60 Best Fortnite Players in the World, Ranked

60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked (2021)

In this article, you will see who are the best Fortnite players in the world. Fortnite is world-famous and has millions of followers worldwide. And this large following has made some famous players to be known all around the world. The best Fortnite players named in this blog post are ranked on the basis of their skills. From famous streamers to excellent gamers this list contains all of them. So, let’s find out who are the 60 best Fortnite players in the world.

List of Best Fortnite Players

Battle royale games ain’t easy and Fortnite esports is as competitive as it gets. To get to the top of the game you need to learn and practice the skills of the game with full dedication. Playing a game looks easy but understanding the concept of the game and practicing the skills is the most important part of winning it. Without deep commitment, no one can play these games at the top level and become world-famous. So let’s appreciate the players in the list below by learning about them.


60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 60

Arkhram is the player for the top 100 thieves. He started playing with them in 2019 and has been constant stay with them. However, his stay with them has not been all sweet and fun. He struggles with form in the initial days of world cup in 2019 but managed to come on the top afterward in Fortnite esports. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

He has won the last two Fortnite championships with his team and took home the winners medal cash cup competition too. He has been spotless in recent years winning solo games and other battle royale competitions too.

59. REHX

Rehx is part of the trio of 100 thieves and plays in the organization along Arkhram. He has won the championship the last 2 times with Arkhram and occupies the top Fortnite player’s list in this blog.

He has also won the DreamHack competition with Shane Epikwhale Cotton and has many solo awards as well in both NA East and NA West Cash Cups competitions.

He is known for his fast-paced gaming skills and movements. After winning the first two competitions with 100 Thieves, he was regarded as one of the cleanest battle royale players in recent times.


Epikwhale is the third member of the trio 1oo thieves that took home the winners medal in the last two Fortnite championships. Hes’ the youngest of the three and was catapulted to fame after winning the Fortnite World Cup.

Shane Epikwhale Cotton was third in solos in that tournament and has gone on shining in every level as a player. He is definitely someone you can look up to if you’re planning to move onwards with your gaming career.


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Compared to a lot of other players, JannisZ is not a household name in Fortnite. In competitive events, however, JannisZ routinely dominates household names. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

AnnnisZ won the European Grand Finals of the FNCS tournaments, the Avesta Cup, and the FNCS Season 2 warm-up. Epic’s events were dominated by this level of dominance over Chapter 2 season.

The rankings have gone even higher since JannisZ attended these events. Recent FNCS chapter 2 season results showed him finishing first and second. Additionally, he competes in more cash tournaments than some other high-ranking pros. He spends a lot of time playing Fortnite and is one of the best players in 2021.

56. HEN

With JannisZ, Hen ‘Henrick’ is part of an impressive trio that won the recent Fortnite World Cups. He has also won several cash cups and was third in the solo competition in the world cup.

He is someone who has grown a lot in recent years as a player and someone other Fortnite players can take inspiration from.


Hen and JannisZ’s third partner is Chapix. Fortnite esports has been dominated by them recently in Europe. During his time in esports, Captain Chapix played for Valhalla Vikings and Overtime EU, and he’s also done well for other organizations. A FNCS season 4 Cash Cup, as well as two Frosty Frenzy sessions, were won by him with a different Trio.

54. Flikk

Currently plying his trade with Guild, Flikk has played and won the competition with many Esports teams since the world cup in 2019. Starting his run with Team Atlantis, then making his way to Legends and Wave sport, eventually, he settled with Guild esports. He is one of the most popular streamers as a PRO player.

He hasn’t won the top spot in the recent esports Fortnite World Cups but has taken second and third spot in the last two of them. That’s quite a brilliant performance if thinking about the amount of competition and pressure in the game. He is a consistent player and regularly plays at high-level competitions.

His streams are fantastic to watch and learn from as he’s someone who has been pretty consistent in competitions where every new year new players occupy the top spot.

53. ANAS

Anas is competing in the game since 2019 and has been a mainstay in the top competition. Along with Flikk he has been part of the team Guild that occupied second and third spots in the Fortnite games recently.

He’s playing currently with Guild esports but previously was part of the team that is known as Legends.

He’s the top performer in a lot of cash cups and has won medals in many other major tournaments. Because of his dominant performance in so many competitions, he has been regarded as a veteran in the gaming world where the career of the players is inconsistent.


60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 52

As the third member of Guild Esports’ trios, ThomasHD is not a part of the team. In addition to being on the Rakos eSports team, he has also played for Singularity, Atlantis, and Gamma Gaming.

This most recent trio has been very successful for him, despite moving around a lot after Gamma Gaming. It’s too early to say whether ThomasHD will be a top player in 2021, but his previous performance makes him one to watch. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

51. MUZ

Muz is a member of team PWR. He has been growing recently by putting in a lot of amazing performances in the competitions. He doesn’t have large followings like other players in this list but is playing and competing against the best of them in the recent cups and winning over several of them.

He has won many cash cups and Fortnite competitions in Oceania since world cup in 2019.

He is a part of the Oceania server that makes up the best trio in the Fortnite community and he is also in top performer in solo events.

He’s one of the new players that you should look after if you’re looking for an exciting new player in the coming years.


Another Oceania player is Looter. Muz and SpeedyND are his teammates, and he was formerly a member of PWR. In recent months, he’s dominated the trios events alongside those players. Often time, those active in this region aren’t recognized the same way as those in NA or Europe. It shows, though, that when international events return, things will be more competitive.

We might see Looter abandoning Fortnite as well due to his dissatisfaction with how the OCE scene is going. But hope he keeps playing otherwise we may miss a big and exciting player in him.

49. SpeedyND

SpeedyND is someone to look out for in the future. As of now, he has been part of the big teams in competitions.

Currently, he’s a free agent but might join a team that may use his skills to perform at the top level.

He has played with Warrior ones, Notorious team, and eventually team process. After playing and coming on the top with so many teams he is a player that has the potential to go on playing well for more years but his solo performance hasn’t matched his team performances.

But he’s still a good player and one that we might enjoy watching in gaming tournaments more often.


Benjyfishy has improved over time and is now recognized as a major player in the game. Fortnite’s Chapter 2 season appears to follow this trend. He is a part of NRG esports.

He places highly in the events he participates in, despite the controversies he has been involved in. Fortnite’s competitive mode has even hosted the Benjyfishy tournament.

Benjy has consistently performed well except during the recent Fortnite Champion Series. Whenever the upcoming world cup rolls around, it will be worth keeping an eye on Benjyfishy, who has emerged as one of the most skilled players in Fortnite.

He is known for his warm personality and friendly behavior and word is that he even supports his family through the money he earns by playing Fortnite. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

47. Slackes

Slackes is one of the top players not only in performance but in his antics too. He was suspended by Epic for teaming up with other players in the final weeks of FNCS.

But apart from that, he’s another veteran player in the game that has consistently played at the top level for a ling-time and won a lot of medals to his name.

He was first in the last Fortnite world cup and came fifth in the one before that.

He’s from North America East and has won first place in cash cups and many other competitions. Together with Keys, he achieved 15th rank in the world cup in the duo competition.

He has been improving a lot recently and is someone we may see performing on the top for a long-time.

46. Acorn

In 2021, Acorn is regarded as one of the best Fortnite players and won a recent FNCS competition. The team he has been part of has certainly made an impact along with Slackes recently. To remain one of the top teams in 2021in north america east, they will need to keep these performances up. Since he doesn’t play many solos anymore, despite being prolific in solos and consistently good at them.

45. JAHQ

JAHQ is another professional fortnite player who’s been consistent in all the gaming tournaments he has played.

Jack Jahq Downs is climbing on higher levels recently and is making name for himself by winning major tournaments all over the year.

His performance in the FNCS has been pretty good. Although he hasn’t fared well in most cash cups. But that doesn’t seem to take away his credentials as his team performances are quite impressive.

When in intense situations, his performance improves. In moments that matter, he gets hyper-focused and squeezes out the results that his team needs.

Jack Jahq Downs is definitely one for the future.

44. Bugha 

Bugha has also done well in other tournaments in addition to winning the last Fortnite World Cup. It’ll be the Fortnite players that accomplish these feats in 2021 that will be the best. It was an amazing performance by Bugha at the Fortnite World Cup. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

Kyle Bugha Giersdorf qualified for the World Cup the first time he tried, so he missed out. It is rare for a game as unpredictable as Fortnite to have a clear winner, but Bugha dominated in the grand finals and won definitively.

Since the World Cup, Bugha hasn’t kept the wins coming so consistently. In spite of the delay, he is still one of the best Fortnite players in the year 2021, despite being the reigning champ.

43. Andilex

60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 43

Andilex came first at one of the recent FNCS rounds. He has been performing quite amazingly in the latest tournaments and is a super awesome player to play in difficult situations in Minecraft.

He has made a name across Europe and is one of the most interesting players to join the Fortnite player’s list.

We can see him winning many tournaments in the coming years and make himself a big name in the gaming industry.

42. Clix

Clax is one of Fortnite’s most talented players at the moment and a part of NRG esports. The fact that he not only participates in tournaments but also succeeds is no small thing.

He has taken some time to reach the top tier of Fortnite players, but he is constantly improving his ranking. The 16-year-old is a good player when you combine his drive and determination to improve with his already impressive skills.

At such a young age he’s someone who’s shown so much enthusiasm that we can expect him to continue for a long period of time. He’s one that can inspire the younger generation to choose this exciting career of Fortnite competitive gaming.

41. SAF

Saf was a previous member of the Ghost team but parted ways with them shortly after. He’s one of the best players around and has got many solo medals under his belt while performing top-notch at tournaments.

He has 2 medals in the solo performances and if he keeps his streak going he’s going to be one of the top players in the coming years. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

40. Bizzle

As of 2018, Bizzle, a.k.a. Tim Miller on Fortnite, has participated in the game. Bizzle has earned over $620,000 from competitive Fortnite and over three tournament wins.

 Bizzle’s versatility is one of the things that makes him so strong in esports. In the Solo World Cup, he was ranked 23rd overall, placing relatively high in Solo, Duo, and Squads. Bizzle placed fifth overall in Squads at a recent FNCS competition.

He has the massive potential to reach higher in gaming fame and can win competitions in the future. One of the many exciting players for years to come he can be a great gamer with excellent skills.

39. Mr. Savage

 “Martin Savage” Andersen joined a competitive Fortnite team in early 2019. The Norwegian native was fifteen at the time and was part of a successful duo team with fellow Top 10 player Benjyfishy when he broke into the esports Fortnite scene.

In the European World Cup qualifiers, Mr. Savage and Benjyfishy consistently dominated the game competition and ultimately left the tournament with thousands of dollars in winnings and millions of followers.

Coming into the scene at such a young age he’s someone who’s better than most of the players and also a veteran in the gaming industry where most of the players are just a chapter 2 season wonder.

For his persistence and dedication, he’s someone you can look up to for learning and inspiration.

38. Mongraal

Known as “King of Content” in Europe, Kyle is one of the youngest and famous Fortnite players in the world He rose to fame just at the age of 25 when he qualified for the world cup and came at 15 in his first-ever tournament. The most Kyle Jackson has earned as Mongraal in a professional event is more than $603,000. 

Mongraal competed in the FNCS World Cup multiple times during his teenage years, placing 13th in Solo and 6th in Duos. In spite of his young age, Mongraal devotes nearly all his waking hours to become the most skilled Fortnite player. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

37. Tfue

Turner Tenney, known on Fortnite as Tfue, is a familiar face at FNCS competitive games and events. He gets roughly 30K daily viewers due to his competitive streaming.

Known for his popularity in Fortnite history, Tfue appears to opt to stick with streaming Fortnite instead of competing in contests and competing in tournaments.

With his popularity so high, he uses it to earn income through streaming and other methods.

Although his competitive game streaming is exciting to watch, we’d hope to see him more in the tournaments so we get to see his skills at a higher level.

36. Aqua

Top European player David Wang plays Fortnite under the name Aqua. It is well known that it is difficult to consistently rank high in the European region of Fortnite, which is well known as one of the most difficult FNCS regions to maintain.


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In Fortnite, Aqua won the Duos FNCS World Cup with Nyrox, which made him the second-highest earner. Aqua has won 1.5 million from the Duos World Cup, and he continues to rank high in FNCS tournaments.

He is famous in the European demographic for his skills and competitiveness. And that is evident from his earnings and fame not only in Europe but all around the world.

35. Zayt

Zayt, the second-best Fortnite player in the world right now, is perhaps William Aubin’s best-known achievement. Zayt, one-half of the world-renowned duo with Saf, has won over $1,100,000 in winnings and at least 10 tournaments. Known for running Fortnite’s competitive scene in eastern North America, Zayt is regarded as one of the top Fortnite players and is a part of NRG esports. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

 Despite winning the Duos World Cup until the very last game, Zayt and Saf were eliminated early in their match, placing the Duo 4th in the world as a whole. At Duos World Cup 2019, he walked away with just under $1,000,000 in earnings.

That’s an immense amount of money but not shocking looking at his success in tournaments all around the world.

He is great to learn from and understand what is needed to succeed in the market.

34. Owen ‘Animal’ Right

60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 34

Currently, Animal a.k.a Owen Right represents the Sentinels team in FNCS North America. Owen’s consistency is the key to his success in competitive Fortnite. His opponent at WSOE 3 was video in their duo tournament. They were high-caliber players, and their result was a fifth-place finish.

ESL hosted the Katowice Royale 2019 where Animal competed. In solo competition, he finished sixth, and in duo competition with Aspect, he finished seventh.

The Fortnite World Cup did not qualify Animal for the finals. A few weeks ago, he competed in nearly every week of qualifying. It is a big letdown for me not to be able to participate in the most significant Fortnite tournament thus far. The performances Animal gave on LAN speak for themselves. In 2020, this extremely talented player will be working hard to prepare for the Fortnite World Cup. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

33. Shawn ‘ClarityG’ Wahington

60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 33

For Riot Squad Esports, ClarityG competes as the NA East team. He began participating in high-stakes tournaments in late 2018 when he started competing in competitive Fortnite.

The duo he plays with, Anthony has a notable eighth-place finish at Secret Skirmish. ClarityG finished sixth in the NA East Gauntlet in her online tournament history as well.

It was a difficult time for clarityG during the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers, but he persevered. With his first-place finish in week seven, he was guaranteed a spot in the Solo World Cup.

In week nine of the solos, ClarityG finished second. In the FNCS World Cup, he would have one chance to show off his talent to viewers at home and in person. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

32. John ‘Commandement’ Roach

The commandment is competing for the widely recognized Team SoloMid. He has become a skilled player due to his short-lived competitive career in Fortnite. The majority of Commandment’s damage has been done online, as he does not possess significant experience on LANs.

In addition, TSM player ItsHighSky finished twenty-second in the Scallywag Cup and twenty-second in the World Cup warmup. World Cup qualification was endured by the command.

Commandment punched his ticket to the Fortnite World Cup in New York City within one week. The only other competitor he beat was Bugha. Being a part of such a company is a great experience. ItsHighSky, the duo partner Command attempted to qualify but was ultimately unsuccessful.

With ItsHighSky and Kreo, Commandment won the Trios Cash Cup in the weeks leading up to the Fortnite World Cup.

31. Nate Hill

60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 31

In his competitive Fortnite endeavors, Nate Hill of FaZe Clan has had his fair share of success. As a team with Funk, he consistently showcases his chemistry. Before joining FaZe, Hill and Funk were duo partners and won week six of Summer Skirmish.

Nate and Funk split up but returned in March to win the NA East Gauntlet. Nate and Funk wanted to ride the momentum as the World Cup season approaching. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.


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This was the second consecutive successful qualifying campaign. The World Cup Duo Finals were on the line for Nate and Funk after they qualified in week four.

Nate Hill and Funk were able to compete against other top professional duos despite not qualifying as a solo. During their six matches, they combined for eleven eliminations. The placement points earned by Nate and Funk were difficult to earn. Out of fifty duos, we finished thirty-first. Funk and Nate won $100K USD in the end.

30. Nicolas

60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 30

The professional Fortnite player Nicks plays for Cloud 9 and is currently based in South America. Nicks, a Brazilian player, is one of the few players to qualify for both the solo and duo Fortnite World Cup events. Nicks had previously made a career for himself competing in online tournaments. In addition to his South American Gauntlet victory, he has won a number of other tournaments.

Nicks dominated the South American Fortnite World Cup Qualifying. Two and six weeks ago, he won with his duo partner pfzin. This was also his first solo qualification after he won the first round in week seven. Nicks was acquired by popular esports organization Cloud 9 and competed in the prestigious World Cup.

29. Noah ‘Vivid’ Right

As a veteran of competitive Fortnite, Vivid of Team Liquid has achieved a lot. Since picking up the game, he has seen his fair share of victories. Summer Skirmish was a notable victory for Vivid in 2018. Vivid won first place a total of four times in duo and solo tournaments over the course of several weeks. Following that performance, he competed in the NA East Gauntlet and NA West Luxe Cup with Team Liquid member 72hr. Vivid finished third in the solo portion of the Secret Skirmish.

Vivid has had an impressive career up to this point. Vivid continued to partner with 72hrs as the Fortnite World Cup approached, in hopes of qualifying for the World Cup duos event. In week one, Vivid qualified as a solo. Vivid did not have a successful Fortnite World Cup. He struggled to maintain his popularity despite his career-long success. He is considered among the best Fortnite players in the world.

28. Yan ‘Fwexy’ Kaur

60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 28

He has seen some elite competition in professional Fortnite, a lesser-known player out of Germany. With Domentos, he placed fourteenth in the duo tournament at the 2019 Katowice Royale. The pair made it to the Fortnite World Cup together after joining forces with Letw1k3. The week seven qualifier resulted in him placing ninth as a solo. It was an honor for Fwexy to have represented Europe in two World Cups.

Fwexy competed at the Gambit Esports World Cup as a member of the Gambit duo. A total of seven eliminations were achieved by Letw1k3 and him together. They finished ninth and finished with twelve points, their best finish. Their efforts earned them $100K USD in prize money and placed them thirty-second overall. They just missed placing points in some games that they played. As a result, they received a higher ranking.

27. Brendan ‘Falconer’

60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 27

Falconer has been competing in Fortnite competitively since early 2019. The two tournaments that he played in with Ramos1x saw him finish 29th and 38th, respectively. While Fortnite was qualifying for the World Cup, he rose to prominence. Falconer finished in first place alongside Arkhram1x of 100 Thieves in the NA West week two qualifier. While he was not able to qualify as a solo player, he would still participate in the Fortnite World Cup.


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In preparation for the World Cup, Falconer and Arkhram1x performed well. In their six matches, Falconer and Akrhram1x accomplished twenty complete eliminations. It was quite a performance. They finished in the top spot due to their consistent placements throughout the competition. In the end, they finished with forty-four points thanks to two fourth-place finishes and one finish contributing to it.

26. Trevor ‘Funk’ Siegler

Funk began playing competitive Fortnite in mid-2018. FaZe Clan members, both he and Nate Hill have competed in many tournaments together. The duo Funk and Nate have been very successful. As a solo artist, Funk achieved some success. He finished second in the NA East Gauntlet as a solo. Funk’s previous achievements paved the way to additional opportunities.

Funk and Nate continued to work together leading up to the World Cup. Week four was the week when they qualified. Funk qualified for week three on his own as well. Solo and duo competitions at the World Cup were open only to the highest-level competitors. Having two chances at millions of dollars meant high expectations for Funk.

25. Pierre ‘Vato’ Pesey

The Swiss player Vato is one of the best in competitive Fortnite. Vato has participated in a fair share of LAN tournaments while competing for LeStream Esport. In solos and duos, he finished in twentieth and sixth place, respectively, at Katowice Royale 2019. Vato qualified for the Fortnite tournament after putting in consistent placements. In order to qualify for the World Cup, he and his longtime partner, Skite, worked overtime.

They finished second in ten of the three qualifiers they participated in. Skite won $3M USD in the World Cup due to Vato’s performance. Despite being eliminated twelve times and placing three times in the top five, Vato and Skite finished in tenth place. Vato earned $225K to split with Skite for his tenth place finish. Vato has already established a track record through this.


60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 24

Domentos of Team Secret competes outside of the European region. She has long been a competitor in competitive Fortnite, having won Friday and Summer Skirmish events. Despite his low LAN experience, Domentos has consistently been a top contender.

As a result of his efforts, he finished thirteenth in duos and twenty-first in solos in both iterations of Secret Skirmishing. The Katowice Festival also provided Domentos with the opportunity to perform duos and solos. The soloist placed thirty-first, while the duo placed fourteenth. Domentos has been a Fortnite competitor for a long time.


As a former competitive Fortnite player representing Eleven Gaming, Tschinken has extensive experience. Due to his participation in both editions of the 2019 Katowice Royale, he has demonstrated significant experience in the LAN environment. The duo competition finished in twelfth place while the solo competition finished in forty-sixth.

From the beginning, Stompyy, a fellow Eleven Gaming member, has been his dedicated duo partner.

Tschinken showed off his LAN skills at the Fortnite World Cup. In Tschinken and Stompyy’s qualifying period, both finished first and second twice. Both of these teams reached their peak of hype just before the World Cup. Tschinken wanted to become a top player like Stompy.


60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 22

Nayte, a Frenchman, competes for LeStream Esport. He has some LAN experience from his Fortnite competitive career. Nayte and her former partner, Spk, finished fifth in La Catalane 2019 in France. LAN tournaments are rare for European players. In spite of this, Nayte’s primary goal was to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. During week one, he performed so as a solo out of the European region.

However, Nayte was unable to qualify for the duos.

At the World Cup in New York City, Nayte sought to shock the rest of the world because he represented his country of France. In the end, Nayte finished eighth because of this decisive factor. As high as sixth place was his finish in eleven eliminations. Nayte earned $375K USD as a result of this performance. In addition, he said European players should not be taken lightly.


Fortnite player Rhux used to play League of Legends before making the switch to Fortnite mid-2018. Rhux has made a name for himself at WSOE 3 and the Fortnite World Cup so far in his career with World’s Best Gaming. As a team, they took fourth at WSOE 3 with runner-up Psalm. As part of the NA West team, Rhux placed second at the Scallywag Cup with Pika.

Rhux’s name received a boost after his World Cup qualifiers. As a solo competitor in week five, he took second place with points in the fiercely competitive NA West region. The WBG and NA West region were now sure that he would take part in the Fortnite World Cup. 


Fortnite player Elevate plays for 100 Thieves as a professional. Ceice, his long-term duo partner, has helped him win numerous dual competitions during his career. Before the Fortnite World Cup, their most significant achievement was a win at WSOE 3.

In competitive Fortnite, Elevate and Ceice have excellent communication skills, as well as excellent game sense. With a first-place finish in the NA East qualifier, Elevate and Ceice qualified for the World Cup.


Fortnite veteran ZexRow is on Team SoloMid. Together with Vinny1x, he has participated in nearly all notable Fortnite tournaments. A third-place finish in the duo tournament at Katowice Royale 2019 gave them prominence.

In two of ZexRow’s solo competitions, Secret Skirmish 2019 and Katowice Royale, he placed twenty-second at both events. As Fortnite World Cup approaches, ZexRow and Vinny1x have teased a duo split. A ticking time bomb was ticking for one of the oldest duos ever to date.


Airwaks has risen quickly in the Fortnite pro ranks after playing League of Legends professionally for several years. The best player in European competition is without a doubt him. With a strong presence in Fortnite, Airwaks has competed for Solary.

During the Katowice Royale 2019 tournament, he and his duo, Nikof, placed eleventh. Both Airwaks and Nikof finished tenth at the Euroluxe Cup which followed.


Pika plays competitive Fortnite for World Best Gaming and represents the North American region. Both on LAN and online, he has achieved high placements. Joel619 and Pika took part in WSOE 3 together, finishing in 36th place.

With Rhux, he earned a second place finish at the NA West Scallywag Cup in several online tournaments. The North American East Luxe Cup also saw them place third.


60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 16

With a career spanning barely a year, Skite is one of Europe’s top Fortnite players. The European Winter Royale Qualifiers and Finals were among Skite’s career highlights.

Additionally, he and Vato won the Scallywag Cup and are aiming for the Fortnite World Cup. Skite’s career is marked by impressive finishes, and his results don’t lie.


Known as a journeyman Fortnite player, Kinstaar competes for the team Solary. There haven’t been many tournaments that Kinstaar hasn’t participated in.

Among his achievements are victories in Summer Skirmish, Fall Skirmish, and the Katowice Royale in 2019. Konstaar really enjoys participating in high-level Fortnite tournaments.


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Counter Logic Gaming’s psalm is the king of the meta. Psalm is no stranger to high-level competitive gaming, having previously played Heroes of the Storm professionally. His online results have been solid, but he stands out on LAN.

With Rhux as a duo partner, Psalm finished fourth at WSOE 3. After he qualified for the Fortnite World Cup, Psalm was invited to compete in NA East Week Three.


Norwegian professional Fortnite player Nyhrox is a former member of Cooler Esports. Up until July 2018, Nyhrox competed mainly in smaller tournaments.

At this point, his career-best finishes are sixth and eighth in the European Scallywag Cup and European World Cup Warmup, respectively.

While training for the Fortnite World Cup qualification period, he teamed up with Austrian player aqua.


The career of Aspect is built on his exceptional placements in both LAN and online environments. In addition to Carose, Bugha, and Animal, he currently participates with the Sentinels organization.

In his Fortnite career, Aspect has seen multiple wins and impressive results. With his teammate Animal, he was first in both the Fall Skirmish and Luxe Cup. Since entering the Fortnite competitive scene, Aspect has amassed quite a resume.


The player Mitro, part of Team Atlantis, hails from the Netherlands and is well known in the Fortnite community. As a duo player, he has won online tournaments alongside K1nzell, Magin, Svennoss, and Mongraal.

Mitro and Khuna finished fifth at the ESL Katowice Royale 2019 in a LAN environment. The two players became an unstoppable force after they connected with fellow European, Mongraal.


During the early days of the Fortnite competition, Bizzle played competitively. His online and LAN performances have been consistent to date. A number of Bizzle’s solo and duo performances have been second-place finishes, as well as several first-place finishes. Hence he placed into our top ten list.

One of the wins included here is from the Secret Skirmish 2019. Bizzle qualified only as a solo player for Fortnite World Cup. It was clear that Bizzle had a very good chance of winning because of his successful past. With a twenty-third place finish, Bizzle did not have the tournament he had hoped for.


60 Best Fortnite Players In The World Ranked 2021 9

There is only one Argentinian on this list and that is k1nG. Other than Bugha’s victory, k1nG was the storyline of the Fortnite World Cup. Almost every opponent the thirteen-year-old Argentinian encountered failed to match him. Keeping opponents at a distance was K1nG’s way to mercilessly defeat them.


The Swedish free agent Crue is one of the newest free agents in Fortnite. Fortnite World Cup qualifiers have been his career highlight. 

With Crue’s talent, the European region has a new player of immense talent. Crue and Chapix finished fourth in week four of the online qualifier. Crue made it to the Fortnite World Cup for the first time. Through his performance in the week nine qualifier, Crue became one of the few players to double qualify for the World Cup.


Many Fortnite players would only dream of having a career like Riversan’s. You will be hard-pressed to find a professional with better career highlights than him. 

Riversan participated in the solo and duo Gauntlet tournaments for NA West in March of 2019. With Kunichi, Riversan won the duo tournament, then went on to win the solo tournament as well. In competitive Fortnite, winning back-to-back games is unimaginable.


Stompy of Eleven Gaming is somewhat lesser-known on the European scene. After emerging onto the competitive Fortnite scene, he has had a number of impressive performances. Aside from the European Gauntlet, he took part in the Scallywag Cup, Blackheart Cup, and Luxe Cup.


Since he debuted in competitive Fortnite, Megga of FaZe Clan has built quite a career. Along with his partner, Dubs, he became a FaZe Clan member. Scallywag Cup runner-ups the two players made a name for themselves. As a result of this performance, Megga and Dubs finished third at the NA East World Cup Warmup. After signing with the FaZe organization, their name recognition increased. He deserves to be in our top ten .


Former Cooler member Nyhrox competed with Aqua at the World Cup’s duo competition. Nyhrox and Aqua performed better than expected against all other predictions. Both teams started out slowly, accumulating just three eliminations and a top-fifteen in three matches. In the following two matches, Aqua and Nyhrox won two Victory Royales apiece and eliminated fourteen opponents. They went into the final match in first place thanks to this result.


One of the newest players in Fortnite’s competitive scene, Dubs is one of the young up-and-comers. Despite his relatively short documented history, he has accomplished quite a bit. He has qualified for two Fortnite World Cups, and that has been one of his greatest accomplishments. Dubs participated in both the duo and solo competitions with the help of his duo partner, Megga. In the Fortnite World Cup, the Rubens performed very well.


Since they began competing in the summer of 2018, Bizzle has been one of the top Fortnite players in the world. The player has been among the most consistent and successful in the North American pro circuit since then. In solo mode, as well as in team modes like trios and squads, he has shown that he can dominate.


How Many People Play Fortnite in 2023? (User & Growth Stats)

1. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins

As Fortnite’s face, Tyler Blevins is known as Ninja. Having over 12 million followers on his Twitch platform and 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he is a red bull sponsored athlete with a big following in the Fortnite world.  In the current era, he is one of the top-earning streamers since he streams for about 12 hours a day. He is regarded as the best Fortnite player in the world.

Which Platform Has The Most Skilled Fortnite Players

Fortnite players dominate the game through various skills and tricks but the platform they play for plays an important role in their performance.

Statistics show that the PS4 players have an advantage over the other platforms and PS4 players are the most skilled ones among all.

Best Fortnite Solo Players By Platform

  • PS4 – 47%
  • PC – 34%
  • Xbox – 19%

Best Fortnite Duos Players By Platform

  • Xbox One – 39%
  • PS4 – 32%
  • PC – 29%

Best Fortnite Squad Players By Platform

  • PS4 – 45%
  • Xbox One – 42%
  • PC – 13%

What Does It Take To Become The Best Fortnite Player?

The game needs practice before everything else but the main thing that’s required is the mindset. Players need to have a growth mindset to achieve the status of best Fortnite player and that can only come through playing for a long time without getting affected by the defeats and losses.

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