15 Scariest Dolls in Horror Movies (Ranked)

movie dolls

Dolls have always been a part of the culture as they have always been some of the favorites when it comes to children’s toys. However, while dolls may be a fun way for children to enjoy their childhood, the world of fiction has found a way to turn these figures into some of the scariest things that we could ever find in the world of movies. That’s because there have been plenty of horror and thriller movies that feature dolls as the focus of the storyline.

Of course, the way that dolls have been featured in the world of horror and thriller movies tends to vary, but the fact is that they have always been shown to be extremely scary in their own unique way. After all, who wouldn’t get creeped out by a doll that can move or even kill? So, with that said, let’s look at the scariest dolls in horror movie history.

15. Fats from Magic


Fats is from the movie called Magic, which stars Anthony Hopkins. While we often look at Hopkins as the monstrous man in the Hannibal movies, this film features him as a struggling magician that ends up reinvigorating his career after he starts using a ventriloquist dummy called Fats. And that’s when things start to become creepy in the movie.

Most horror movies tend to feature dolls that are possessed or are able to move on their own. However, Fats is a different kind of doll because he doesn’t have any kind of special abilities or supernatural powers. Instead, Hopkins’ character projects his split personality onto the doll, as he is clearly someone whose mental health has deteriorated due to the struggles of his career. In that regard, Fats doesn’t have the same kind of powers that the other dolls on this list have, but he is an incredibly creepy doll due to the fact that he is more psychological than a horror.

14. M3GAN from M3GAN

M3GAN is the newest doll to get added to the creepy doll list in movies, as she is set to appear in the 2023 film called M3GAN. Unlike the other dolls on this list, M3GAN is hardly supernatural but is more technological. But that doesn’t make her any less scary than the other dolls that we have here, as the movie is set to creep people out with M3GAN’s debut.


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In the movie, M3GAN is an artificial intelligence doll that is programmed to be a friend to a child and a helper to a parent. As such, M3GAN is programmed to be able to learn from the things that she sees and listens to, as she is supposed to be a companion to a child. The movie follows the story of how things become creepy due to M3GAN’s actions as the prototype doll starts to do things that she isn’t supposed to do after she is given to an eight-year-old child.

13. Pin from Pin


While he isn’t as popular as the other dolls on this list, Pin still has a special place in the hearts of movie fans that love the doll horror-thriller movies. Of course, there’s a good reason why Pin is on this list, as he is actually a pretty disturbing kind of doll that is able to become the centerpiece of a pretty disturbing movie.

Pin comes from the movie called Pin, which is a Canadian film that features a doctor that teaches children biology using a medical dummy. Of course, Pin is the medical dummy in this movie, as there are a lot of horrifying events in the film. Pin can be quite disturbing for those of the faint of heart, but it can be incredibly entertaining to those who simply love this genre.

12. Tiffany from Bride of Chucky


Of course, Chucky is on this list, but we’ll see him soon. As such, this spot goes to his bride named, Tiffany, who stars alongside the aforementioned Chucky doll in the Bride of Chucky movie that served as one of the sequels to Child’s Play. In that regard, this movie was able to give new life to the franchise ten years after the release of the original movie. And it is just as ridiculous as its predecessor.

In Bride of Chucky, Tiffany is a doll that is possessed by the soul of the lover of Chucky. As such, they are on a quest to find an amulet that is believed to have the power that would allow them to transfer their souls into real bodies. Of course, along the way, they still have time to do what they love to do, which is to murder people for the sake of fun and their sick twisted sense of romance.

11. Billy from Dead Silence

dead silence

Billy is a doll that comes from the movie called Dead Silence, which was directed by James Wan. Of course, you might be familiar with that name because he also worked on movies like Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring. And while Dead Silence didn’t become as popular as the aforementioned movies, Billy has a special place in the hearts of horror movie fans that love creepy dolls.

Like most of the other dolls on this list, Billy is a ventriloquist dummy that actually came alive as he used his ability to move and talk to terrorize the people around him. In that regard, he is an incredibly creepy doll that makes people question whether or not he is real. And that’s because, of course, ventriloquist dolls can actually trick people into thinking that they are real.

10. Billy from the Saw Movies


Of course, we have another Billy on this list, but the thing about this Billy is that he isn’t a supernatural doll that stars in a horror movie with supernatural elements. Instead, Billy in the Saw movies is actually a lifeless doll that doesn’t do anything on its own. He is a real doll that does what a doll does, which is everything that the owner wants him to do.


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But the thing about Billy is that the person behind him is a serial killer named John Kramer, who is also called Jigsaw. Those who are familiar with the Saw movies are more than familiar with what Jigsaw is capable of and what he loves doing as a serial killer. And while Jigsaw has his own face, Billy is the fact that people often remember whenever they think of Jigsaw due to the fact that the killer uses this doll as the image that flashes on the screen whenever he is terrorizing his victims.

9. The Doll from Deep Red

deep red

From legendary horror director Dario Argento comes Deep Red, which is a horror movie that is able to use imagery really well as one of the elements that make this movie so special to fans of the horror genre. Of course, one of the things that people understand about this movie is that it is just as beautiful as it is unsettling. And the reason why it is quite unsettling is the doll that was used in this movie.

While the doll is unnamed, this doll is actually a very lifelike doll that comes with features that you will never expect from a movie doll. That means that he has good teeth and eyes that will make you think that he is intelligent. Of course, the doll also has a lot of different great moments that are memorable to horror movie fans, especially because Argento was able to use the right kind of music during some of the most unnerving scenes that the movie has to offer.

8. Brahms from The Boy


One of the most recent dolls that made their way to the creepy movie doll list is Brahms, which is from the movie called The Boy. The movie follows the story of an elderly couple that lost their only child at an early age, and that was the reason why they decided to take care of a life-size doll in his place. In that regard, the couple treats the doll as a real person, and that is one of the things that make this movie so disturbing.

The couple also hires a nanny to care for the doll, and that’s when things become creepy. This nanny is just as puzzled as the viewers as to why a nanny is required to take care of the doll. Of course, things that aren’t supposed to happen start to happen. The movie itself isn’t really that great, but it fills all of the requisites of a creepy movie that focuses on a doll.

7. Talky Tina from The Twilight Zone

talky tina

While The Twilight Zone is more often known for being a series than a movie, there is actually an episode of this series that focuses on the story of a creepy living doll (the episode itself is entitled Living Doll). In that regard, the episode follows a girl named Christi, who received a doll from her mother. The doll, of course, is Talky Tina, who wasn’t exactly something that the girl’s stepfather was fond of, as the scary part comes in the form of the fact that the doll also doesn’t like him.


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The doll was able to represent the girl’s inner feelings toward her stepfather due to the fact that the wind-up doll says threatening phrases that aren’t supposed to be a part of her usual programming. In that regard, things become quite unnerving and disturbing from there, as murder actually happens.

6. The Clown from Poltergeist

Poltergeist clown

Poltergeist is a classic horror movie that brought us one of the most horrifying experiences. This is why this film holds a special place in the heart of classic horror movie fans, as it features some of the most frightening scenes that a horror movie could ever have. Of course, one of the elements that make this movie so scary is the doll called the Clown.

In this movie, the Clown seems like a friendly doll during the day but suddenly takes on a sinister look the moment the sun goes down. As such, things become scary for the boy named Robbie Freeling as the Clown starts terrorizing him in ways that are incredibly disturbing. This is why Poltergeist remains a favorite among many different movie fans, as it has some of the creepiest scenes that are hard to forget.

5. The Doll in Suddenly in the Dark

suddenly in the dakr

Most of the movies that we have on this list are western in nature, but there are also creepy movie dolls that became popular in other countries. Suddenly in the Dark is a South Korean psychological horror movie that doesn’t scare people with supernatural elements. Instead, it attacks the viewers from a psychological standpoint, especially due to how unnerving its premise is.

Suddenly in the Dark follows the story of a woman whose life changed when her husband came home with a new housemaid that brought around a doll. From then on, she becomes more paranoid as she begins to question the motives of this young woman. She also ends up having creepy visions involving the housemaid. Of course, a lot of the scary scenes in this movie involve the creepy doll that the housemaid brought along with her when she came to the house.

4. Blade from Puppet Master


Puppet Master is one of the horror films that come with an incredibly memorable doll that people just can’t forget. The thing about Blade from Puppet Master is that this doll the gore and fight factor that comes with this doll is something that exceeds expectations. And the fact that he has a very interesting and scary story only adds to the fright factor when it comes to Blade.


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The movie itself comes with puppets of horror movie characters, including Pinhead himself. Blade is the leader of these puppets, as he comes with the soul of a crazy German surgeon. His image alone is intimidating enough to force someone to wet their pants. And that’s why he is one of the scariest movie dolls of all time.

3. He Who Kills from Trilogy of Terror

Zuni fetish doll

Back in 1975, horror movie fans were treated to a trilogy of horror stories called the Trilogy of Terror, which is an anthology movie. The third of that trilogy of anthologies is Amelia, which follows the story of a woman terrorized by a Zuni fetish doll. In that regard, the entire story focuses on only one actor as she tries to escape the wrath of this doll.

This doll is actually one that has the spirit of a Zuni hunter named He Who Kills. In that regard, he is a capable hunter that knows what he is doing as he is chasing Amelia throughout the entire storyline. Of course, the entire movie benefits from the powerful and convincing performance of Amelia during the different times that she was fleeing from this murderous doll.

2. Anabelle from the Anabelle Movies


Anabelle is the only doll on this list that is claimed to be actually haunted in real life, but the doll used in the Annabelle movies is actually a much scarier version of the real-life doll that is said to be housing the spirit of a demonic entity. In that regard, the Anabelle doll and movies are based on what are said to be true stories, and that only adds to the scare factor of the entire movie franchise that focuses on the history behind this doll and the people that have experienced how truly frightening it is.

According to the website of the Warrens, who are the occult specialists responsible for keeping the doll guarded, this doll has allegedly tampered with them in the past and has caused misfortune to them. There is also an account of a person who suffered a fatal accident after he went to the museum of the Warrens and opened the locked box where the Anabelle doll can be found. It is needless to say that the stories behind this doll only make it even scarier than it already was.

1. Chucky from Child’s Play


Finally, the doll that takes the top spot on this list is the most iconic horror movie doll of all time. Yes, we are talking about Chucky, who is the star of the Child’s Play movie that has allowed the creepy and murderous doll to reach heights of popularity that no movie doll has ever reached. That is why Chucky has become the standard that all movie dolls have to reach if they want to be successful.

The story of Child’s Play focuses on a murderous doll named Chucky, who is inhabited by the spirit of a serial killer after he performs a ritual that allows him to transfer his soul to the doll. As such, the killer continued his killing spree while he was in the doll, as it was easier for him to do so because, let’s face it, no one would ever suspect a doll of being a murderous son of a gun.

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