15 Best Anime Shows Like Tekken: Bloodline You Need to Watch

15 Best Anime Shows Like Tekken Bloodline You Need To Watch

Tekken: Bloodline is Netflix’s latest attempt at an anime series that uses its usual CGI animation. Of course, it is also the streaming giant’s latest attempt at a video game adaptation. But the good news here is that the people over at Bandai Namco actually supervised the creation of this series to deliver a Tekken anime that combines the storyline and trademark fighting styles that made the Tekken video games so popular.

Those who have binged through the six episodes of Tekken: Bloodline would know that the fighting scenes in this anime are quite good, especially because they were able to integrate the martial arts of the characters into the series. So, if you’re still hungry for an anime that is similar to Tekken: Bloodline, we got you covered.

15. Hip Whip Girl: Keijo!!!!!!


Yes, this is an anime that is almost purely fanservice because of the fact that it includes women with big breasts and buttocks fighting one another in a sport that requires them to knock each other out using their huge assets. Nevertheless, it belongs on this list due to the fact that it is actually a competitive anime, albeit quite the fanservice.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: The only reason why Hip Whip Girl Keijo!!!!!! is remotely close to Tekken: Bloodline is the fact that it includes competitive fighting in a different way. Nevertheless, despite the fanservice nature of this anime, it can still be a fun watch for those who want a more lighthearted approach to the fighting anime genre that can sometimes get a little bit too serious.

14. Vinland Saga


Vinland Saga focuses on the journey of a young Viking named Thorfinn, who ends up joining a ragtag crew of Viking mercenaries in an attempt to avenge the death of his father. This anime tries to retell the story of the Viking Age during the early part of the 11th century as the series includes a lot of Viking warfare and one-on-one battles that tend to be quite over the top when it comes to how awesome they are.


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Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: While there are a lot of differences between Tekken: Bloodline and Vinland Saga, the first thing that makes these shows so similar is the quest for revenge. In Tekken: Bloodline, Jin is on a journey to avenge his mother, and that’s why he sought the help of someone who he didn’t know was related to his mother’s death. Meanwhile, in Vinland Saga, Thorfinn joined the crew of the very man that killed his father so that he could find a way to avenge his father’s death through an honorable battle.

13. God of High School

god of high school.jpeg

When it comes to martial arts action, God of High School is nearly at the top because it features a tournament that, you guessed it, includes high school students who battle for the top honor of being called the God of High School. The series includes a lot of different capable fighters that showcase their own individual martial arts style in the hopes of winning the tournament. But the anime gets a bit too overwhelming when it becomes clear that supernatural powers are already getting included in the narrative.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: While God of High School already explores the fact that the fighters themselves have godlike abilities that aid them in their fights, the fact of the matter is that this is still similar to Tekken: Bloodline due to the tournament action that you can experience. Of course, Tekken: Bloodline isn’t too shy when it comes to the supernatural element as well but is not as over the top as Good of High School.

12. Hunter x Hunter


Arguably one of the greatest anime series of all time, Hunter x Hunter is one of the most approachable shows that anyone could watch because of how it includes a lot of great narratives in a storyline that explores different stories and struggles. But while the tournament style of fighting isn’t the focus here, you get to see different fighters using different styles that allow them to excel in certain situations, regardless of who they are up against. 

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: Even though Hunter x Hunter doesn’t focus on the tournament aspect of the series (even though the Hunter Exam and the Heaven’s Arena arcs are basically tournaments), you do get a lot of fights in this anime. And the aspect that makes it so similar to Tekken: Bloodline is the fact that every fighter has a unique fighting style that they use to try to find an advantage over their opponent.

11. YuYu Hakusho

yuyu 1

YuYu Hakusho is one of the most popular 90s anime of all time, as there is no doubt that it is full of action and excitement. The anime follows an underworld detective that can cross the plane between the human world and the underworld after he dies in an accident. Through the help of his friends, he ends up having to face some of the toughest demons in the underworld and has to actually take part in a series of different tournaments to do so.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: The most memorable part of YuYu Hakusho has got to be the fact that this anime explores the tournament theme quite too often, as most of the fights against the toughest opponents in the series take place during tournaments. As such, that is what makes this series so similar to Tekken: Bloodline, even though they don’t really have a lot in common outside of the tournament trope.

10. Dragon Ball Z/Super


One of the most popular anime storylines of all time is Dragon Ball, which began early in the 80s and is still ongoing today through the Dragon Ball Super storyline. While the Super storyline already explores godlike powers, the series was humble enough to start out with a martial arts tournament that allowed the strongest martial artists in the world to test out their skills. The tournament trope continued even until the events of Dragon Ball Super, where the Tournament of Power required Goku and his friends to win against the other universes in the multiverse so that they could save their own universe from destruction.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: Despite the fact that Dragon Ball Z and Super are two of the most over-the-top anime series of all time, the fact that they include the tournament aspect as a recurring theme makes them similar to Tekken: Bloodline. Of course, the original Dragon Ball anime is much like Tekken: Bloodline in the sense that it focuses on Goku’s attempt to win the world’s top fighting tournament.

9. Fairy Tail

fairy tail

Fairy Tail may be a series that focuses more on magic than actual fighting skills, but it does have its own charms for those who love anime that includes plenty of fight scenes. This is an anime with action scenes that are over the top because of how they can be quite exaggerated but still very much entertaining. And you will have a lot of fun following the adventures that Natsu and all of his other Fairy Tail friends go through in this long anime series.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: Even though Fairy Tail doesn’t explore martial arts or fighting in general, it does have plenty of action, just like Tekken: Bloodline. There is even a good arc where the heroes take part in a tournament that determines the strongest guild in the entire continent. And that is an aspect that you will find entertaining if you love the tournament theme that comes with Tekken: Bloodline.

8. My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series today as it explores the story behind a hero-in-training that wanted to be a heroic figure but couldn’t do so because he was one of the few people born without powers (quirks). Nevertheless, through the hand of fate, he was able to inherit one of the most powerful quirks in the world as he now has the responsibility of using this power for good in a world full of evil villains that are willing to use their own powers for evil.


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Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: My Hero Academia doesn’t focus on the tournament theme that Tekken: Bloodline has. But there was an arc where all of the different hero high schools in Japan took part in a tournament-like competition to determine the top freshmen. That is where the tournament aspect of My Hero Academia comes, as this was one of the most entertaining arcs in the entire anime.

7. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been going on for a very long time and is extremely popular among different anime fans because of its combination of manly action and eccentric comedy. The storyline follows several generations of the Joestar family and includes characters with powerful alter-ego powers called Stands, which allow them to fight other people who have the ability to command Stands. Every JoJo series has its own story to tell but is connected to all of the different other JoJo series.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: It is actually the Stardust Crusaders arc of JoJo that is so similar to Tekken: Bloodline because it follows a group of people who are on a mission that requires them to defeat a specific opponent. But the difference here is that, while Tekken: Bloodline focuses on a tournament-style battle, Stardust Crusaders was more of a gauntlet experience that required the heroes to defeat all of the villains that tried to get in their way.

6. Flame of Recca

flame of recca

Flame of Recca is another extremely popular 90s anime series that 90s kids can still fondly remember. The storyline follows the journey of a high school student with the power to control flames, as he soon discovers that he was the descendant of an old ninja clan whose leader had the same ability that he had. Armed with this ability, he now has to join a tournament with his friends to defeat his older half-brother, who also has the same flame-wielding abilities that he has.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: While Flame of Recca doesn’t focus a lot on martial arts, it does focus on the different powers and abilities that the different fighters use against their opponents. But the thing that makes it so similar to Tekken: Bloodline is that it actually focuses its best arc on the tournament aspect, as this was the part of the anime that the storyline heavily relied on to deliver its narrative.

5. Kengan Ashura


Another Netflix original anime, Kengan Ashura, is a series that focuses more on martial arts and fighting abilities than it does on supernatural abilities, even though it can still get a bit too exaggerated. The series focuses on the different fighters that decided to join a tournament to represent certain corporations as these corporations actually use the tournament to settle disputes with one another and to crown the top conglomerate in the corporate world.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: One of the things that truly make Tekken: Bloodline and Kengan Ashura so similar is the fact that martial arts and fighting abilities are at the center of the entire narrative. Of course, there’s also the fact that each of the fighters in Kengan Ashura has its own different abilities and backstories. And like Jin Kazama, Ohma Tokita seems to be a young fighter with his own hidden yet scary abilities that any fighter needs to watch out for.

4. Samurai Champloo


Samurai Champloo focuses on the journey of a trio of misfits as they travel throughout Japan for a specific mission. The truth is that the two people involved in this journey are actually rival fighters that can’t seem to defeat each other in a battle. But they are forced to work for a young girl looking for a specific samurai after she saves them from execution. In that regard, the trio embarks on a journey that includes a lot of fighting and misadventures.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: Samurai Champloo, unlike Tekken: Bloodline, doesn’t include a tournament-style narrative. However, what makes it so similar to Tekken: Bloodline is the fact that the series includes different fighting styles that can be employed in certain situations. And it is ultimately the character’s own fighting style and strength that allows them to win in the fights in Samurai Champloo.

3. Megalo Box


Megalo Box is an action anime that centers on a slumdog boxer who wishes nothing more but to become one of the most popular boxers around. This is where he ends up having to create a false identity so that he can enter the Megalonia Tournament, which is one of the biggest boxing tournaments in the world. Of course, due to the action nature of the anime, this is full of intense fight scenes that can be quite bloody and downright entertaining.


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Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: Megalo Box is one of the more grounded anime when it comes to how its action scenes are delivered. But make no mistake about the fact that it can still be a bit exaggerated. Of course, its action scenes and tournament-centered narrative are what allow it to be so similar to Tekken: Bloodline.

2. Hajime no Ippo


Of course, we have another boxing anime on this list as Hajime no Ippo is the more popular boxing anime compared to Megalo Box. This series follows the story of how a high school boxing sensation named Makunouchi Ippo was able to work hard to become a great boxer, as he takes part in several different fights and tournaments that test his strength as a boxer. And this is an intense anime that allows you to see the trials and tribulations that Ippo has to go through to become the ultimate boxer.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: The competitive aspect of Hajime no Ippo is what makes it so similar to Tekken: Bloodline because we are talking about two storylines that focus heavily on a character’s will to succeed as a fighter. There are differences in terms of how the fights are delivered, but we can’t deny the fact that Hajime no Ippo’s action-focused narrative is still quite similar to how Tekken: Bloodline delivered its action-based narrative.

1. Baki


Baki is an anime storyline that is composed of different series that all focus on the journey of a young fighter named Baki, who is the son of the greatest fighter in the world and has to work his way up to become an even greater fighter than his father. Of course, Baki had to endure tournaments in the storyline to become one of the most prominent fighters in the world, but it was ultimately the victories that he enjoyed that made him strong enough to want to challenge his father in a battle that could determine who is the strongest fighter.

Why It’s Like Tekken: Bloodline: Like Tekken: Bloodline, Baki includes a lot of different characters that have their own strengths and styles as fighters. There’s also the fact that there were fighting tournaments that were held to determine who was the strongest. But the greatest aspect that makes it similar to Tekken: Bloodline is the fact that the main character has to work hard to become strong enough to take on a family member, as Jin had to fight his grandfather Heihachi just like how Baki is looking to fight his father.

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