‘1923’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Spencer and Alex Travel to America?

1923 recap

Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for 1923, the newest spin-off in the Yellowstone Universe. The season has reached its midpoint, and after a month of hiatus, it has come back with one fantastic episode that pushes the series’ production values to a new level. The episode continues to follow the aftermath of the shooting that almost killed Jacob Dutton but indeed killed John Dutton Jr. and wounded the youngest in the family, Jack Dutton.

Fighting for their lives is not the only thing the family is doing as the menace of Donald Whitfield, a dangerous business tycoon who looks to take all over the valley, looms near. We also saw plenty of development in Teonna’s storyline, where she managed to escape the Indian School for Girls, but not before killing the nun who beat her in a very tense scene of vengeance. However, the second main storyline also left us on a cliffhanger, as Spencer and his new wife, Alex, received the news of the attack on the ranch and decided to travel to America to help.

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Does Teonna Manage To Go Home?

One of the hardest-to-watch storylines has been the one featuring Teonna as its main character. Teonna is a brilliant and passionate young woman, but she has been taken from her home and put into the confines of an Indian School. In this school, they try to rewire the Indian girls into being more American. The result is a series of physical and mental tortures that have sent these girls into a hell-on-Earth type of situation. Teonna had enough and killed the nun who tortured her, but it is also revealed that she killed the nun who raped her. Teonna’s thirst for retribution was unquenchable.


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In the morning, Father Renaud and the others find the corpses of the two nuns, and they interrogate the girls. Renaud continuously hits one of the girls until leaving her unconscious. He then sends a group of priests to bring Teonna back to her. Teonna is one foot and hides at night so no one, including the animals, can see her. Thankfully, she finds another member of her clan, a man named Hank, who works as a shepherd, and he takes her under his wing. If Hank can really help her to get away from the people following her is yet to be seen.

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Meanwhile, at the Dutton Ranch, Cara is waiting patiently for any news regarding Spencer. However, there is still no news about him. Jacob has survived his injuries, but he is very, very weak. He struggles to get out of bed and even climb stairs. Jack feels like he is completely useless, and he has been depressed by the entire affair. Elizabeth, Jack’s fiancée, feels trapped inside the ranch, with Jack behaving like that. Jack and Elizabeth conclude that they need to get married. It is also revealed that Elizabeth is pregnant, which makes Cara very happy.

However, Cara also needs to face the menace of Donald Whitfield. Jacob’s status is being left a mystery for everyone else at the livestock commission. So, when Donald arrives to visit Jacob, Cara manages to dodge him away with her excuses. Nevertheless, it is becoming harder and harder to keep the truth hidden. Donald also buys Banner completely by giving him a massive house with all the modern commodities he has never had in life. Despite this, Banner is left doubtful about Donald when the man says he wants to own the entire valley. How would that make him different from the Duttons?

Does Spencer And Alex Travel To America?

The other main storyline in the show concerns Spencer and Alex, now companions for life, or so they say, trying to get to America. Spencer arrives at the harbor and tries to buy passage to America, but none of the lines have such a route. It seems they would need to buy passage to London, and then they’re looking for a boat to take them to America. The issue with this plan is that the nearest boat sailing for London is in three weeks. Spencer says he cannot allow his family to wait for so long when the trip to America would take them a month easily.

Spencer uses his contacts to acquire passage on the tug boat of a very rough sailor named Lucca. Lucca seems sick, as he is coughing up blood all the time. But he has a ship and is willing to take Spencer for an honest price and some work as a sailor. Lucca’s boat doesn’t look very safe, but he doesn’t have any problem with Spencer bringing Alex along, just like all the other captains did. Lucca tells them stories, and he even cooks for them. Alex seems excited to start this new adventure with Spencer. She asks him never to doubt her ever again.

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On their way to the Suez Canal, where they can find a ship anywhere, including America, Lucca, Spencer, and Alex are witness to a huge line ship that has been abandoned at sea, and now it is nothing more than a ghost floating in the ocean. The image of this massive chunk of metal just floating is quite unnerving. Lucca tells them that he has seen ships like this before, and he swears that one followed him for a while, many years ago. Alex takes the first watch after Lucca teaches them the essential parts of how to navigate their route.


Does Spencer Dutton Die in the First Episode of 1923?

Lucca goes to sleep, and after a couple of hours, Spencer takes Alex to bed. Lucca wakes up and takes his watch, but when Spencer wakes up, he sees that the engines are burning. When he goes to the bridge, he finds Lucca dead, having bled himself to death. To make things worse, the ghost ship has been following them. Spencer uses the radio and makes contact with another boat, but while trying to avoid crashing with the ghost, the vessel gets rammed by the huge boat and turned on his side. It seems that Spencer might not reach home as soon as Cara would have wanted.

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