20 Best Fortnite Horror & Jumpscare Maps (with Codes) You Need To Try

20 Best Fortnite Horror Jumpscare Maps with Codes You Need to Try

It’s the spookiest time of the year again, and Fortnite players are looking for some interesting maps to spice up their gameplay. If you’re looking for something with plenty of creativity, challenges, and jumpscapers, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 Best Fortnite Horror-themed maps to enjoy this Halloween season.

Editor’s Note: This list was updated in October 2023 and it includes fresh popular maps with working codes!

1. Box PVP Halloween Heroes

Box Pvp Haloween heroes

Code: 2991-3822-0724

The Halloween Heroes map offers a unique gaming experience with 18 distinct superpowers. Players can choose from various hero abilities, such as the Chimera, starting the game in Duos, the Rift Mage, and casting a 1v1 before dying. The goal is to master these abilities strategically in a box fight setting, ultimately becoming the ultimate monster in the game

2. Murder Mystery

Muder Mystery map


On this map, you’re going to have to engage in some heavy roleplay. It revolves around the same premise as any social-deduction game. Survivors need to survive the murderer, murders need to eliminate all survivors, and there’s a sheriff who needs to eliminate the murderer before things go too far.

3. Horror School

Horror School

Code: 1763-0948-3769

This creepy experience will allow you to explore the “suspicious” unopened room in a local school. It’s a heavily mysterious map with plenty of horror elements. You will need to explore the setting and dodge dangerous creatures as they appear. The creator of the map has a warning for you; however, if it’s too difficult to play on your own, come with a friend.


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4. OP-Heroes Box Pvp

Op Heroes Box PVP

Code: 7000-0403-6665

This is a normal Box PvP map with a Halloween update. Expect the addition of two new powers every week, and unleash your abilities in a Halloween-themed setting.

5. Hallloween Deathrun

halloween deathrun

Code: 9882-1196-0614

The ‘300 Level Halloween Deathrun’ offers a challenging experience with 300 levels, including a bonus level featuring a Wall of Traps. Players can use gold to buy items, seek out secret coins, and aim to get on the leaderboard by completing the deathrun. The map combines elements of precision, strategy, and exploration in a Halloween-themed setting.

6. Delivery Doll

delivery doll

Code: 2573-8407-7804

This Fortnite map combines elements of horror, mystery, and escape room mechanics. The story revolves around a creepy delivery doll, and you are left to deal with the problem. If you’re looking for something to be creeped out rather than a themed challenge, this is a map for you.

7. Zombieland


Code: 9369-6922-8408

This zombie-themed map arrived just in time for the Halloween season. The goal is relatively simple: destroy zombies by any means necessary, even if it involves running them over in cars and tanks.

8. Harvest Horrors

Harvest Horrors

Code: 7645-8526-7194

Players can experience an intense zombie survival challenge either solo or in squads. The update includes fixes to boss mobility, introduces Pumpkin Lucky Blocks for a Halloween twist, and incorporates additional quests. The objective is to eliminate zombies to survive, with a spooky cave adding an extra layer of challenge. Players can buy weapons, perks, and upgrades while unlocking new areas as they strive to escape the relentless zombie onslaught.

9. Phasmophonite


Code: 4674-2690-0118

Embark on a ghost-hunting adventure on Phasmophonite map. Encounter a scary ghost within the premises, accompanied by four surveyors. The map itself is designed to be eerie and frightening, promising a scary yet fun experience as you navigate through haunted surroundings.


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10. Grandma


Code: 1316-9772-0528

On this map, your enemy is grandma, it sounds bizarre until grandma corners you, and the game is lost. This is a survival-horror map with escape room elements and puzzles to solve. Not for the faint of heart.

11. Backrooms Survival

Backrooms survival

Code: 8605-3450-1528

Backrooms Surival revolves around navigating “the backrooms” while you are chased by the nextbots. There are 24 distinct nextbots in the game and seven different backrooms to get stuck in. One player will always be chosen as the nextbot, and all other players need to well, survive.

12. Deadpines: Zombie Survival

deadpines survival

Code: 0598-1708-7538

Deadpines: Zombie Survival is an open-world, rogue-like map designed for up to 4 players. Team up in co-op combat to face endless hordes of zombies, earning high scores and zombie eliminations for leaderboard supremacy. Enjoy infinite lives, daily rewards, and special game modes for endless fun.

Engage in a captivating adventure filled with relentless zombies, save data with millions of eliminations, and master the game through speedruns. Unlock a variety of weapons, loot, and vehicles, upgrade gear, and complete achievements to enhance your zombie survival experience.

13. Hotel Maniac

hotel maniac

Code: 0895-5211-1199

Hotel Maniac is a survival map filled with jump scares. Play as a detective solving a case in a spooky hotel. Safely collect evidence and navigate through riddles to escape. Immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere for a thrilling experience.

14. Escape It

Escape It

Code: 3958-6473-2519

This is a first-person map that proud itself on a number of jumpscares. It supports between 1 and 10 players, and the main premise revolves around escaping through solving puzzles. Gather your friends and try to escape.


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15. Friday 13th – The game

Friday 13th The game

Code: 7489-7160-7916

This survival horror map aims to replicate the same kind of experience as the famous franchise of movies ‘Friday the 13th.’ Expect a lot of horror elements and plenty of actions if you aim to survive. Also, you can eliminate the survivors.

16. The Nun

The Nun

Code: 4471-3091-0773

This Fortnite horror map also aims to replicate the movie experience. You are free to explore the old abbey, but within its bowels lurks a terrifying nun. Expect plenty of jump scares and escape room elements.

17. Paranormal Escape

Paranormal Escape

Code: 8783-5673-2199

Dive into the spooky “Paranormal Escape’ Fortnite map featuring 50+ haunted rooms, jump scares, and a candy-collecting challenge. This is a party-oriented map and the challenges are supposed to be fun and simple to solve. Still, it’s for the fans of Halloween that are faint of heart.

18. SCP-096 | Shy Guy

SCP 096 Shy Guy

Code: 7188-1893-5649

Embark on a chilling adventure in a mysterious abandoned factory hidden in the forest. This Fortnite map, offers a first-person experience filled with jumpscares Easter eggs and supports 1-4 players. Brace yourself as the factory unveils a nightmarish twist to your journey.

19. The Head

The Head

Code: 7461-2599-9708

Dive into a horror-themed Fortnite map designed for up to 16 players. Take on the role of ‘The Head,’ chasing others, or try to survive the pursuit for as long as possible. Simple and intense gameplay awaits as you switch between being the hunter and the hunted.


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20. Undead Prison Survival

Undead Prison Survival

Code: 3049-8756-5504

Immerse yourself in a Fortnite map where you’re trapped in a zombie-infested prison. Survive endless rounds of increasingly powerful zombies by earning coins to purchase weapons, upgrades, and more. Uncover the outbreak’s source, either escaping the prison or succumbing to the undead horde. It’s a test of survival, strategy, and uncovering the mystery behind the zombie apocalypse.

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