Zack Snyder Unveils Surprising Almost-Cast for Lex Luthor Role: “He Was Really Smart About the Character”

zack snyder leo dicaprio as lex luthor

Zack Snyder’s DCEU garnered praise for its boldness, but it also faced criticism, particularly for casting choices and deviations from source material.

Regarding casting, Snyder’s interpretation of live-action adaptations introduced one of the least favored portrayals of Lex Luthor in history, played by Jesse Eisenberg. This isn’t a criticism of Eisenberg himself, but rather a reflection on how he may not have been the best fit for the role.

Luthor was frequently mentioned in ‘Man of Steel,’ but his initial on-screen appearance came in ‘Batman v Superman.’ Despite widespread disappointment with his portrayal, he made appearances in the post-credits scenes of ‘Justice League’ and Snyder’s Cut.

Years later, Snyder disclosed that he had extensive discussions with a notable actor about the Luthor role. He made this revelation during the Happy Sad Confused podcast while promoting his latest movie ‘Rebel Moon.’

Snyder disclosed that he had a meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio about the role, during which DiCaprio demonstrated a deep understanding of the character. Additionally, Snyder revealed that it was DiCaprio who proposed the idea of Superman facing off against the Justice League at some point.

I think DiCaprio, had a lot of great ideas actually just in the meeting. I think in the end he was like “you know, I don’t know.” But, he was really smart about the material and really smart about the character. I think he was the one who mentioned to me the idea…about Superman fighting the Justice League at some point. I was like “that’s cool.”

Snyder also mentioned that DiCaprio is a big fan of comics.

Despite DiCaprio’s lack of interest in the casting, Snyder appreciated the valuable ideas he contributed. What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments below!

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