How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft? Materials, Receipt, Crafting Guide

How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft? Materials, Receipt, Crafting Guide

Back in 2019, Minecraft had added many useful updates to its gameplay. A smoker is one such update that the game initially introduced in Bedrock 1.11 and Java 1.14. There is a striking difference between a smoker and a furnace in Minecraft. A furnace can smelt ores and food items. In comparison, a smoker can only smelt the food items with enhanced efficiency. But how do you craft a smoker in Minecraft?

To make a smoker in Minecraft, you would need a crafting grid of 3×3. First, get four pieces of any wood. Then, you will need eight cobblestones to make a furnace. Use your crafting grid to make a furnace out of eight smokers. Now, you will have to place the furnace and wood logs right at their exact positions in the grid (place the furnace at the center box of your grid in such a way that there would be four wood logs surrounding it). 

Most of the players think that a furnace and a smoker are the same things in Minecraft. They think so because of the same functions performed by them. But the reality is a bit different. A smoker is way more fast and efficient to cook food items when compared with a furnace in Minecraft. This guide would be helpful for you to know about the smoker in Minecraft. Here, you will learn from scratch about a Minecraft’s smoker.  

Smoker Recipe Minecraft

A smoker is a useful tool and an important block in Minecraft. The crafting recipe for a Minecraft’s smoker is quite easy. You will get your smoker within no time with this recipe. 

To make a long story short, you will need a furnace and four wooden logs to prepare your smoker. Use a crafting grid by opening up your crafting table in Minecraft. Put the items here. Wait for some time to get your smoker ready to run on your gameplay. 

There you go, you have successfully crafted a Minecraft smoker with this easy-to-go recipe. 

Materials Needed For Making A Smoker

How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft? Materials, Receipt, Crafting Guide

You will need a few items to make a smoker in Minecraft. It would be best if you find or collect these items in your Minecraft overworld. Here I will enlist all the raw materials that you will need to make your smoker. The raw materials include:

  1. One furnace
  2. Four oak logs

You can gather any wood for your smoker. There are various options for you to choose from. You can choose from the following kinds of wood. But, it all depends upon your ease and need in Minecraft. 

  • Spruce logs
  • Birch logs
  • Acacia logs
  • Dark oak logs
  • Jungle logs
  • Citrus wood 

The best wood to make a smoker out of is citrus wood in Minecraft. 

Where To Find Materials To Make A Smoker In Minecraft?

You will need to find the raw materials to make a smoker in Minecraft. You can also mine these items. Trading is another way to get the needed raw materials. Let’s learn the way to find these items one by one in Minecraft.

1. Furnace

You will need to craft a furnace for your smoker. For this purpose, you would require eight cobblestones.

2. Wood logs

Here you can use any wood to craft a smoker in Minecraft. Depending upon the availability, you can mine any wood to make wood logs for your smoker. It would be best if you mine them in woodlands, jungles, or forest biomes. 

3. Cobblestones/smooth stones

For cobblestones, you can use your wooden pickaxe to mine the cobblestones. You can also craft a wooden pickaxe in case you don’t have it in your inventory. To make one, you will need three wooden planks and two sticks. Your crafting grid will transform these things into a wooden pickaxe. You can also make smooth stones from the pieces of stones in Minecraft, or you can smelt cobble stones twice to get smooth stones. 

How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft

Crafting a smoker in Minecraft is a lot easier than you think. A smoker will smelt the food items twice as fast. But make sure that you have stocked a large amount of fuel because you will need it to run your smoker. A smoker usually consumes fuel twice as fast as well. 

To make a smoker, all you need is to put a furnace, five iron ingots, and three smooth stones in a crafting grid of 3×3. Arrange the items in such a way that you have your furnace in the center box of your grid. The last row of your crafting grid must consist of three smooth stones. And fill the remaining boxes of your crafting grid with five iron ingots. 

This arrangement will let you get a smoker in Minecraft. You can use your smoker by moving it to your inventory slot. 

Once you have done with its preparation, you can use it in your Minecraft gameplay. But you need to learn a few steps to use a smoker in Minecraft. Let’s learn those steps. 

  1. First, you have to select the smoker from your Minecraft inventory hot bar. 
  2. Now place your smoker anywhere by positioning the pointer on that place. 
  3. To make it run, you will need to add fuel to its bottom box. You can use any fuel in a smoker. Here, I am using coal as a fuel in Minecraft smoker. 
  4. Then add the food item to the upper box of the smoker that you want to cook or smelt in a smoker. 
  5. Let the flames come out. It would help you to cook your food. 
  6. Now, move the cooked item to your inventory slot. 

How Do You Make A Blast Furnace Smoker?

How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft? Materials, Receipt, Crafting Guide

Blast furnaces are different from simple furnaces to some extent. Both of them are useful to smelt ore blocks. But they require different time duration for smelting blocks. The item will smelt twice as fast as a regular furnace. That’s why a player wants to add this amazing block to its Minecraft inventory.

Here, I am going to mention a few steps to make a blast furnace smoker in Minecraft. 

1. Collect the raw materials

First, you will have to find these items to make your blast furnace smoker. 

2. Five pieces of iron ores or iron ingots

3. Three smooth stones

4. Furnace 

Sometimes, you need to make these items. You can get the smooth stones by smelting the cobblestones in a furnace twice in your gameplay. It would be a two-step process. In the first step, you will get stones, and the next step will provide you with smooth stones in Minecraft.

Now the other thing to craft for your smoker is an iron ingot. To do this, you will require a stone pickaxe. Use this pickaxe to mine the iron ores. Once you have done with its mining, you need to smelt it to get iron ingots. Use your furnace to get it done. Now, you are all set to go to your crafting table. Let’s move forward. 

5. Open the crafting menu

Now open your crafting table to get a crafting grid of 3×3. This grid will help you transform your raw materials into a blast furnace smoker in Minecraft. 


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6. Add the items to your crafting grid

Now you have to collect three pieces of stones. Then make smooth stones with them. Now put the items in your crafting area. Arrange the items as per the following instructions:

  1. The first row should consist of three iron ingots 
  2. The second row should consist of two iron ingots and a furnace in between them 
  3. The third row should consist of three smooth stones 

Now we can make the blast furnace. The right box to your crafting grid will appear loaded with the blast furnace smoker. You have successfully crafted the blast furnace smoker in Minecraft.

  1. Move it to your inventory

Then, it would be best if you move the blast furnace smoker to your Minecraft inventory. 

What Are Smokers Used For In Minecraft?

To avail of the benefits of a smoker, you will need to know exactly what a smoker is in Minecraft. The main thing is that it can cook food items. It saves half of your time. The advantage doesn’t end here. There are many other benefits that you can get from a smoker. 

Let’s explore them one by one. 

1. Used to cook food items

A smoker in Minecraft will help you cook your food items. You can cook many food items in Minecraft’s smoker. Here is a list of food items that you can make for your smoker. 

  1. Potato 
  2. Raw beef & mutton
  3. Raw chicken, rabbit, cod, & salmon
  4. Kelp

Along with it, there are a few exceptions. You cannot cook chorus fruits, bones, poisoned tube roots, and toxic materials in your smoker. 

2. Used as a butcher’s job site look block

How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft? Materials, Receipt, Crafting Guide

It means that you won’t find your smoker working if you use it on something other than food items. 

3. Used as a counterpart to blast furnaces

A smoker in Minecraft is a counterpart to a blast furnace in Minecraft. Both are the same when compared in terms of efficiency, working performance, fuel consumption, and the duration needed for smelting things. The difference lies in the kind of items that you can smelt in them.

You can smelt food items in a smoker while you can’t smelt them in a blast furnace. Similarly, you can smelt ores in a blast furnace while you can’t do the same thing in a Minecraft’s smoker. You can also smelt metal tools and armors in blast furnace smoker in Minecraft. 

4. Used to save your time

A smoker in Minecraft usually takes less time than a furnace to smelt or cook the food items. You can save your precious time by using a smoker to cook your food in Minecraft

What Can You Smelt In A Smoker Minecraft?

A smoker in Minecraft will help you cook your food. It can also emit a light level of thirteen in its active mode. You can smelt a variety of items in your smoker. Here, I will mention some of those food items that you can smelt in Minecraft’s smoker. 

You can smelt these things in a smoker:

  • Raw chicken into cooked chicken
  • Raw beef into steak
  • Potatoes into baked potatoes 
  • Raw mutton into cooked mutton
  • Kelp into dried kelp
  • Raw salmon into cooked salmon
  • Raw pork chop into the cooked pork chop  
  • Raw rabbit into a cooked rabbit 
  • Raw cod into cooked cod 

You cannot cook the chorus fruit here in a smoker. Because the smelting product, i.e. popped chorus fruit, is not edible. That’s why you cannot cook or smelt these fruits in your Minecraft’s smoker. 


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What Fuel Do You Use For A Smoker In Minecraft?

To run a smoker in Minecraft, you will need to arrange any fuel. You will use this fuel to cook your desired food items in your smoker. You need to fill the lower compartment of your furnace with fuel. Smokers work well with the best fuels in them. There are so many options for you to use as a fuel in Minecraft smoker. You can choose from any of the following fuels. 

  • Coal 
  • Charcoal 
  • Lava buckets 
  • Any wood 

One block of lava usually smelt one hundred items. At the same time, you can easily smelt eighty items if you use coal as a fuel for your smoker in Minecraft. Use a hopper to collect your cooked food items from a smoker in your gameplay. 

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