a sacrifical phrase in Yellowjackets 

We’ve seen some insinuations so far that whatever entity now controls the group’s lives craves blood. We’ve seen in the third episode that Lottie gave Shauna a baby blanket with a strange symbol on it. As soon as the blood dripped from Shauna’s nose onto the symbol on the blanket, the group was blessed with dozens of dead birds that simply fell on the roof of their cabin, and now they don’t have to worry for a few days regarding food. 

Yellowjackets dead birds

In the second episode, we see something similar: Nat cut her leg to fake Javi’s death, and she spilled blood, so to speak. A strange and bizarre snow pile crashed onto Jackie’s body only a few hours later and extinguished the fire, allowing the group to eat her. 

Blood blanket yellowjackets

Good things will happen every time the group spills blood, and they will live.  Likewise, soon after making a bizarre altar in her basement, Taissa won her senatorial race. 

Due to everything, It’s obvious that the strange entity craves blood, and the group ultimately figures it out. So, Ill veut du sang literally means he craves blood – give him blood or else.