‘1923’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Alex and Spencer Reach Land?

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Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for 1923, Episode 7, titled “The Rule of the 500”, a very fitting title for the things that will happen in this episode. Previously, we saw Clara recruiting members for the new police force to become part of the livestock commission. Recruiting seems fruitless, but there have been a couple of prospects that keep the hope alive. Jacob is still recovering, but he is certainly slower than before. The patriarch will need to gather all his strength for the incoming war.

Meanwhile, Teonna managed to escape the school, but the school sent three priests to search for her. Thankfully, Teonna found a good man named Hank, who swore to protect her and take her to her father. Teonna has taken the disguise of a teenage boy to uncover her real identity. On the other hand, Alex and Spencer managed to survive the sinking of their boat, and they finally jumped into the fire by marrying. They have a small ceremony on the ship that rescued them, and the captain takes them to land, where they can find passage to America.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for 1923, Episode 7. Read at your own risk.

Does The Dutton Family Take Revenge On Banner?

In a previous episode, we saw Donald Whitfield making a deal with Banner. The Irish shepherd is a very important part of Whitfield’s plan, and he is not about to let that go. Donald gives Banner a house and outright buys his loyalty with money. However, the Duttons don’t forget. Banner managed to kill many of their men, including John Dutton Jr., an important family member. So, Jacob, Jack, and the rest of the ranch cannot leave things as they are. The episode starts with Jacob and his men riding their horses in search of Banner.

When they arrive at Banner’s house, they find him in the middle of being with two very attractive prostitutes. Banner is enjoying the life his new boss has provided for him, but the consequences of his acts are also calling at his door. He is arrested for murder and taken to jail. There he will await a trial, and Jacob and the rest of the Duttons are sure he will be sent to prison. Cara, however, is scared that things will continue in the same direction.

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Jack doesn’t understand why Cara and Liz are so scared. He and Jacob start talking about politics at the table. There, Jacob explains to Jack the rule of the 500 hundred. He explains that scientists have discovered that small tribes don’t have a government; they simply solve their problems by talking. They treat each other as a big family. However, when the tribe’s number exceeds 500 members, a hierarchy establishes itself almost naturally, and a government is formed. And the government is also looking to control what it can’t control; human nature.


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Jacob explains to Jack that no matter what they do, there will always be people with power who will try to take things from him for their own interests. He explains that there is no right or wrong. Everyone is out there fighting their battles, and Jack should only care about what is good for him and his family. Nothing else. Jacob says that putting Banner in jail will solve nothing. We know it, too, as their real enemy is Whitfield, who is doing exactly the same thing they do. Care for his interests.

Do Alex And Spencer Reach Land?

The second half of the episode focuses mainly on Teonna and her storyline. We meet Teonna’s father, who arrives at Teonna’s grandmother’s place and finds her dead. He looks for clues around the place and recognizes that it must be white men who did this. Right there, we also meet Hank’s son. He has been sent to find Teonna’s father and take him to his daughter. However, Teonna’s father sends him away, telling him he will meet him later. He buries the old woman and then charges in the direction Hank’s son went.

Hank’s son is waiting for Teonna’s father when, in the distance, he sees the three priests who are looking for Teonna. They approach him and start interrogating him. When it becomes clear the three men want to kidnap Hank’s son and take him to their school, Hank’s son defends himself, but he is overpowered by the three priests. The priests separate; two of them will keep following Teonna’s trail, while another will take Hank’s son back to the school.

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At night, they stop to rest, and the priest explains how he believes that God’s laws allow the people to thrive and that because the natives reject God’s laws, they are already condemned. He believes they don’t have school but exorcisms. Hank’s son finds the flaw in the priest’s logic, as they break god’s rules to enforce them. This means that their god doesn’t exist, and they know it. They just use it as an excuse to do evil deeds. The priest is about to kill Hank’s son, but Teonna’s father arrives and kills him instead, eating his soul in the process.


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Meanwhile, the other three priests arrive where Teonna is and see behind her disguise. Teonna fights back and ends up blinding one of the priests. The priest hits her and is about to kill her when Hanks shoots him in the back with his shotgun. Hank also kills the other priest without remorse. Hank tries to take Teonna back, but he gets shot instead by the blind priest. Teonna ends up killing the priest with a stone, and she screams as she is alone with Hank’s corpse beside her.

We also get to check out what happened to Alex and Spencer, who arrive in Italy and have already booked passage to England. However, while eating in a restaurant, they cross paths with Alex’s former fiancée and his family. Scandalous.

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