‘Your Place or Mine’ Ending Explained: Do Debbie and Peter End Up Together?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Your Place or Mine, a new romantic comedy arriving on Netflix this weekend. Aline Brosh McKenna directs the film. This is McKenna’s first feature film as a director after writing classics such as The Devil Wears Prada. The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Ashton Kutcher, Zoë Chao, Jesse Williams, and Tig Notaro. It tells the classic story of two friends who are actually in love with each other but trying to put the two characters together in a way that feels different from the way other movies do.

Your Place or Mine is a very pleasant romantic comedy that tries to bring back a genre that has definitely faltered in the last decade. There was a time when romantic comedies could do well at the box office. However, right now, with the rise of streaming as an entertainment platform, it seems like romantic comedies have found their true home in streaming, where they disappear as quickly as they appear. More than any other genre, including pure comedies, it seems like romantic comedies can say goodbye to their day of making big money at the theaters.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Your Place or Mine. Read at your own risk.

Why Do Debbie And Peter End Up Exchanging Houses?

The film starts immediately by introducing our two main characters, Debbie and Peter. We see them getting ready to have sex, and they start to know each other and share general facts about themselves. From there, the scene cuts to 20 years later. We are tricked into thinking they are sleeping in the same bed, but in reality, Debbie is in Los Angeles, while Peter is in New York with another woman. The truth is that Debbie and Peter never were a thing after that night; they became best friends, and that is where the relationship has stayed for 20 years.

The two have been living their own lives, but we hear how they shared many experiences through phone conversations. However, Debbie ended up marrying another man named Jimmy. She also has a son named Jack. Debbie is now an accountant and entirely devoted to her son Jack, in a way that might not be healthy. She is overprotective, and his son is already feeling the effects of it. He wants to play hockey with other children of their age, but her mom says it is too dangerous for him.

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Peter also has his own issues. He lives in New York and seems to have commitment problems. His girlfriend, Becca, breaks up with him as she feels their relationship is going nowhere. The same thing happens at work when Peter receives an offer of a permanent position at a company. Many others would be happy with such a proposal, but Peter rejects him and says he is ready to move on to other clients. It is at this moment that their lives clash once again in an unexpected manner.

Debbie had a trip planned for New York, where she would get a new accounting degree. However, the babysitter bails on her, and because she has no one to leave Jack with, she decides to stay. Peter will have none of that, so he offers himself to take care of Jack for a week in Los Angeles while Debbie can go to New York and stay at his place. They talk about how Debbie is such a good friend, and Peter feels he owes her. They accept, and Debbie moves to Peter’s place in New York, while Peter goes to Debbie’s house in LA.


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Do Debbie And Peter End Up Together?

Debbie arrives at Peter’s loft and finds it devoid of life. It seems that Peter only uses the place to sleep and not much else. She finds the place cold, even when it is so beautifully constructed. That same day she meets Minka, Peter’s ex-girlfriend, who heard that Peter had broken up with Becca and wanted to spend the night with him, only to find Debbie instead. Minka invites Debbie to a drink the next day. It is revealed that Debbie loves books and has always wanted to be an editor, which makes it even better when she meets an editor from a very important publisher the next day.

It is also revealed that this might be the reason why Debbie and Peter got together during that first meeting. They love books. Debbie wanted to be an editor, and Peter a novelist, but their lives ended up being quite different. Debbie meets Theo, an editor from a huge publishing house, and it is clear that he is into her. Minka tries to set them up together, but she also reveals that Peter did, in fact, write a novel. Debbie feels weird because Peter never told her about it. She is conflicted, but she ends up reading Peter’s novel and loves it.

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She has a meeting with Theo and gives Peter’s manuscript to him. Later, Theor replies, saying that the novel has colossal potential. Meanwhile, Peter is bonding with Jack in LA, helping him with his problems having friends, and finally letting him try out for the hockey team. During the tryouts, Jack gets injured, and Peter takes him to the hospital. Peter calls Debbie to inform him about Jack right in the middle of her meeting with Theo. Debbie rejects Theo and leaves for LA.

On the phone, Jack tells her mother that his weekend with Peter was the best of his life because he was allowed to be himself. However, Debbie is angry because Peter let Jack play hockey without consulting with her. They meet at the airport, and there they reveal their true feelings for each other. The issue is resolved quite easily, and the movie ends with both of them moving to another house and forming a nice family alongside Jack.

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