How Strong Is Captain Marvel? All Her Powers Explained

How Strong is Captain Marvel? Here Are The Facts

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Ever since Carol Danvers was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans wondered just how powerful she is. She has many interesting abilities and has faced the greatest villain of the universe with fairly little effort promoting everyone to wonder just how strong is Captain Marvel. 

Although Captain Marvel is by no means the most powerful Marvel character she was at one point the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is currently a close second.

If you want to know more about this powerful hero and how she ranks among introduced characters and who could defeat her keep reading.

How strong is Captain Marvel 

How Strong is Captain Marvel? Here Are The Facts

While there are a plethora of memorable displays of her power in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are some of the most memorable moments from the comics which prove just how strong Captain Marvel is.

Her capacity to absorb various types of energy may be the most potent of her numerous superpowers. It’s the foundation of her talents, allowing her to absorb whatever is hurled at her, absorb it into her body, and utilize it as a protection against whatever she’s up against.

She can absorb all forms of energy, unlike Black Panther, who can only absorb kinetic energy. This involves absorbing the force of an atomic bomb and remaining completely unaffected. 

She appears to have no restrictions on the kind of energy she may absorb, making her one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

This insane amount of power also transitions to raw physical strength. Dr. Hank Pym tests her capacity to withstand a force of 92 tons at her basic strength when she is tested by the Avengers, but he acknowledges she could likely endure considerably more. 

This implies she can not only lift 92 tons, but she can also punch with that much force; there aren’t many Marvel heroes that can withstand that kind of damage.

Her original set of powers also involve the traditional power of flying. Captain Marvel travels at about three times the speed of sound, or Mach 3, in typical working conditions. That’s about 1,029 meters per second or 2,301 miles per hour for the math nerds out there.

In one case, she travels in one minute and 58 seconds from Broadway to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere. Given a distance of 10,000 kilometers, this equates to a speed of 189,571 mph or 247 times the speed of sound.

That speed appears to be a snail’s pace while she is Binary, but she isn’t totally restricted to those numbers these days. 

Her airspeed may improve and become considerably quicker if she is adequately enhanced. Her peak speed is unknown and not stated in the books, although she has been able to maintain Mach 3 for long hours.

This is only her natural unaided form. However, Carol is also able to tap into her Binary form which makes her even more powerful. 

She can tap into the energy of a “white hole” while she is in her Binary form, giving her total control over star energies. Controlling all light within the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as heat and gravity, are among them.

Binary can also travel at the speed of light and exist in space’s vacuum without the use of extra oxygen or any other kind of protection. 

With her abilities, she may also utterly annihilate worlds. Her capabilities dwindled once she lost contact with the white hole, although she kept some of her Binary abilities. If she is given the right amount of energy, she can still achieve those heights.

When she was in Binary form, she destroyed the Brood’s homeworld. While fighting the Brood Queen, she turns her into a crystal, destroying the whole planet.

Although all of these powers are extremely impressive the one thing that makes Carol so powerful is her ability to heal. Her talent to control energy allows her to heal from injuries faster than others. When she is hurt, she manipulates the energy in her body to heal herself quickly.

When a superhero can strike as hard as Danvers, it’s only natural that she can also take a punch. That’s putting it mildly, given Danvers is near-invincibility. 

She is bulletproof, but she has been proved to be considerably more than that in the comics: she has deflected a punch from the Hulkbuster armor, had buildings dumped on her, withstood an attack from Phoenix Magik, and even fell from orbit and lived – on several occasions.

There isn’t much that can damage her, but even if she does, it isn’t a big deal. Danvers, like Wolverine, Spider-Man, and a slew of other Marvel superheroes, possesses a healing factor.

Is Captain Marvel the strongest Avenger? 

How Strong is Captain Marvel? Here Are The Facts

This particular question has been a center of discussion among fans ever since the character has been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

While some fans were quick to point out that none of the opponent’s Captain Marvel faced so far presented a challenge to her, others claimed that there are other characters whose potential has not to be presented to the full extend. Many fans claim that those characters, most notably Wanda, are in reality much stronger than Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel was introduced to the team while the main spots were still taken by the original Avengers. There is no denying that she is more powerful than all of them. 

Captain Marvel is the strongest of the Avengers, according to Kevin Feige as well. She would surely be on top if we were looking at the comics. 

While she possesses the standard superhuman skills, she also possesses a unique “seventh sense” that outperforms Spidey’s sixth sense. She is physically stronger than all of the Avengers, even Thanos, as evidenced by her refusal to budge when Thanos hits her. 

However, based on the powers displayed in the MCU, Captain Marvel didn’t get the chance to show off everything she has to offer. Even with only a fraction of her power, she was the most powerful member of the team.

However, with Thanos defeated, Marvel Cinematic Univers has entered a new phase where new heroes have been introduced and the ones that were previously in the background are now in the center of their own plots.

For a short amount of time, it seemed like Captain Marvel would remain the most powerful hero even among these new and supposedly more powerful heroes.

However, all of this was change family recently. To be fair, if you were paying attention during the final battle in Endgame you saw this coming. In January of this year, a long-awaited Marvel spin-off show was released.

Many fans were aware of the fact that the events of the show will have an effect on the following events in Marvel Cinematic Universe, very few had this kind of development in mind.

The show starts fairly normal, with nothing to get your spidey senses tingling, however, it shortly becomes clear that the show will present the fans with just how powerful Wanda actually is. 

Although she wasn’t as powerful as Captain Marvel during the events of Endgame, her powers grew exponentially during the course of the series to the point that many fans described them as scary. 

Wanda isn’t simply playing tricks on us. She’s constructing reality, a tangible environment filled by actual people who follow the script. Even for an Avenger with Wanda’s level of demonstrated raw might, that’s a lot of power to wield.

Wanda’s wrath towards Thanos for killing her lover Vision made her an exceptionally strong adversary on the battlefield in Avengers: Endgame. Wanda may be motivated by a similar urge to construct the perfect life in New Jersey right now.

Wanda’s abilities have reached an all-time high, which has sparked even more debate over Wanda’s abilities in comparison to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All of that considered it is safe to say that while Captain Marvel is extremely powerful and among the strongest Avengers currently, she is no longer holding the title of the most powerful one among the Earth’s mightiest heroes.


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Who is stronger than Captain Marvel? 

How Strong is Captain Marvel? Here Are The Facts

Although we could dedicate an entire article to characters who could defeat Captain Marvel, we’ll try to keep it short here. Aside from Wanda, who we talked about earlier, most of the other characters who could defeat Carol Danvers have not been introduced yet, which is why we’ll go through them quickly.

The first character that comes to mind, is an almost omnipotent character, The Beyonder. This character is so powerful that he got his powers reduces several times, yet he still remains the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe.

Another character who comes to mind is One-Above-All, Marvel Multiverse’s deity and creator, and it is as enigmatic as it is strong. The god is supposed to be the origin of all life in the cosmos, having been before Galactus or Eternity. The One-Above-powers All’s are boundless and unrivaled by any other creature, as one might assume.

The Living Tribunal, yet another cosmic behemoth, is an all-powerful creature tasked with balancing the universe’s forces who could easily defeat Captain Marvel. He appears to have total power over reality, shifting the balance of good and evil as he deems appropriate.  The Living Tribunal, on the other hand, has been known to answer to the Once-Above-All, implying that he does not always see himself as the universe’s single judge, jury, and executioner.

Another character that could easily defeat Carol is big bad many fans hope to see in the new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Galactus has been a feature of the comics since the 1960s, and throughout that time, he has eaten a large number of planets, frequently without concern for their people. His abilities are really omnipotent since he existed before the universe was created. Galactus can easily kill and generate life, making Captain Marvel or anybody else for that matter a little to no danger.

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