‘1923’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained: Do Spencer and Alex Get Rescue from Their Shipwreck?

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Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for Episode 5 of 1923, titled “One Ocean Closer to Destiny.” This episode picks up right where the last one left us, and, oh boy! The previous episodes left us with a nerve-wracking cliffhanger where Spencer and Alex were put in the most danger they have ever been so far in the show. Their ship has capsized, and there seems to be no help on the way. Could this be the end for these characters? Thanks to their love story, they have become the show’s central piece, but everything has an end, especially in the Yellowstone Universe.

Meanwhile, Teonna’s storyline also ramped up. The young Native American girl had enough of the torture and abuse going on in the school, and she decided to take justice into her own hands, killing two nuns who had wronged her deeply in the past. Now she has become a fugitive, but she has found an ally in a shepherd named Hank, or at least that is what it looks like. Jacob continues to be a drag at the ranch because of his condition; his wounds have slowed him down considerably, and danger is only getting closer to the ranch and the people who live in it.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for 1923, Episode 6. Read at your own risk.

How Is The Recruiting For The Livestock Commission Police Going In Yellowstone?

The things in Yellowstone are becoming worse and worse. After Banner’s attack on the ranch, which killed several hands, and even John Dutton Jr., it seems like the family and their hold on the ranch is about to slip. The ranch might fall into the hands of people who want nothing more than to bring the progress that John Dutton would still be trying to stay away from in the current Yellowstone seasons. It seems like Sheridan is very much focused on a message of natural preservation for the franchise. For these characters, in both shows, some places need to remain as pure as they have been for centuries.


Who Is Jack Dutton to John Dutton Sr. and Jr. in 1923? Explained

Like it was established in previous episodes, Jacob and Cara want to install a livestock commission police force to deal with issues such as cattle disputes and thieving. In the current Yellowstone, we see that this police force will be created, and the Duttons will be at the head of it for quite a while. However, the organization’s beginnings seem to have been a bit rocky. Most of the people who present themselves for job interviews are criminals, bullies, and just bad people.

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Most of them also seem to have a big problem with Cara being behind the police force and, worst of all, that she is there conducting the job interviews. After days of running these interviews, they have only found two great candidates, while the rest are entirely worthless. Their goal is to recruit 20 agents for the force. It doesn’t seem like an easy task. A new candidate arrives from far away and wins both Cara and Sheriff McDowell’s praise, and he is given the job on the spot. The candidate says that Montana cannot be worse than Chicago.

Knowing that they need more allies who are aware of their problems, Cara does something he knows Jacob won’t like. The lie that Jacob has been following thieves to another state is exposed when Cara takes McDowell to Yellowstone. There, McDowell is informed that Banner’s men shot Jacob and that there are a lot of dead people in the valley, all of it under his nose. Jacob gets angry that now a lot of people know he is weak. However, he knows Cara is doing it for the greater good. Jacob says that those who threaten them must suffer, as they have suffered enough.

Do Spencer And Alex Get Rescue From Their Shipwreck?

The last episode showed us how the menacing ghost ship that was following Spencer and Alex at sea, crashed into them, capsizing their own tiny boat. The previous episode left us with their unknown fate, but Episode 6 starts immediately, showing us that Spencer has survived. However, Alex is still inside. Spencer dives into looking for her loved one and then brings her to the surface. He then returns to pick up his gun and other tools they might need to survive.

Spencer informs Alex that he managed to make a call to a ship nearby ship before the ghost ship crashed into them. This could mean they know they need help and might be on their way. However, Spencer also tells Alex that this might be it for them. They have no food or drinking water; without it, they won’t last a long time. They also have no protection from the sun, which might kill them even faster. Spencer talks about how, in just a couple of hours, the ocean has adapted to the boat being in that place when sharks and other fish begin to come close to the boat.

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The night arrives, and Spencer is asleep on Alex’s lap, but she can see the light in the distance. She wakes up Spencer, and they start screaming for help. Spencer uses his rifle and shoots into the air hoping the ship can see the gun’s flash or hear the shot’s sound. After a moment, hope is renewed in their hearts as they see the spotlight on the ship that has located them. A small boat arrives, and they are taken from the doomed ship.


Why Is Spencer Dutton Not in 1883? Explained

The captain of the ship receives Spencer and Alex. The ship is a big cruiser, and the captain looks exactly what would think a captain should look. They discuss how Spencer and Alex will arrive in the United States now that they have been disrupted in their journey. The ship will take them to port, but the captain raises the issue of Alex being an immigrant, which could mean there could be months before she is accepted into the country. Spencer decides to marry Alex right there, with the captain officializing the union. The captain gives them rings so that they can complete the ceremony.

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