Zawe Ashton Reveals: Captain Marvel Was Slated To Die in One of ‘The Marvels’ Endings

captain marvel was supposed to die

“The film ‘The Marvels’ marked the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) franchise, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a box office disappointment for both Marvel Studios and Disney. While audiences appreciated the chemistry among the main trio of Larson, Parris, and Vellani, the movie faced significant criticism in other areas.

One of the primary points of contention was the portrayal of the main villain, Dar-Benn, played by Zawe Ashton. Although Ashton delivered an impressive performance, the character of Dar-Benn lacked depth, and her motivations for the actions she took remained unclear. Fans were particularly frustrated by the fact that Dar-Benn, armed only with the Quantum Band, appeared to overpower Captain Marvel—a superhero known for her immense strength within the MCU.

During an interview on the Phase Zero podcast, Zawe Ashton shed light on Dar-Benn’s fate. Surprisingly, Ashton revealed that the character’s ending wasn’t originally part of the plan, as several other endings were either discussed or talked about.

There was another ending that we did film where Brie and myself are kind of in space still having it out, and they kind of combust together.

Ashton also revealed that an unfilmed ending was in consideration—one that would have prominently featured water. However, regardless of the specific ending discussed, the filmmakers were committed to ensuring an epic demise for Dar-Benn. 

I wonder how fans would react to Captain Marvel meeting her demise at the hands of a C-list villain. Such an unexpected turn would undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Despite Dar-Benn’s demise, we eagerly anticipate seeing more of Ashton’s talent in future projects.


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After a month-long theatrical run, ‘The Marvels’ raked in $80 million in domestic box office revenue and just under $197 million worldwide. Unfortunately, these figures fell short of covering the approximate $220 million net budget—a departure from the MCU’s usual success. As expected, ‘The Marvels’ became the lowest-grossing MCU film to date, especially after its meager $46 million domestic opening—the lowest in MCU history. The subsequent weekend witnessed an alarming 80% drop from that initial number, setting yet another negative record for the MCU.

For those who missed it in theaters, ‘The Marvels’ is now available for streaming on Disney+. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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