‘Young Sherlock’ TV Series Ordered by Amazon, Guy Ritchie is Back to Direct

'Young Sherlock Holmes' TV Series Ordered by Amazon, Guy Ritchie is Back to Direct

Next year will be 40 years since the premiere of Barry Levinson’s and Chris Columbus’ Young Sherlock Holmes, in which Nicholas Rowe (now 57) portrayed a young version of the famous detective. The screenplay was just based on Doyle’s original characters and was supposed to present the famous detective to a younger audience. And while we were promised a sequel, it never happened and the movie became a part of history, and still a much-beloved children’s film. But, it has been confirmed that we are going to go back to a younger Sherlock Holmes, although in a somewhat different format.

Namely, Amazon Prime has confirmed that an eight-episode series titled Young Sherlock has been ordered, with a tentative release date set for sometime in 2025, although details on the series are still scarce, we do – as you will soon see – have some important updates for you.

Unlike the original movie, this series will actually adapt the Young Sherlock Holmes book series by Andrew Lane, which has been authorized by Doyle’s estate and currently consists of eight stories that follow Holmes as a teenager while he is solving cases around the world. This is a non-canon young adult series that was inspired by the success of the Young Bond series, where Holmes is portrayed both as a detective and as a hero from a thriller series.

The series, though, is going to stretch the “teenager” aspect a bit, as it will portray Holmes at the age of 19, which means that Amazon wanted to go with a young adult series, rather than something aimed at children exclusively. Here is the official synopsis:

At age 19, Sherlock Holmes is disgraced, raw, unfiltered, and unformed, when he finds himself caught up in a murder mystery at Oxford University which threatens his freedom. Diving into his first-ever case with a wild lack of discipline, Sherlock manages to unravel a globe-trotting conspiracy that will change his life forever

As for the cast and crew, we can confirm that the series will be directed by Guy Ritchie, who has already worked on the Sherlock Holmes universe while directing the RDJ movies (yes, Guy, we still want Sherlock Holmes 3!), so he is actually a veteran returning to the franchise. Knowing his usual directing style, the series will be action-packed and full of humor, probably in line with his movies, although it probably won’t act as an official prequel to the two movies. This is what Ritchie said about the series:

In Young Sherlock we’re going to see an exhilarating new version of the detective everyone thinks they know in a way they’ve never imagined before. We’re going to crack open this enigmatic character, find out what makes him tick, and learn how he becomes the genius we all love.

Source: Forbes

Aside from Ritchie, the actor who will portray Holmes in the series has also been confirmed, and it will be Hero Fiennes Tiffin (26), who has worked with Ritchie on The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, while Harry Potter fans might know him as the actor who played a young Lord Voldemort in the movies. We can also confirm that Matthew Parkhill (Deep StateRogue) will be writing the series.

This definitely sounds like a promising project, and more Sherlock Holmes is always good, so we will definitely keep you updated about the series and all the information that comes out in the future.

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